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Josh Gad Says He Flubbed ‘Let It Go’ Performance At Carnegie Hall Because ‘I Don’t Know The Lyrics’

Just because he was in “Frozen” doesn’t mean Josh Gad knows the words to the animated movie’s hit song.

On Tuesday, the actor appeared on “Good Morning America” and talked about flubbing a performance of “Let It Go” in April at a Carnegie Hall tribute to songwriters Kristen-Anderson and Robert Lopez.

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For the event, Gad reunited with “Frozen” stars Kristen Bell and Santino Fontana, but it sounds like they put a little too much faith in him.

“So, there’s a problem with this, people assume that because I’m in Frozen that I know the lyrics to ‘Let It Go.’ What’s funny: I don’t know the lyrics to ‘Let It Go,'” the actor laughed.

“So, there was a little monitor, but everybody was like, ‘Yeah, Josh, just move over, you know it already, we don’t even need this,'” he continued.

“I’ve got the mic, and I’m doing, ‘The stars are bright, and the mountains are light, and you know that things are nice,’ just making up lyrics,” he added, laughing again. “Not a single word was correct. It was a disaster. And of course — this is a true story — I had the only working mic on the stage.”

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Also on the show, Gad was asked about whether it was true that he was once spotted out on the streets of New York wearing nothing but a pink bathrobe.

“It’s an interesting question that actually has a lot of truth to it,” he joked, explaining that it all resulted from a friendly competition with Bryce Dallas Howard over their mutual best friend.

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Just because he was in “Frozen” doesn’t mean Josh Gad knows the words to the animated movie’s hit song.
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