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Shamima Begum's most chilling confessions from heads in bins to 'dumb kid' mistake - - Ukraine - Russia - Syria - county Canadian
Shamima Begum's most chilling confessions from heads in bins to 'dumb kid' mistake
ISIS bride Shamima Begum had a journalist feeling sorry for her until she spoke about her late kids and Russia's war on Ukraine.Begum defended her previous comments about being unfazed by seeing decapitated heads in bins, joining ISIS as just a "dumb kid" and asking for Primark underwear.Journalist and filmmaker Andrew Drury got friendly and even hugged the 23-year-old who fled east London for a life of terror as a teenager in 2015.READ MORE: Shamima Begum was smuggled into Syria by a Canadian spy, classified files revealAndrew said: "In our first talks together ­Shamima told me: 'I don’t think I was a terrorist, I think I was just a dumb kid who made one mistake.'"When asked about her relaxed comments about seeing beheaded human heads in bins, Shamima told Andrew: "People need to understand that at that time, when I was doing all those interviews, I had just come out of a war zone, lost two kids, and I was pregnant.” After they met at Al-Roj camp in north east Syria, Shamima continued to send Andrew Whatsapp messages and even put in clothing requests for him to bring her when he visited again.Her image of a bereaved young mum caught in a desperate situation crumbled as far as Andrew was concerned, the moment she spoke on putting the death of her three children behind her.Andrew said he received a WhatsApp message from Shamima out of the blue and he replied commenting on the awful loss of each of her kids.He said: "She replied: 'If you [sic] makes you feel any better I’ve moved on from that part of my life. It doesn’t make me feel sad any more.'"The reply floored me.
Ji.hlava’s Emerging Producers Deliver Pitches for Documentary Projects (EXCLUSIVE) - - France - Scotland - Ukraine - Russia - Syria - Slovenia - city Sarajevo - city Damascus
Ji.hlava’s Emerging Producers Deliver Pitches for Documentary Projects (EXCLUSIVE)
Leo Barraclough International Features EditorJi.hlava Intl. Documentary Film Festival has revealed to Variety the projects that the participants of its 2022 Emerging Producers program are working on. The producers were asked to deliver an elevator pitch for their projects.Every year since 2010, the festival has selected 18 up-and-coming producers of documentary films (17 European and one representing a non-European guest country), which are then provided with educational, networking and promotional support.There are almost 200 alumni of the program, many of whom have gone on to win awards at major festivals.The 2023 participants will be announced by Ji.hlava during the Sarajevo Film Festival on Aug. 15.“All Roads” (working title)Producer: Charlotte Hailstone, Hailstone Films (U.K.)Director: Laura WadhaSynopsis: A decade after the war began, a Scottish/Syrian filmmaker tries to reconnect with her fractured Syrian family, scattered around the world. She embarks on a journey, exploring the breakdown in communication between loved ones she hasn’t seen since 2010, wondering to what extent this has actually been caused by the war.Pitch: Laura’s debut feature builds on her successful short documentaries, including Berlinale Crystal Bear-winning “Born in Damascus.” This intimate film shows the audience what happens long after the initial upheaval of war. A timely light shone on the lasting impact this trauma has on lives and relationships.
Saudi Arabia set for record-breaking year of executions after mass beheading of 80 - - Jordan - Saudi Arabia - Egypt - Syria - Indonesia - Ethiopia - Palestine
Saudi Arabia set for record-breaking year of executions after mass beheading of 80
READ MORE Evil killer slaughtered adopted family for inheritance and pinned it on 'berserk' sisterThe European Saudi Organization for Human Rights has hit out at the justice system for failing to cut down on the number of tortures and murders, reports The Mirror. It comes as the group revealed that the killings between January and June demonstrates a shocking 80 per cent increase in executions compared to 2021 - with more than during 2020 and 2021 combined.The ESOHR says the lack of transparency in the system meant that they only learned of the killings after they'd taken place.In its report, the group drew attention to a mass beheading of 81 criminals on March 12 - when more than 70 per cent of the victims were killed for their involvement in non-fatal crimes.Of the total number killed, 41 men - over 50 per cent - were slaughtered for taking part in pro-democracy demonstrations.To justify the killings, the Saudi leadership branded the men "terrorists" before putting them before their executioners.The ESOHR reported that at least three of the men provided credible claims they had been tortured and their confessions forced.Out of 120 sent to die, 101 were Saudi nationals, with the other 19 comprising of nine Yemenis, three Egyptians, two Indonesians and a "citizen from each of Ethiopia, Myannmar, Jordan, Palestine and Syria."The vast majority of them were "tried and executed for punitive crimes" despite promises from the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to cut down the severity of the sentence for these charges.Forty-one were killed for exercising "basic rights, including participation in demonstrations", the report adds.Another 37 convicts were put to the sword for "unknown" crimes, the report charges, claiming that this
Pete Davidson - Kim Kardashian - Kelly Brook - Gordon Ramsay - Jeremy Parisi - Fans react to Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson split: ‘This one hurts’ - - USA - Syria
Fans react to Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson split: ‘This one hurts’
Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s shock split after just nine months of dating has divided social media users. The pair broke up earlier this week due to long distance work commitments and demanding schedules which “made it really difficult to maintain a relationship”, according to reports in the US media. Ryan Gosling reportedly in talks for a Marvel Studios role'Wearing fur displays the very worst of humanity' says Leona LewisSophia Bush tells story about 'ghosting' RihannaMan fresh out of jail shares overwhelming shopping experienceKaty Perry and Orlando Bloom to have another child?If It is Hotter Do You Need More Sunscreen?Kelly Brook marries Jeremy Parisi in ItalyAngelina Jolie calls on UN to aid Syrian refugeesNew Study Identifies Root Cause of Hair LossNe-Yo's wife accuses him of infidelity: ‘8 years of lies’Gordon Ramsay says it's 'oven time' while selecting a lamb to eatNutritionist Dr Joanna McMillan's advice to freeze nutsPrincess Eugenie has given birth to a baby boyGordon Ramsay admits he loves vegan dishes!Britney Spears hails kids as 'mystical beings' following pregnancy lossGwyneth Paltrow insists nepotism babies have to work 'twice as hard'Kardashian and Davidson remain friends and “have a lot of love and respect for each other”, E! News reports.