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Amber Heard Finally Gives Answers For Tape Admitting She Hit Johnny Depp AND The Bed Poop Incident!

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Amber Heard returned to the stand on Monday after a week’s hiatus in the defamation trial against Johnny Depp — and things only got messier.

This time, as she continued direct examination from her own legal team, the line of questioning seemed to specifically target the biggest issues folks have had with her side of the story. Something tells us she’s paying attention to how many signatures that petition to get her fired from Aquaman is racking up. (It’s over 4 mil now btw!)

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She discussed the fact they always seemed to be secretly recording one another, the bed pooping incident, and most crucially the tape in which she seemingly admits to abusing him.

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1 Why All The Tapes 2 Hitting VS Punching 3 Johnny Abused Himself? 4 The Bed Poop: Amber’s Version Why All The Tapes

Before she got started defending what she said on multiple tapes, Amber clarified for the jury exactly why there were so many recordings. After all, how many people tape their conversations with their spouses — or anyone — unless they’re actively trying to get evidence?

But Amber says it wasn’t a Kim Kardashian/Taylor Swift snake sitch here at all — and that the recording was all mutually consensual. She explained:

OK, so that’s why there are tapes. But why does it seem like they never know they’re being recorded? Both Amber and Johnny act completely different when they’re the one doing the recording. When Amber filmed Johnny going on his kitchen rampage, slamming cabinets and such, she sounded the whole time like a lilting flower, a damsel in distress. But when he was recording her in conversations about her having hit him,

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Gene Maddaus Senior Media WriterJohnny Depp’s lawyer began her cross-examination of Amber Heard on Monday afternoon, seeking to undercut Heard’s claim that Depp physically assaulted her numerous times.Camille Vasquez, Depp’s attorney, presented a series of photos of Heard taken shortly after alleged incidents of violence. In the images, Heard did not appear to have bruises or other physical marks.“You should see what it looked like under the makeup,” Heard responded.Heard completed her direct testimony earlier on Monday, saying that she ultimately decided to leave Depp because she feared she would not survive the relationship.When it was her turn to begin cross-examination, Vasquez noted that Depp has not made eye contact with Heard since the trial began more than a month ago.

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