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Farmer Ben breaks silence on shocking FWAW split -
Farmer Ben breaks silence on shocking FWAW split
Farmer Wants A Wife’s Ben Scowen has broken his silence following news of his split with winner Leish. Watch Below: Farmer Ben speaks on FWAW splitThe NSW farmer took to Instagram to share a video, revealing that the couple had “ups and downs” but “unfortunately we just didn't work out.”“To address what’s happened with Leish and I after the show, yes unfortunately we aren’t together anymore - though we did try for some time after the show to make things work,” he explained. “Like any relationship, we had our ups and downs and unfortunately we just didn’t work out.”“I had so much love for Leish and still to the day have so much love for the girl,” he continued.“I mean I don’t have a bad word to say about her at all and yeah, I hope you can appreciate our privacy in regards to why the relationship broke down.”Ben and Leish have both taken to Instagram to share news of their split.Farmer Ben also revealed why he hadn’t taken to social media sooner, especially since Leish had announced their split on her own Instagram account just days after the reunion episode aired. “I wanted to get out and have my voice and say hello but I just haven’t been able to,” he explained, before sharing that Channel Seven had been running his account.Farmer Ben revealed he only just re-gained access to his Instagram account.Leish posted to her Instagram stories to announce news of the split earlier this month, sharing text that read: “I am completely heartbroken to announce that sadly Ben and I have parted ways."“I tried everything I could to make our relationship last after the show (including wanting to move to the farm earlier, YES everyone I was always planning on moving) but unfortunately it wasn't there for Ben anymore and I was left
Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins and girlfriend Alexandra George welcome first baby -
Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins and girlfriend Alexandra George welcome first baby
Bachelor star Nick "Honey Badger" Cummins and girlfriend, Alexandra George have taken to Instagram to announce the birth of their first child. Watch Below: The Bachelor's Nick Cummins on why he didn't pick a winnerThe couple had been spotted earlier this week with their newborn baby in Brisbane.Nick took to Instagram on Thursday to share a cute snap of the family, captioning the pic, “what an amazing life experience, so much love for my mob.”Alongside a pic on Alexandra's Instagram, the couple also shared the name of their son. "Our not so little treasure Billy George Cummins has arrived and has filled our hearts beyond measure," she wrote."We're so grateful for the happiness and joy he has brought us.""Watching Nick hold our son on his first father's Day was such a surreal moment, you're a wonderful Dad already. So blessed to share my life with both of you."  Congratulations!Ahead of the baby's arrival, Nick took to Instagram to make an appreciation post for his partner and the image featured the now-mum cradling her baby bump."This woman has done so well over the last 9 months and we are super excited for the coming days," he wrote.Nick was The Bachelor in 2018.The couple first announced Alexandra's pregnancy in April, sharing the same photo of Nick holding her belly while sharing an intimate kiss and even their cattle dog, Dougie, got some cuddles.Nick wrote, "My darling and I look forward lovingly to the arrival of our little badger cub".While Alexandra captioned the photo, "We decided to create a little hybrid!! Can't wait to share this next chapter with the love of my life.
Hugh Hefner - Next Door - Kendra Wilkinson - Holly Madison - Bridget Marquardt - Hef’s ex-Playboy bunnies say ‘sex toy’ party didn’t make ‘Girls Next Door’ show -
Hef’s ex-Playboy bunnies say ‘sex toy’ party didn’t make ‘Girls Next Door’ show
Hef’s Playboy playmates and their adult playthings were almost deemed too hot for TV. Exposing more explosive truths about their seemingly plushy lives as Hugh Hefner’s ladies in the early 2000s, former “Girls Next Door” starlets Holly Madison, 42, and Bridget Marquardt, 48, revealed that E! initially canned their reality show’s pilot episode due to the “risqué” nature of a “sex toy” fete. “This party was actually a sex toy party,” Madison recalled during a recent episode of her podcast with Marquardt, “Girls Next Level.”“This was more like a quaint tupperware party, but it was still deemed too risqué for E!,” said Madison. “After the pilot was finished, they said, ‘We can never air this because we can’t show all these sex toys on the network.’ “She went on to insist that the party’s X-rated novelties, such as lubes and faux phalluses, were only for display and not for demonstration. “We weren’t doing anything with them like I said, it was like a tupperware party or there would be like funny games with sex toys.”The honey-haired hottie recalled hosting the saucy celebration at the Playboy Mansion — where she resided as one of Hef’s three main girlfriends alongside Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson, 37, — with Hefner’s permission. However, when the late smut mag magnate, who died of sepsis in 2017 at 89, got a load of the sex goodies and gadgets being hawked in his house, he allegedly “dogged” Madison for orchestrating the tawdry scene. “[Hefner] was like dogging me,” she remembered.
