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Wolf Alice - Wolf Alice’s Joff Oddie on post-Brexit touring: “We could lose this world-leading position if we don’t act now” - - Britain - Eu
Wolf Alice’s Joff Oddie on post-Brexit touring: “We could lose this world-leading position if we don’t act now”
Wolf Alice guitarist Joff Oddie has written an op-ed for NME regarding the ongoing problems for UK artists wishing to tour Europe post-Brexit, arguing that action is needed now for Britain to retain it’s “world-leading position” in music.Last year, the UK music industry spoke out together on how they had essentially been handed a “No Deal Brexit” when the government failed to negotiate visa-free travel and Europe-wide work permits for musicians and crew. As a result, artists attempting to hit the road again after COVID found themselves on the predicted “rocky road” for the first summer of European touring after Britain left the EU.Last month, a study by Best For Britain – a group “pushing for closer relationships with Europe and the world” – showed that the number of British artists scheduled to perform in Europe as part of this year’s festival season had fallen by 45 per cent when compared to 2017-2019 (pre-Brexit).Today, NME published news of the industry insiders claiming that the first summer of touring post-pandemic proves that the ongoing situation is “strangling the next generation of UK talent in the cradle”, Wolf Alice’s Joff Oddie has written of the true scale of the problem and why the government should act on the recent report from the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Music.“Live music really matters.
Little-known 20p coin trick could help drivers cut fuel prices in seconds - - Britain - Eu
Little-known 20p coin trick could help drivers cut fuel prices in seconds
READ MORE: Drivers warned using AC in car could increase 'fuel usage by 20%'Most people are looking for ways to scrimp and save after fears of the rising bills and pricier every day purchases - but this 20p is worth holding onto if you're a motorist.Experts have now said that people may be spending more than they need on fuel, and it all could be to do with your tyres and how much air they have in them.If you use 'underinflated' or unsuitable tyres, they can add a whopping 20% to a car’s fuel consumption, according to Kwik Fit.In line with current UK law, it states that tyre tread on cars must be a minimum of 1.6mm across the central three-quarters of the tread, around the entire circumference.Here is where the 20p coin comes into play.To test this out, drivers should place the silver into the main tread grooves of the car tyre, the Express reports.If the outer band of the 20p is obscured when put in then the tread is above the current legal limit.Although tyres commonly lose air naturally, and it is not something you can completely stop from happening, keeping the pressure topped up regularly can aid in keeping fuel levels in your car from depleting quicker. Fuel can be used quicker if there is less pressure in the tyres as there will be more rolling resistance on the road, so make sure you have that 20p coin to hand!Whether you're at Tesco, ASDA, Morrisons, Sainbury's, Shell or BP to name a few - the silver could save you some money!And, you may need to look at your fuel efficiency on your tyres to help keep the costs down too.All new tyres bought in the UK come with an EU Tyre Label attached.
Latest Greece travel rules from UK from passport validity to Covid entry requirements - - Britain - Ireland - Eu - Greece
Latest Greece travel rules from UK from passport validity to Covid entry requirements
Greece and its many stunning islands like Mykonos, Crete, Corfu and Rhodes are some of the top choices for bargain hunters.You can secure holidays to Corfu in the North West from just £146 per person on LoveHolidays!READ MORE: Greece hotel has magical overwater bungalows that cost much less than the MaldivesBut, after years of travel restrictions following the Covid-19 pandemic people are understandably nervous about flying.So what are the rules when travelling from the UK to Greece and all of its islands?All of the Greek islands have the same entry rules as the Greek mainland when it comes to vaccinations and PCR-tests.Whether you’re fully vaccinated or not, you don’t currently need to show any proof of a Covid vaccination, negative test or certificate of recovery.Children and young people also do not need to have a negative test or be vaccinated.People transiting through Greece do not need to show a negative test or vaccination.Everyone is required, however, to wear a mask when on public transport in Greece or on the Greek islands.While there are currently no Covid restrictions on travel from the UK to Greece, Brexit means there are entry restrictions.If you are planning to travel to an EU country (except Ireland) your passport must be less than 10 years old before you enter the country.So, the issue date must not be over 10 years old when you board your flight.Your passport also needs to have at least three months of validity left after the day you plan to fly home.It’s important to check as passports issued before October 2018 sometimes have extra months of validity on them.So you may think your passport is valid, but if it’s 10 years and one month old it won’t get you into Greece.You do not need a special visa to
Jeremy Corbyn - Alan Sugar - Alan Sugar rages he ‘would have voted for Dot Cotton' rather than Jeremy Corbyn - express - Eu
Alan Sugar rages he ‘would have voted for Dot Cotton' rather than Jeremy Corbyn
@Aimz_1987 wrote in response: “That’s some brass neck you have, I’ll give you that.” Lord Sugar retorted jokingly, saying: “I would have voted for Dot Cotton to keep Corbyn out.” He was referring to the EastEnders character played by June Brown, who died aged 95 in April. Fans rushed to the comments to share their opinions on the subject. @Nottmsteveh said: “Surely you must admit the huge mess the tories have made in the last 12 years. “Brexit, highest proportionate covid deaths, highest inflation in Europe along with the lowest growth of developed economies. “Not great eh?”@Martincoops4 wrote: “Before 2020 so would I but we went full Commie anyway to reverse the democratic decision of Brexit so it made no difference in the end.” @MartinJWalpole commented: “We want Boris, his enthusiasm is second to none, who cares about the odd porky.. “He did a great job.” @Ant78mufc penned: “Because Corbyn had a plan for the country. “Boris was going to see us leave the EU at any cost. “The cost of which we are finding now and is increasingly being blamed on a war we ain't even fighting.” Despite his initial tweet, Lord Sugar has been an outspoken critic of Johnson, who recently resigned from office.Back in December, he demanded the Conservative politician "resign NOW" following the spread of the Omicron Covid variant. He also joked that Johnson, along with his cabinet, never would have got through the first round of auditions of The Apprentice. 
