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Amanda Seyfried reveals she is glad she never met Elizabeth Holmes
particularly depicting the lives of famous women, with The Dropout, Inventing Anna, Girl from Plainville, Candy, Impeachment, and WeCrashed being some of the most popular series of the moment.MORE: Amanda Seyfried wore a sequin suit we can’t get enough ofAmanda Seyfried left quite an impression with her role as disgraced Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes, and as she continues to celebrate and promote the hit series, she opened up to Entertainment Weekly about the struggles of embodying somebody else.The actress detailed not only how hard it was to get into the role but also leave it, and made the shocking revelation that she didn't meet the Silicon Valley con, and in a way she was glad it worked out that way.WATCH: The trailer for The DropoutMORE: Amanda Seyfried shares stunning portrait of her daughter Nina - and fans are seeing doubleShe detailed the satisfaction she felt when it came to shedding light on a different perspective about the infamous story, but she also admitted: "It's so much trickier than I thought it was going to be."In conversation with several other stars who have recently played famous or infamous women, such as Elle Fanning, Beanie Feldstein, and Anne Hathaway, she candidly asked them: "Was it hard for everybody just to, like, leave at the end?"The mom-of-two revealed that it was in fact hard for her to depart from the role, because: "It just felt like this was, for me specifically, the most work I ever put into something." The star looked chic as ever at The Dropout's latest For Your Consideration eventShe then went on to confess that she never got the chance to meet Elizabeth, because she was in the middle of litigation, but she admitted that she wouldn't have been able to play the role the way