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Everest week of hell sees 9 killed on packed route forcing others to dodge frozen bodies - - Britain - Nepal
Everest week of hell sees 9 killed on packed route forcing others to dodge frozen bodies
Everest's worst death toll in seven years is down to "incompetent climbers" being issued permits according to a top mountaineer who had to step over nine corpses on a recent climb.Seasoned climber Nick Hollis was mentally prepared to walk over the long-dead bodies of frozen climbers, but was taken aback by the number of fresh ones en route to the summit.Nepalese officials say 11 people have died on Everest this season - nine on the Nepali side and two on the Tibetan side, making this the deadliest season since 2015.“What I hadn’t expected to see was so many bodies of climbers who’d died either that day or the day before,” Hollis said in an interview at his home in southern England.“It’s no exaggeration to say you are walking over bodies.”The 45-year-old British climber has just conquered Everest and completed all Seven Summits of the world - putting him into an elite group of around 500 people globally who have scaled the highest mountains on all seven continents.His final summit - the 8,850-metre (29,035-foot) peak of Everest in the Himalayas - was made “much tougher than expected”, partly due to the presence of too many slow and inexperienced climbers, perilous to themselves and others.That death toll - coupled with photos seen around the world depicting queues of climbers inching their way up Everest’s south ridge - have raised concerns that authorities are issuing too many summit permits, and that inexperienced mountaineers are being encouraged to undertake the dangerous climb by unscrupulous guiding companies.The Nepalese government issued a record 381 permits this year, each costing $11,000 (£8,700).
Scientists 'ambushed by gang of aggressive beastly monkeys' opened fire in panic - - George - Nepal
Scientists 'ambushed by gang of aggressive beastly monkeys' opened fire in panic
Scientists claim they were forced to reach for their guns and open fire after a bloodthirsty troop of 5ft tall, monkey-like creatures that ambushed them in Asia.Entomologist George Brooks and Physician George Moore were travelling along the popular pilgrim route of the Gosainkunda Pass in Nepal when a large male beast led a charge of up to seven angry apes.According to the pair's account, they had become separated from their porters who were further back along the trail as they trekked to Kathmandu.The remote path tucked away in the Himalayas passes Gosainkunda Lake which Hindu and Buddhist visitors believe was formed when Shiva pierced a glacier with his trident to obtain water after swallowing a poison that threatened to destroy the world.For all its popularity since the late 19th century, some visitors claim to have encountered the legendary Yeti or another mystery species in the form of a giant ferocious monkey locals call Kra-Dhan.Whatever it was spooked hikers have seen on their travels, it was certainly enough to leave them terrified and relieved to have escaped unharmed.Moore detailed his and Brooks' harrowing experience in 1953 in an article titled “I Met the Abominable Snowman” in the May 1957 issue of Sports Afield.He said: "A hideous face thrust apart the wildly thrashing leaves and gaped at us. It was a face that seemed to extend from ear to ear and long, yellowish teeth were chattering."But those eyes, beady, yellow eyes that stared at us with obvious demoniacal cunning and anger.
Joanna Lumley - Itv - 'We are the dullest and most unpleasant people!' Joanna Lumley in rare husband admission - express - India - Switzerland - Nepal
'We are the dullest and most unpleasant people!' Joanna Lumley in rare husband admission
“We like having people round and forcing them to eat the drab food we cook.“If we had takeaways, we have a good one on the South Lambeth Road, the name sadly I can’t remember.”Joanna spoke to the pair about her food habits and interests.She said that she adores corn on the cob, and also explained that, having spent a significant amount of her youth in India, she loves a curry.The star said, when asked about her ideal last supper, that she loves corn on the cob with “butter, salt, pepper, pretty much that, and eaten pretty disgustingly with it falling down your chin…“Bad for the teeth, so then a small little toothpick.“It might have been a cheese souffle, a little Swiss cheese souffle, just a little tiny one that comes up like a chef’s hat.”She said her dream main course “has to include rice".  The actress said it would have to be a “magical curry” with dal, alongside other “bits and pieces".She continued, saying she also loves to tuck into a spicy curry from Nepal, but didn’t neglect the bits on the side such as poppadoms and chutneys.Moving on, Jessie and Lennie asked the Absolutely Fabulous star about her views on the Royal Family and the Queen.Joanna responded saying that she has a lot of respect for the Queen and deems her to be an “extraordinary woman.”On her new book, A Queen for All Seasons, the presenter said the book is a celebration of the monarch in time for the Platinum Jubilee.She praised the Queen's resilient and brave behaviour, saying that she has never stopped doing what she has had to do.The star explained that even when she had “evil things” written about her, she was unable to respond.She concluded, saying that she has never watched The Crown, as she is close with the Royal Family on personal terms