Eamonn Holmes - Jeremy Hunt - Eamonn Holmes fumes at French for travel chaos as he claims they're 'bitter' over Brexit - express - Britain - France - Eu
Eamonn Holmes fumes at French for travel chaos as he claims they're 'bitter' over Brexit
Eamonn Holmes has been left fuming over the queues at Dover over the weekend, branding it a "depressing sight".The GB News host, 62, told how he "despaired" at the sight of thousands of families left unable to travel to France due to the queues at Dover, as he blamed the French for the chaos.The star told how he feels for people traveling to France, adding that a holiday is the "very least" we deserve after lockdown.Eamonn added that it's "alarming" there isn't an "end in sight" to the travel chaos at the Port, which he said was sparked by our exit from the European Union.The GB News presenter went on to blame the queues on the French behind the front line.Eamonn wrote: "It is crazy, a total joke and I cannot help thinking French officials are under instructions to make life as difficult as they can at the moment."But it is not French border control staff we should be blaming for this mess," he added.The star explained he believes it to be coming from higher up, as a result of the French's bitterness towards the UK over Brexit.He went on: "That’s why I believe those working on the frontline are most likely to be following orders from faceless politicians and officials on the other side of the Channel who won’t forgive the UK for exiting the EU."I suspect the whole go-slow policy leads back to the office of Mr Macron who remains bitter about Vote Leave," he added in his column for comes as former foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt said France is unwilling to ease congestion at Dover because they are still “furious about Brexit”.He added that the country believes that the UK has “mucked up their long-term plan for a united Europe”.People were forced to wait for almost 24 hours over the weekend as they tried to
Naga Munchetty - 'Oops!' Naga Munchetty issues personal apology as BBC Breakfast mishap sparks 'panic' - express - Britain - Ukraine - Eu
'Oops!' Naga Munchetty issues personal apology as BBC Breakfast mishap sparks 'panic'
Naga Munchetty, 47, alarmed viewers when she suggested that July 1 wasn't actually Friday, the gateway to the weekend, after all, but fell a day earlier than they'd thought. One anxious fan, @eel0110, took to Twitter to redress the balance, exclaiming: "Naga! Don’t do that to us, THURSDAY 1 July?!"She continued: "What a panic in our house there was still 2 days before the weekend…"The BBC 5 Live and BBC Breakfast presenter replied in front of her 278,500 followers: "Oops sorry! X"Naga's slip up on air led some to worry that the last day of their working week would be a day later than they had imagined.It isn't the first time that the presenter has sparked confusion, either.During her coverage of the Queen's Jubilee celebrations last month, Naga bucked the trend for wearing the colours of the British flag.Instead, she donned blue and yellow, leaving puzzled viewers scratching their heads trying to understand her reasoning.Some speculated that she may have been showing support for war-torn Ukraine, by donning the colours of their national flag.However some followers argued that the move was "anti-British" and not in the spirit of the celebrations."Was the flag mocking @TVNaga01 wearing EU colours to our Queens jubilee celebrations today?" @SilentM85649515 quizzed."Why is this Union flag hating woman even there? The Queen deserves better."The tweeter added her view that the bright yellow scarf Naga was wearing seemed inappropriate for the warm June weather.@Richard49058624 answered: "God I hate that woman with a passion @DefundBBC."Naga then waded into the debate by offering an amused personal reply."Ooh.