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Second woman killed by shark in Egypt after first lost an arm and leg in fatal attack - - Austria - Egypt - Romania
Second woman killed by shark in Egypt after first lost an arm and leg in fatal attack
shark attack that left an Austrian tourist dead yesterday, reports say.The deadly incident unfolded just 650 feet away from the beast's previous assault that saw an "arm and leg" ripped off.A Romanian tourist in her late forties is thought to be the latest victim off the coast of popular tourist hotspot Sahl Hasheesh in Egypt.READ MORE: Bloke savaged by 'biggest ever' great white shark reveals crucial detail that saved himEyewitnesses said her dead body was dragged out of the sea after being found on a reef.Officials at the Egyptian Ministry of Environment have set up a committee to work out if there is any scientific reason behind the two recent attacks as fear sweeps through the popular resort. Governor of the Red Sea Governorate, Major General Amr Hanafi, has also released a dramatic order demanding all activity in the area around the attacks is stopped immediately.The first attack saw the victim tell her partner she would just go "back in for a moment" before she was savaged by the big fish.A video showed horrified onlookers watch as the seawater turned red with blood.Hundreds of traumatised holidaymakers saw the shark maul the woman, who had been snorkelling and wearing flippers at the time.She was raced to the private Nile Hospital in Hurghada, an Egyptian health official said, but was barely alive when she arrived.One witness shouted: “People are rushing out of the sea.
Karlovy Vary Film Festival to Honor Geoffrey Rush, Benicio Del Toro - - Spain - France - Brazil - USA - Canada - Austria - Germany - Belgium - Japan - Denmark - Argentina - Greece - Iran - Poland - Czech Republic - Qatar - Serbia - Bulgaria - Israel - Slovakia - Croatia - Romania - Lithuania
Karlovy Vary Film Festival to Honor Geoffrey Rush, Benicio Del Toro
Crystal Globe Competition“America,” Ofir Raul Graizer (Israel, Germany, Czech Republic)“Chemi otakhi” (“A Room Of My Own”), Ioseb “Soso” Bliadze (Georgia, Germany)“Edna provintsialna bolnitsa” (“A Provincial Hospital”), Ilian Metev, Ivan Chertov, Zlatina Teneva (Bulgaria, Germany)“F—ing Bornholm,” Anna Kazejak (Poland)“Hranice lásky” (“Borders of Love”), Tomasz Wiński (Czech Republic, Poland)“Isihia 6-9” (“Silence 6-9”), Christos Passalis (Greece)“The Ordinaries,”  Sophie Linnenbaum (Germany)“Slovo” (“The Word”), Beata Parkanová (Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland)“Tabestan Ba Omid” (“Summer with Hope”), Sadaf Foroughi (Canada)“Tenéis que venir a verla” (“You Have to Come and See It”), Jonás Trueba (Spain)“Tooi tokoro” (“A Far Shore”), Masaaki Kudo (Japan)“Vesper,” Kristina Buožytė, Bruno Samper (Lithuania, France, Belgium)Proxima Competition“A pak přišla láska…” (“And Then There Was Love…”),  Šimon Holý (Czech Republic)“Los Agitadores” (“Horseplay”), Marco Berger (Argentina)“Au grand jour” (“In Broad Daylight”), Emmanuel Tardif (Canada)“Balaye aseman zire ab” (“Like a Fish on the Moon”), Dornaz Hajiha (Iran)“Głupcy” (“Fools”), Tomasz Wasilewski (Poland, Romania, Germany)“Još jedno proleće” (“Another Spring”), Mladen Kovačević (Serbia, Qatar)“La pietà” (“Piety”), Eduardo Casanova (Spain, Argentina)“Ramona,” Andrea Bagney (Spain)“Stric” (“The Uncle”), David Kapac, Andrija Mardešić (Croatia, Serbia)“Tinnitus,”Gregorio Graziosi (Brazil)“Zkouška umění” (“ART talent show”), Tomáš Bojar, Adéla Komrzý (Czech Republic)“Zoo Lock Down,” Andreas Horvath (Austria)Special Screenings“BANGER.” Adam Sedlák (Czech Republic)“June Zero,” Jake Paltrow (USA, Israel)“The Killing of a Journalist,” Matt Sarnecki (Denmark, USA, Czech
Emiliano De-Pablos - Rodrigo Sorogoyen’s ‘The Beasts’ and Remake Rights Drive Latido Films’ Raft of Cannes Slate Sales (EXCLUSIVE) - - Spain - France - Mexico - Italy - Madrid - Argentina - Romania
