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Sergei Shoigu - Puffy-faced Putin sparks health worries as he struggles to stay awake in army meeting - - London - Ukraine - Russia
Puffy-faced Putin sparks health worries as he struggles to stay awake in army meeting
Putin is facing more health issues after he was spotted struggling to stay awake.The deranged dictator could barely hold his head up during a meeting with his Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu on Tuesday.He is rumoured to have thyroid cancer and health experts say that drugs used to treat the condition could explain the despot’s puffy face.READ MORE: Putin's descent from strongman to 'feeble cancer victim' took just 3 years, pics showThe 69-year-old is known for working hard to maintain a masculine, hardman appearance – but his steady decline has unfolded in front of the world’s media.He mumbled a half-hearted congratulations to his soldiers before making the deluded claim they had “liberated” the eastern region of Luhansk in Ukraine.The former KGB man added: "Other military units, including the East group and the West group, must carry out their tasks according to previously approved plans."Professor Angus Dalgleish of St George's, University of London, previously told The Mirror that Putin appears to be taking steroids.He explained: "We hear all the things that people say about him such as him losing his temper quickly and he's very frustrated so I think that he's clearly been on anabolic steroids."The medical expert claimed behaviour such as posing bare-chested on horses is a sign of narcissism, after the famous photo of the Russian President on a ride was mocked by Western leaders.He added: "Those sorts of people are likely to be taking anabolic steroids.Stay in the loop with all the latest Daily Star news by signing up to one of our free newsletters here."He's had that really bad back pain so he's likely to be taking opiates, they can also make you dumb and aggressive."It’s not the first time questions have been raised
Naga Munchetty - 'Oops!' Naga Munchetty issues personal apology as BBC Breakfast mishap sparks 'panic' - express - Britain - Ukraine - Eu
'Oops!' Naga Munchetty issues personal apology as BBC Breakfast mishap sparks 'panic'
Naga Munchetty, 47, alarmed viewers when she suggested that July 1 wasn't actually Friday, the gateway to the weekend, after all, but fell a day earlier than they'd thought. One anxious fan, @eel0110, took to Twitter to redress the balance, exclaiming: "Naga! Don’t do that to us, THURSDAY 1 July?!"She continued: "What a panic in our house there was still 2 days before the weekend…"The BBC 5 Live and BBC Breakfast presenter replied in front of her 278,500 followers: "Oops sorry! X"Naga's slip up on air led some to worry that the last day of their working week would be a day later than they had imagined.It isn't the first time that the presenter has sparked confusion, either.During her coverage of the Queen's Jubilee celebrations last month, Naga bucked the trend for wearing the colours of the British flag.Instead, she donned blue and yellow, leaving puzzled viewers scratching their heads trying to understand her reasoning.Some speculated that she may have been showing support for war-torn Ukraine, by donning the colours of their national flag.However some followers argued that the move was "anti-British" and not in the spirit of the celebrations."Was the flag mocking @TVNaga01 wearing EU colours to our Queens jubilee celebrations today?" @SilentM85649515 quizzed."Why is this Union flag hating woman even there? The Queen deserves better."The tweeter added her view that the bright yellow scarf Naga was wearing seemed inappropriate for the warm June weather.@Richard49058624 answered: "God I hate that woman with a passion @DefundBBC."Naga then waded into the debate by offering an amused personal reply."Ooh.
