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Martin Lewis hits back as he's branded a 'b****nd' over Scottish referendum poll question
While those who lived in Scotland and said it shouldn’t be independent made up 10%.It was a near tie for those living in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, with both yes and no votes at 34%.Some Twitter users were outraged by the idea that the Money Saving Expert would ask people “not living in Scotland” for their opinion on the matter.@Markconner64 wrote: “Why would you ask people not staying in Scotland their opinion? Butt out b****nd.”Martin responded saying it obviously wasn’t an “official referendum”.He wrote: “Cos its just my daily twitter poll, not an official referendum. If it helps put ur mind at rest, don't worry it's not binding. (sic)“Ps I've also asked UK folk questions like who they'd as US president & whether pineapple should be allowed on pizza.They weren't binding either (sadly).”It comes as Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is trying to set another date for Scots to vote for the chance for their country's independence and is currently asking the UK's top court whether the country has the ability to hold a referendum without their permission.Following his reply, Twitter users rushed to Martin’s defence.@Wastefighter pointed out some hypocrisy in the social media user’s profile.He said: “You literally have a Ukraine flag in your profile, so you clearly have an opinion on a Country you don't live in.”They added: “It is possible to have polite discussion, you might find it actually strengthens the independent vote.”@Clairerhiannon wrote: “Martin you have no idea how bitter the whole independence question is in Scotland.
Sex worker takes man to court after he 'thought it was funny' to allege she had AIDS - - New Zealand - county Lewis
Sex worker takes man to court after he 'thought it was funny' to allege she had AIDS
OnlyFans model had AIDS in an attempt to destroy her livelihood, she claims. The man, from Dunedin, New Zealand, was granted interim name suppression, but appeared before the Dunedin District Court this afternoon, June 22, after pleading guilty to three charges under the Harmful Digital Communications Act.His victim, Lisa Lewis, said the torrent of abuse was “the most defaming and slanderous thing anyone’s ever said about me”.READ MORE: Ultra-rare megamouth shark found washed up dead on beach – and no one knows how“I believe he wanted to destroy me and my income,” she added.“He didn’t destroy me but he did humiliate me.”The model, who described herself as an “OnlyFans online creator porn actress”, gained notoriety for a bikini-clad pitch invasion during an All Blacks rugby match back in 2006.The defendant wrote a slew of false articles about Ms Lewis to harm her reputation.In the first article, written in June 2018, he suggested she had been employed to provide sexual services to elderly war veterans.In another a year later, the 33-year-old wrote that Ms Lewis was living in a state house while providing commercial sexual services.The next day, he wrote that Ms Lewis had been arrested and charged by police, attaching a pixelated courtroom photo of a similar-looking woman to dupe readers into thinking it was her.None of these stories about Ms Lewis were true at all.
Radio 3 announces participants in next phase of its New Generation Artists programme - - Britain - London - New Zealand - South Africa - county Lewis - Colombia - city Santiago - county Valencia - county Geneva
Radio 3 announces participants in next phase of its New Generation Artists programme
BBC Radio 3 has announced the musicians that will join the next phase of its New Generation Artists programme, who will work with the broadcaster from September this year through to December 2024, initially crossing over with the last team of musicians participating in the scheme.The programme, in the words of the BBC itself, “supports young musicians at the beginning of their international careers with performance opportunities in London and around the UK”.That includes solo shows as well as performances with the BBC orchestras and appearances at festivals including the BBC Proms, Cheltenham Festival and Edinburgh International Festival, with broadcasts of those performances on Radio 3 and other radio stations around Europe bringing participating musicians to a wider audience.The new team taking part in the programme includes three UK musicians – accordionist Ryan Corbett, jazz pianist Fergus McCreadie and countertenor Hugh Cutting – plus, from beyond the UK, Colombian cellist Santiago Cañón-Valencia, Berlin-based Leonkoro Quartet, New Zealand-born violinist Geneva Lewis and South African soprano Masabane Cecilia Rangwanasha.Says Radio 3 Controller Alan Davey: “It is a privilege for Radio 3 to be providing performance and broadcast opportunities to young artists as they embark on their international careers. This year, we are particularly proud that the New Generation Artists joining the scheme showcase a variety of instruments and voices and come from many corners of the world”.“This means that our audiences can experience and discover a variety of music by encountering these inspiring young performers”, he adds.