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Katie Maloney Wanted to ‘Take Control of the Narrative’ Around Her Divorce Filing With Tom Schwartz

Feeling the pressure. Katie Maloney isn’t here for gossip — especially when it comes to her estranged marriage with Tom Schwartz

“There was a lot of speculation and rumors happening. Listen, I don’t know how,” Maloney, 35, said about her divorce filing during a May 16 episode of Kamie Crawford’s “Relationsh*t” podcast. “We were trying to just keep it private and go through some motions and all of that just between us and tell on a need-to-know basis some friends and family before we made anything public. But it just started creeping out there. So we then went to Instagram as you do.”

The Vanderpump Rules star revealed that she originally wanted to keep her split with Schwartz, 39, quiet but felt too much stress after hearing there was gossip surrounding the pair’s relationship status.

“I got really massively uncomfortable and had all sorts of anxiety once there was all these things swelling around,” the former SUR waitress said. “I don’t like people speaking for me and saying things that maybe aren’t true. I don’t like that. So we had to take control of that narrative.”

The duo were together for over a decade before they announced their split via Instagram in March. 

“After 12 years on an adventure through life together Tom and I are ending our marriage,” the Ohio native shared. “This ending is not met with resentment or animosity, no sides to choose. We have deep admiration for one another that will always remain and we cherish our friendship.”

The TomTom co-owner, who made a separate statement from his estranged wife the same day, suggested that it was Maloney who called it quits.

“Fully respect Katie’s decision and we’ve had healthy, productive conversations about it. It would be far sadder if she decided to stay with me

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