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Alex Scott hits out as she's called a hypocrite over armband 'Not trying to hide anything'
 Alex Scott, 38, has blasted one critic on Twitter today in view of her 400,100 followers after a journalist insinuated she was a hypocrite for choosing to wear a One Love armband live on the BBC.The star wore the One Love token in support of the LGBTQ+ community, even after the England team decided to do a U-turn on wearing the armbands for the World Cup.FIFA’s decision to hold the World Cup in Qatar has caused massive controversy this year due to the country’s alleged treatment of women, migrants and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Alex made her stance clear when she wore her One Love armband live while fronting the BBC's coverage of England's opening match in the World Cup on Monday, following the announcement that the Three Lions wouldn’t be making a statement during Qatar’s tournament. Journalist Kelvin MacKenzie took to Twitter today to accuse Alex of double standards over her defiant move. He wrote: “BBC commentator @AlexScott wanted to appear defiant by wearing the One Love armband in Qatar. READ MORE: “But on @GBNEWS @danwootton produced a photo showing her enjoying herself a few years ago in Dubai where being gay is illegal. “What no armband! Well, there weren't any BBC cameras,” he added in the thinly-veiled dig.“Is that the strongest thing you have to try and take me down?” Alex fired back with a laughing emoji. “If you go through my Instagram and Twitter I’ve not removed or trying to hide anything… “I’ve also travelled to Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda the list is all there for you to see,” she added with a GIF of Kamala Harris looking unimpressed.A number of Alex’s fans and followers also took to the comments section to defend her, with Shane writing: “Bizarre that you are getting abuse for doing what the
US shoots down Iranian drone that 'posed threat' to forces in 'unprovoked attack' - - Britain - USA - Ukraine - Russia - Iran - Iraq - Kurdistan
US shoots down Iranian drone that 'posed threat' to forces in 'unprovoked attack'
Iranian drone which the US claimed posed a “threat” to its forces was shot down.In a statement made by the US Central Command (CENTCOM), they said that he “unmanned aerial vehicle” was heading in the direction of Erbil, Iraq.The organisation said that “condemned” the “unprovoked attack” that fortunately did not lead to any forces being wounded or killed.READ MORE: Ukraine 'deploying explosive suicide drones' against Russia's Black Sea fleetWhile there are several US troops that are currently operating in Iraq due to requests made by the Iraqi Government, it's confirmed that the strike took place at around 2.10pm local time (12.10pm UK time) on Wednesday (September 28).In it's statement, the CENTCOM said: “US Central Command condemns the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ unprovoked attack in Iraq’s Erbil Governorate this morning.“Such indiscriminate attacks threaten innocent civilians and risk the hard-fought stability of the region.“No US forces were wounded or killed as a result of the strikes and there is no damage to US equipment.“At approximately 2.10pm local time, US forces brought down an Iranian Mojer-6 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle headed in the direction of Erbil as it appeared as a threat to CENTCOM forces in the area.“CENTCOM personnel operate in Iraq at the invitation of the Government of Iraq to advise, assist, and enable partner forces in ensuring the lasting defeat of ISIS.”To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.Iraqi Kurdistan Health Minister Saman Barazanchi said Iran's Revolutionary Guards firing missiles and drones in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq has resulted in nine people being killed and 32 wounded.He revealed that: “Some of the wounded
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Who is Alastair Campbell, what job did he do and who's his famous comedian daughter?
Alastair Campbell has found fame away from his former role as an adviser in Downing Street after becoming a prominent podcaster.He is also a broadcaster, with his latest programme - Make Me Prime Minister - airing on Channel 4 tonight (September 27) at 9.15pm.Described by Radio Times as “The Apprentice does politics”, the show puts 12 Brits who think they have what it takes to run the country through their paces.Alongside Conservative peer Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, the pair will put the dozen candidates for the top job through a series of tasks designed to test their leadership skills, decision-making, resilience and integrity.From his journalist beginnings to top of the podcast charts, here is a look at the anti-Brexit campaigner's career.Alastair Campbell is best known for his role as former British prime minister Tony Blair’s spokesman, press secretary and director of communications - aka chief spin doctor.He had been a journalist first at the Daily Mirror before moving to the now-defunct newspaper Today, where he was poached by Blair in 1994 to run the Labour Party's press operation following his election as leader of the opposition.Campbell was part of the team that modernised Labour and helped the party win a landslide at the 1997 general election.After the death of Princess Diana later that year, the spin doctor assisted the then-prime minister in his speech in which she was dubbed the “People’s Princess”.His time in Downing Street was dogged by his involvement in what was later labelled the “Dodgy Dossier” in February 2003, in which it claimed Iraq leader Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.Mr Campbell was accused of "sexing up" the document, as weapons were never found before or after the 2003 Allied