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Police find clandestine ecstasy lab next to base storing US nuclear weapons - - Britain - USA - Belgium
Police find clandestine ecstasy lab next to base storing US nuclear weapons
police have raided an illegal lab producing the drug ecstasy outside a US airbase where part of America's nuclear arsenal in Europe is stored.A prosecutor's office statement said the secret site had been found within the perimeter of the Kleine Brogel base in the province of Limburg.Investigators said on Tuesday (June 28) that the lab was found to be producing MDMA, a synthetic recreational drug commonly known as ecstasy. READ MORE: Dangerous 'fake ecstasy' that causes hallucinations and memory loss floods UK clubs The Belgian defence ministry clarified that the raid had taken place “on former military land, near the base”. In 2019, a Green MP told Parliament that US forces had 10 to 20 warheads stored at the base.Prosecutors said local police had discovered the drug lab on June 22 and that it had been dismantled by specialist officers.It has been reported that two suspects – not military personnel – were arrested during the raid.According to authorities, a "neighbouring house" adjacent to the base's premises was involved in the operation as well.To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.Reports say the Kleine Brogel airbase is often a target of Belgian anti-nuclear and anti-Nato protesters.MDMA is an illegal substance that gained popularity in the 1980s with people using it at parties and festivals, according to experts.
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