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Jenna Bush Hager on which 'hot' star made her husband jealous
Jenna Bush Hager maintains that her husband, Henry Hager, isn't a jealousy type of guy, during Monday morning's Today Show episode, she revealed that a certain up and coming heartthrob changed everything for the couple.MORE: Jenna Bush Hager missing from Today - replaced by beloved news anchorThe star was chatting with Justin Sylvester as she temporarily took over Hoda Kotb's spot on 4th Hour, and he did not hesitate to ask the juicy questions everyone wants the answer to.Knowing Jenna has been lucky to interview and interact with some of the world's biggest stars, he was quick to try to get the scoop from her.WATCH: Jenna's rise to fameMORE: Jenna Bush Hager reveals unexpected family story involving daughter and famous parentsHe took the host by total surprise when he boldly asked her: "Who was hotter, Austin Butler or Harry Styles?"Shocked expressions immediately erupted from the audience, as Jenna exasperatedly complained: "Why would you do this to me on a Monday?"Despite her initial hesitation, Jenna seemed to have a very clear answer in her mind, and proudly stated: "Austin Butler."A post shared by TODAY with Hoda & Jenna (@hodaandjenna)When Austin stopped by Today recently, Hoda and Jenna were totally taken by himShe then went on to reveal that she and her husband recently went to a screening of the highly-anticipated Elvis biopic by Baz Luhrmann, and she even confessed that her husband told her: "I don't think I'm comfortable with you interviewing him." MORE: Jenna Bush Hager enjoys 'summer loving' with husband Henry Hager in beachside photoMORE: Jenna Bush Hager's radiant transformation has fans demanding to know her secretThe mom-of-three recalled explaining to him: "Honey, you have not been jealous of me in
Elvis Presley - Who is new Elvis star Austin Butler? Jamie Lynn Spears link, famous ex and tragic loss - - USA - California - county Butler - city Anaheim, state California - Austin, county Butler - city Austin, county Butler
Who is new Elvis star Austin Butler? Jamie Lynn Spears link, famous ex and tragic loss
Elvis Presley in a new biopic about the star.The 30 year old Hollywood actor is already receiving praise for his portrayal of the King Of Rock 'n' Roll - but who is Austin Butler?While he may have risen to global fame in Baz Luhrman's critically acclaimed biopic, Austin has been a familiar face on our TV screens for many years.READ NEXT: Where are the 80s action heroes now – antisemitism row, affair and hunting backlashThe actor has also led a very interesting life, including links to huge music stars including Miley Cyrus and dating a famous actress.As Elvis lands in cinemas today (June 24, 2022), Daily Star takes a closer look at Austin Butler's life.Austin Butler was born on August 17, 1991 in Anaheim, California to parents Lori Anne and David Butler - who the actor has since revealed split up when he was two years old.He's not the only famous star in his family too, as it is reported that his sister also appeared as a background artist in Ned's Declassified School Guide - in which Austin also starred.Speaking to Vogue Magazine, he recalled that his mother would often take him and his sister to the nearby Disneyland Theme Park when he was younger, and described his mum as his "best friend."However in 2014, Austin's mum Lori died of cancer - with the actor revealing that Elvis had also lost his mother at the same age, and that he felt a connection with the music star because of this.Speaking about this connection on American programme Today with Hoda & Jenna, Austin said: "When I learned about his mom — and then knowing that we were the exact same age — that just hit me."It was just one of those things where you know the stars are aligning and that just became the most personal thing."Although Austin Butler has risen
Riley Keough - Elvis Presley - Lisa Marie Presley - Lisa Marie - Priscilla Presley - Elvis - Riley Keough Says Austin Butler Deserves an Oscar for 'Elvis' (Exclusive) - - Los Angeles - China - Hollywood - county Butler - county Rock - Austin, county Butler - city Austin, county Butler
Riley Keough Says Austin Butler Deserves an Oscar for 'Elvis' (Exclusive)
Priscilla Presley, daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, and granddaughter, Riley Keough — made it official, with a hand and footprint ceremony at the famous TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.The trio — along with Lisa Marie's 13-year-old twin daughters, Harper and Finley — was honored in celebration of the legacy of their famous family, as well as the upcoming release of the biopic, directed by Baz Luhrmann and starring Austin Butler as the King of Rock and Roll himself. Luhrmann and Butler both spoke at the ceremony, which was a moving moment for all of the members of the family, who have been outspoken in their support of the upcoming film and its portrayal of their late, iconic patriarch.«It means a lot, absolutely, to my family and the people who knew Elvis really, really well, to be honored in this way,» Priscilla told ET, adding that the theater — then known as the Grauman's Chinese Theatre — was one of the first sights she saw with Elvis when she first came to Los Angeles in 1962. «It's just incredibly emotional and kind of hard to process, but it's definitely such a big honor,» Riley agreed.For Lisa Marie, the film's release feels like a much larger cultural moment than just a celebration of her father's legacy — not only explores the life of the man himself, but the Black artists and cultural traditions that shaped his musical background.«It means everything to us, it's so important,» she shared. «I mean, everything that's happening right now… the movie is important. The subject matter is important.
Kaia Gerber - Jenna Bush Hager - Elvis Presley - Lisa Marie Presley - Austin Butler reveals heartbreaking connection to Elvis Presley ahead of biopic release date - - county Butler - Austin, county Butler - city Austin, county Butler
Austin Butler reveals heartbreaking connection to Elvis Presley ahead of biopic release date
Austin Butler is undoubtedly the man of the hour and talk of the town.MORE: Austin Butler is unrecognizable as Elvis PresleyThe actor has been making waves left and right, red carpet after red carpet, and his latest promotional visit was to none other than Today studios, where he chatted with the one and only Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager.Opening up to the co-hosts about his journey to embody the iconic singer and his efforts to portray him as accurately as possible, he also revealed a shocking – and heartbreaking – connection the actor and the rockstar have.WATCH: The Elvis trailerJenna was the one to make the revelation, telling Austin: "One thing that you and Elvis have in common, a heartbreaking thing, is that you both lost your mothers at 23."She went on to ask him: "How did that inspire you to get into this role?" which led him to explain how hard he found it at first to become Elvis rather than just an impersonation of him.He detailed the pressure and distance he felt from the late star, saying: "It's that thing where when you first look at Elvis he feels so much larger than life, and you look at him like a god-like figure or a caricature of Elvis."A post shared by TODAY with Hoda & Jenna (@hodaandjenna)The heartbreaking revelationRecalling some of the tapes he attempted to film of himself to share with his director, he admitted he wasn't satisfied, saying: "I fell into that, the first month when I was trying to work, where I'd tape myself and I watched it back and I just saw an impersonation, and I just couldn't send it to Baz."MORE: Lisa Marie Presley mourns late son BenjaminMORE: Kaia Gerber and Austin Butler's hottest style momentsHowever, everything changed when he learned about the connection they had over