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Gabby Thomas - Rosie Bentham - Daisy Campbell - Emmerdale's Rosie Bentham strips down to just a towel as fans hail her a 'goddess' - - Texas - county Thomas - county Campbell - Indiana - county Bay - county Spencer - county Amelia
Emmerdale's Rosie Bentham strips down to just a towel as fans hail her a 'goddess'
Emmerdale star Rosie Bentham was flooded with compliments as she posed wearing just a towel in a sexy Instagram selfie.The actress, who is best known to viewers for playing Gabby Thomas in the ITV soap, took to Instagram to share a make-up-free snap of herself.The 20-year-old soap star captioned the post: “Dreamy” as she is seen holding up a towel and looking away from the camera with a stunning sunset behind her.READ MORE: Emmerdale Amelia Spencer star gobsmacked as police stop her during birthday night outClearly enjoying her vacation in San Antonio Bay in Texas, Rosie posed from the balcony of her hotel room as the red sunset reflected off her face.Fans rushed to the comments to compliment the star.“The prettiest person ever,” gushed one fan.Another added: “You looks beautiful Rosie.”While a third said: “What a stunning goddess.”This is just the latest snap the star has shared online during her sun-soaked getaway.Rosie recently shared a candid snap of herself saying that she had just awoken from a three-hour nap.Rosie later returned to the social media platform as she shared her love for her co-star, Daisy Campbell, in a birthday tribute.Away from the Dales, the two soap actresses have a close friendship having shared many dramatic storylines together. Daisy plays Amelia Spencer in the ITV soap and is currently at the centre of a huge storyline after her character discovered she is pregnant at 15-years-old with Emmerdale fans currently trying to figure out the identity of the unborn child's father.
Green Bay Diocese Compares Being Trans to Sexual Abuse - - county Bay - Wisconsin
Green Bay Diocese Compares Being Trans to Sexual Abuse
The Diocese of Green Bay, Wisconsin, released a new policy regarding LGBTQ students in its Catholic Schools that equates being transgender to being sexually abused. The Diocese, led by Bishop David Ricken, published the new gender policy last month in its Education Policy Manual for the 2022-2023 school year.The manual explains how to “restrict” participation in the Catholic education of transgender students, staff, volunteers, and ally parents.The manual contains a section titled “Catholic Principles of Human Sexuality,” which promote current Church doctrine on sexuality and gender, including the idea that there are only two sexes, that every person’s body, as created by God, cannot be altered through social transition or medical interventions, and that heterosexual marriage is the ideal relationship for raising children and continuing the propagation of the faith.The manual also compares homosexuality or “expressing a gender that is discordant with one’s biological sex” with other sinful behaviors that are viewed as reprehensible or crude among polite society, including: the use of vulgar language, “immodest dress or deportment,” masturbation, pornography, fornication, adultery, cohabitating outside of marriage, obtaining an abortion, and sexual harassment or abuse. Section 5045 of the “Education Policy Manual” mandates that trans and non-binary people be addressed as their gender at birth, rather than based on how they identify.Based on this understanding, schools are expected to refuse to allow trans-identifying children to use their preferred names or pronouns, access gender-specific facilities that do not match their assigned sex at birth, or take puberty blockers to prevent the onset of secondary sex
Monster 20ft great white shark that savaged man's legs may be biggest in the world - - California - county Bay - county Monterey
Monster 20ft great white shark that savaged man's legs may be biggest in the world
great white shark which attacked a man – leaving him needing nearly 30 pints of blood transfusions – is now thought to be one of the world's biggest sea beasts.Steve Bruemmer, 62, lost several litres of blood and had to have a transfusion of nearly 30 pints after he was targeted by the beast at Lovers Point Beach, in Monterey Bay, California.He was enjoying a swim when the sea monster dragged him underwater before witnesses saw him resurface and shout for help on June 22.READ MORE Screaming surfer begs for help as legs and arms shredded by great white sharkThe retired IT specialist was "lucky to be alive" after three surfers rushed to his rescue and took him back to shore with their paddle boards.Having had his bites checked out by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, it now appears that the shark could have been up to 20 feet long – which is about as large as they can get.Officially, a great white shark called Deep Blue measures around that length and weights 5,500lbs and is thought to be more than 50 years old.Although difficult to prove, if the one Steve came into contact with is the same length, or even longer, it will be the biggest great white shark ever spotted.Despite the size of the beast and the damage it did, Steve believes he was fortunate that the shark attacked him in a spot "that seemed survivable”.He said: “The shark bite was unlucky, but after that, I’ve just had so much good luck.“The day was so calm and warm and the beach was crowded. There were no waves and there was no chop.“So people could hear me yelling ‘help’ from a great distance, including from the Rec Trail, where someone called 911.”“I remember I was lying in the ambulance and I thought, ‘my lungs are good.