Doomed mountaineer took beaming selfie moments before avalanche crushed him to death - - Italy - Ukraine - Germany - Czech Republic
Doomed mountaineer took beaming selfie moments before avalanche crushed him to death
READ MORE: Ukraine volunteer 'hanging out' with pretty translator on frontline after wife leaves himThe Italian was one of at least seven hikers who were killed in the tragedy, with five people still missing.However, due to the scale of the avalanche and difficult conditions facing rescue teams, hope of finding the missing climbers alive are fading.The father-of-one, who lived in Malo, Vicenza province, with his partner, Jelena, and four-year-old son, Filippo, was identified by his family as one of the victims.His brother, Andrea, said his brother sent the smiling selfie in front of the glacier 20 minutes before the avalanche."He passed away doing what he loved," Andrea told Italian state TV."Filippo was a great lover of the mountains and nature in general."He had already done several high-altitude outings, always accompanied by experienced people and with all the necessary equipment."The deluge of ice fell on a route usually taken by hikers to reach the summit of the mountain, the Alpine rescue said.A local official said the part that broke loose was around 200 metres wide, 80 metres high and 60 metres deep - and plummeted down the mountain at nearly 200 miles per hour.The region has been hit with a heatwave in recent weeks and the Dolomite summit has reached record temperatures, with experts suggesting this might have caused the glacier collapse.
Katy Perry - Kim Kardashian - Celebrities including Kim Kardashian protest US Independence Day on social media - - London - USA - Ukraine - county Highland - county Independence
Celebrities including Kim Kardashian protest US Independence Day on social media
Celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Madonna have protested against Independence Day in the wake of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade and another mass shooting. Ukraine war: Britons charged with being mercenaries by RussiaCovid Hospital Admissions Likely To Rise Further, Says Health ChiefFire At St Marks Square, BromleyPm ‘Didn’t Know Specific Claims’ About Chris Pincher Before Giving Him Whips JobHundreds show love and support at vigil for Londoner Zara AleenaKeir Starmer And Angela Rayner Take Part In London's Pride ParadeEuropean Movement Vice President AnnouncementWar in Ukraine: The latest headlinesThousands of holidaymakers are continuing to face travel chaos at airportsPrince Harry speaks of Diana’s ‘legacy’ in his children at award ceremonyTrue Impacts Of Ukraine War To Spike Food Prices At The End Of 2022, Industry WarnsUK: Passengers Queue Up At Heathrow Airport After More Flight Cancellations 2Rihanna and ASAP Rocky spotted in south London barber shopFDA Recommends Updating COVID Boosters to Fight OmicronFarne Islands to close to visitors due to impact of avian influenzaZara Aleena’s maternal aunt remembers her 'independent' nieceThe 4th of July celebrations were also marred by a shooting during a parade in Highland Park, which killed six people.
Drug-addled Libertines Pete Doherty's 'biggest low' was being phone-snatching mugger - - USA - Ukraine - Chelsea - city Kentish
Drug-addled Libertines Pete Doherty's 'biggest low' was being phone-snatching mugger
READ MORE: The Libertines pay tribute to Ukraine ahead of landmark Glastonbury performanceHe admitted in his new book A Likely Lad that he was sating in a crackhouse in a pal’s council flat in Kentish Town at the time and was "really scraping the bottom of the barrel".Pete, 43, confessed: "I'd been kicked out and had nowhere to go, but I needed a steady supply of crack and heroin."He said he was with his crack den housemate "who really knew a 50-quid shakedown when they saw one".He added: "I was on the street with him one time, feeling this real dark energy, and he said I had to prove myself."So, I snatched a phone off this bloke on a bike at the traffic lights, and then I had to go out and do it again and get a better phone."It was as low as I'd been."This however isn't the old wild thing Pete went on to do in order to fund his addiction to the Class A drugs – having admitted to turning his hand to sex work.In his official biography penned by Pete Walsh, Pete said: "I was working in a bar, selling drugs, working on a building site, writing poetry in the graveyard shift at The King's Head - and I was wanking off old queens for like £20."He added: "I remember once being taken back to this mews house in Chelsea, right old f**king badger he was."It was a bit daft actually, as he slept, I locked him in his room, tied a pair of trousers over his head and nicked all these American dollar bills out of his drawer."He's probably still there, with an erection, listening to Classic FM radio."Pete has over 20 drug offences under his belt and has even been arrested on March 19, 2010, for suspicion of supplying controlled drugs and was subsequently bailed until April of the same year.Speaking to NME this year, Pete said he had "been