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Hollywood is a neighborhood in the central region of Los Angeles, California, notable as the home of the U.S. film industry, including several of its historic studios. Its name has come to be a shorthand reference for the industry and the people associated with it. Hollywood was incorporated as a municipality in 1903. It was consolidated with the city of Los Angeles in 1910 and soon thereafter, a prominent film industry emerged, eventually becoming the most recognizable in the world.

Chris Pratt defended by ‘Avengers’ cast after he’s dubbed “worst Chris in Hollywood”

Avengers co-stars Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldana and Robert Downey Jr, after he was dubbed “the worst Hollywood Chris”.The Guardians of the Galaxy star was the subject of a Twitter poll, asking which Chris out of Pratt, Pine, Evans and Hemsworth should be removed from Hollywood.Pratt quickly attracted criticism from a widespread array on Twitter users – who criticised his perceived support for the Republican Party and his attendance at a church which was described as “infamously anti-LGBTQ” by actor

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