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The Flash’s Ezra Miller accused of grooming and controlling girl as parents ask for protection order
TMZ, which ask the court for a protection order to keep the actor away from her. Iron Eyes, who is now 18, first met Miller when she as 12 and they were 23 when Miller was visiting the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota, where the pair developed a friendship which her parents believe puts her at risk. Her parents state in the documents, as reported by TMZ: ‘Ezra uses violence, intimidation, threat of violence, fear, paranoia, delusions, and drugs to hold sway over a young adolescent Tokata.’Iron Eyes’ parents clam Miller flew her to London in 2017, when she was 14 and they were 25, to visit the studio Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was filmed at, as she was a fan of the actor and the franchise. They also alleged that Miller supplied their daughter with alcohol, marijuana and LSD as well as disrupting her education at a private institute in Massachusetts so much that she ended up dropping out in December 2021. Iron Eyes’ parents also say they flew to Miller’s home in Vermont in January to collect her, but found that she did not have access to her bank card, driver’s license and car keys among other items she would need to live independently. They also claim to have found bruises on Iron Eyes’ body which they allege were caused by Miller.Iron Eyes is said to have fled to New York to reunite with Miller after her parents brought her home, before the pair travelled to Vermont, Los Angeles and Hawaii, where Miller was arrested several times, including for an alleged assault. Meanwhile, Iron Eyes recently took to social media to tell her followers she is mentally stable and that her ‘comrade’ Miller has been a help in her life, and that she is looking forward to the future. Johnny Depp’s lawyers hint he could
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Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan To Return For ‘Neighbours’ Finale
After an absence of more than 30 years, Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan, the iconic soap couple will reunite in the roles which made them famous –  Scott Robinson and Charlene Mitchell on Neighbours.Producers said they were thrilled that both Kylie and Jason agreed to return to mark the end of the beloved soap. ”Scott and Charlene are the ultimate Neighbours couple and it would not feel right to end the show without them. We are thrilled that Jason and Kylie have come home to play a very special part in our series finale…”Jason Donovan dn Kylie MinogueThe pair were said to have recently shot their scenes, set to air during the soap’s final episode, at Pin Oak Court in Vermont South, a suburb of Melbourne. The final episode is set to air in Australia August 1. Both Jason and Kylie teased their return with matching Instagram posts showing the front page of a Neighbours script with their characters names. Natalie Bassingthwaite replied to Donovan’s post saying, “Ahh you did it!! YES!” while Courtney Act replied “gagged.”It has been an emotional experience for them, for us and I'm sure it will be for our viewers." – Neighbours EP Jason Herbison.— Neighbours (@neighbours) May 1, 2022Neighbours fans were thrilled by the news with one tweeting “Omg when I heard this news late last night I well got teary.