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Ozzy Osbourne makes rare appearance in London with wife Sharon and daughter Kelly after ‘major operation’
London, after a series of health issues.The Black Sabbath frontman has kept a low profile recently after undergoing an operation in June that would ‘determine his life’.The 73-year-old recently said that it was a ‘slow climb back’ after the surgery.He was pictured making his way into a hotel in the capital on a getaway with the Talk host and their daughter, Kelly Osbourne, who is expecting her first child with boyfriend Sid Wilson.The rocker kept his head down as he walked into the venue, with the mom-to-be following suit – noticeable by her incredible lilac locks.Sharon flashed a smile before joining her family, sporting her trademark red hairdo and giant sunglasses for the day.She recently opened up about her partner’s health, explaining in June that he was due to go under the knife.Speaking on the Talk, she told guest star Vanessa Feltz that she would be by his side in hospital for the operation, which comes after he continued to battle other medical issues.‘He has a very major operation on Monday and I have to be there,’ she said at the time.’It’s really going to determine the rest of his life.’Ozzy was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2003, but only revealed he had the condition in January, 2020.He also suffered a fall at home in 2019, which aggravated injuries from a 2003 quad bike accident.Discussing his health in a candid chat at Comic-Con last month, after being diagnosed with Covid-19, he spoke of getting out of the house and traveling to San Diego for the event.‘I like to see people,’ he told Entertainment Tonight. ‘That’s been the hardest thing of the past three years, because I’ve been trying to recover from my surgery. ‘I’m getting there.
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Patton Oswalt Says 'Eternals' Sequel Is in the Works With Director Chloe Zhao Returning
Patton Oswalt spill the beans on an unannounced sequel? The actor and comedian was a guest on the show on Tuesday, promoting his new film,, when he was asked about possibly reprising his latest character in the MCU, Pip the Troll, who appeared alongside Harry Styles' Eros in an post-credits scene.«They have announced there's going to be an sequel, Chloe Zhao is going to direct it,» he shared. «So hopefully there will be more adventures of Starfox and Pip.»An sequel was not part of Marvel's recent Hall H announcements at San Diego Comic-Con — which included everything from a Phase 5 timeline to the news that Phase 6 will include a new film as well as two new epics. However, fans have speculated that even more MCU announcements could be on the way at Disney's upcoming D23 Expo in early September.Patton Oswalt @pattonoswalt and James Morosini @JamesMorosini join us live to talk all about the upcoming movie ‘I LOVE MY DAD’ we know so far about the MCU's take on Eros comes mainly from Pip's post-credits introduction, who shared with Thena (Angelina Jolie), Druig (Barry Keoghan) and Makkari (Lauren Ridloff) that he was the hero known as Starfox, the brother of Thanos, the «Knave of Hearts,» and the defeater of Black Roger. In the scene, Styles' character takes a moment to compliment Thena's legendary beauty before issuing an ominous warning about Sersi (Gemma Chan) and the others, who have been summoned before Arishem for judgment over the group's decision to kill the newborn Celestial, Tiamut,«Your friends are in big trouble,» Eros tells the group.
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'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' Breaks New Ground for the MCU: Watch an Exclusive Clip!
is like nothing you've seen in the MCU before!«This is expanding the definition of what a Marvel Studios production can be,» Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige shares in ET's exclusive featurette from the upcoming Disney+ series. «There's something so surreal and so funny about a giant, 6'7» Hulk in the courtroom." stars standout Tatiana Maslany as the titular lawyer turned hero. When her character, attorney Jennifer Walters, accidentally gets cross-contaminated with the Hulk's blood, she finds she has more problems to contend with than just judges and juries.«She spent all this time to become a lawyer, and this idea of becoming a superhero is not appealing to her,» executive producer and director Kat Coiro explains.However, while the burden of a super-powered life weighs heavy on many of the MCU's favorite heroes, the tone of is notably lighter, with Maslany declaring it Marvel's «first true half-hour comedy» at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend «This is a radical, revolutionary show,» laughs Mark Ruffalo, reprising his role as Bruce Banner, aka the MCU's resident Hulk, who attempts to guide Jennifer as she struggles with her new powers and keeping that infamous temper in check. «It has this tongue-in-cheek, self-referential thing going on.»The She-Hulk comic canon is notorious for in-jokes and breaking the fourth wall, and fans get a taste of how that translates to the show in the featurette, as Jennifer waxes poetic about all the MCU cameos that keep popping up in her world — along with Ruffalo, we also get a glimpse of Tim Roth's Emil Blonsky, aka Abomination, and Benedict Wong as Sorcerer Supreme Wong.