Rodrigo Sorogoyen’s ‘The Beasts’ and Remake Rights Drive Latido Films’ Raft of Cannes Slate Sales (EXCLUSIVE)
Emiliano De Pablos Suggesting an appreciable recovery in the dynamism of international film markets, Madrid-based Latido Films has unveiled a raft of deals on its Cannes line-up, led by standout sales for Rodrigo Sorogoyen’s Cannes Premiere player “The Beasts.” The Spain-set rural thriller was acquired by Movies Inspired in Italy and Imagine in Benelux. Co-produced by Spain’s Arcadia Motion Pictures and Sorogoyen’s Caballo Films with France’s Le Pacte, “The Beasts” has also been taken by Kino Mediteran in former Yugoslavia territories and Transilvania Film in Romania.Meanwhile, fruit of Latido’s strengthening of its remake rights sales strategies, the company has optioned Mexican movie adaptation rights on Nicolás Postiglione’s drama “Immersion” to Paloma Negra Films and Whisky, as a French redo of Gastón Duprat’s Spanish-Argentine drama “Masterpiece” is moving into production.  Also, Latido is in advanced negotiations on further remake rights deals in France, Italy and Mexico, among other territories.“Our sales expectations are beginning to approach pre-pandemic levels,” said Antonio Saura, Latido Films managing director.“We saw a market with multiple signs of dynamism but, at the same time, we feel that less and less risks are being taken,” argued Juan Torres, head of international sales. “Projects with a commercial vocation today attract the attention of many buyers more quickly,” he explained. “On the other hand, films that are more fragile from a commercial point of view but which previously managed to find acceptance in various territories today seem destined more than ever for festivals or minor online exhibition,” he added.Regarding signs of dynamism, Saura points out, “we see that independent distributors,
Mystery plane crossed six NATO countries and triggered Army jets before pilot vanished - - Poland - Hungary - Bulgaria - Slovakia - Romania - Lithuania
Mystery plane crossed six NATO countries and triggered Army jets before pilot vanished
plane flew through the airspace of six NATO countries and triggered several fighter jets – before the pilot promptly disappeared in a small field in Bulgaria, reports claim.The airborne vehicle was spotted by the Hungarian and Romanian Air Force and also soared through Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Lithuania.Fighter jets including two USAF F-16s, two Romanian F-16s and two Hungarian Gripens followed the plane throughout its journey as it did not respond to radio transmissions.It reportedly landed in a small airport in in Debrecen, Hungary, where a group of people got off to refuel the plane before taking off again before cops could catch them.Prosecutors in the Bulgarian city of Targovishte have started an investigation into what happened, according to media outlet Euractiv.The brazen plane was found abandoned in a small local airfield with its engine still warm, the reports say.It parked in a Bulgarian airfield known as the Targovishte Airport, which has been left unused for years and is reportedly now used for agricultural purposes.Bulgarian Ministry of Defence official Dragomir Zakov said it entered his country’s airspace in the evening of Wednesday, June 8.He is reported to have said: “At no time was the plane a threat to civilian or military infrastructure in Bulgaria.“It flew at low altitudes, which made difficult the interception for fighter jets, but it was monitored all the time.“The Ministry of Defense is taking the appropriate actions to establish the circumstances.”Stay in the loop with all the craziest Daily Star news by signing up to one of our free newsletters here.Whilst the Bulgarian Minister of Interior Boyko Rashkov is said to have asked: “What’s the purpose? Who are these people? What happened? We