Domenica Calarco - "I'm not that girl": Domenica Calarco splits from Italian beau - - Australia - Italy
"I'm not that girl": Domenica Calarco splits from Italian beau
Italian boyfriend Andre Zitt have called it quits after a whirlwind European romance.WATCH: Domenica reacts to boyfriend's identity being leakedSharing news of the split in her and Ella Ding’s podcast Sit With Us, the Married At First Sight star confessed things didn’t pan out the way she had hoped.“My summer romance hasn’t played out how I guess I wanted it to play out,” Domenica said.“As much as I want to say everything and talk about everything, I think there are certain details of this thing that I wanna keep private.”The announcement came just hours after Domenica lashed out at online gossip site So Dramatic! for revealing Andre’s identity to the public.Domenica Calarco has announced she and her handsome Italian boyfriend Andre Zitt have called it quits.She had previously been referring to him as “Mr Napoli” in a bid to protect his privacy, something he had hoped to maintain during his romance with the Aussie star.Dom didn’t mention if Andre’s identity being leaked played a role in their split, but it seems she’s already made peace with the fling coming to an end.“This whole Italian love affair has been amazing, and I’ll remember it for the rest of my life,” she said on the podcast.“I think I’ve really just reached this point where I’m okay — if I want to have casual sex, I’ll have casual sex.
Hayley Vernon - Olivia Frazer - Domenica Calarco - Why some fans fear OnlyFans could see MAFS pulled off air -
Why some fans fear OnlyFans could see MAFS pulled off air
Married At First Sight stars joining OnlyFans could cause major problems for the show in years to come.WATCH: Olivia Frazer slams claims she faked OnlyFans screenshotsBut could stars joining the racy site really lead to the show being taken off the air? We doubt it.While it sounds like a dramatic conspiracy theory now, an alleged lack of advertiser interest in the hit series could theoretically cause issues for MAFS.In the last three years a flood of former brides and grooms have turned to adult subscription site OnlyFans to make money, sharing racy photos and x-rated videos on the platform.Stars like Jessika Power and Olivia Frazer claim to have made hundreds of thousands of dollars posting NSFW content to the site.Other former brides like Domenica Calarco make bank with sharing less explicit exclusives on the site, and Hayley Vernon revealed this week that she works as a high-class escort.But a source has claimed that all these connections between former MAFS stars and the sex industry has made it difficult for producers to market the show to advertisers.“The ratings may be great, but many big brands don’t want to go near Married At First Sight as it’s too controversial and doesn’t align with their values as a business," they told Yahoo! Lifestyle.WATCH: Ella Ding breaks her silence on Kyle And Jackie O OnlyFans stunt“The growing, and highly publicised, trend of past participants turning to porn and sex work is one of the main reasons many family-friendly brands are staying clear.”Another source claimed many Aussies now view the show as “a stepping stone into sex work”, but Nine representatives have dismissed the claims as “baseless”.“Nine rejects the utterly baseless claims made by Yahoo! Lifestyle,” they said in a
We already know who finds love on Farmer Wants A Wife! -
We already know who finds love on Farmer Wants A Wife!
Farmer Wants a Wife's brand new season is here and fans are eager to know which contestants win the hearts of our beloved farmers - and those details may have already leaked.WATCH: Inside Farmer Wants A Wife 2022On Sunday night, host Natalie Gruzlewski returned to play cupid to five new hopeless romantic farmers, plucked from paddocks around the country.Farmer Will, 26, Farmer Benjamin, 33, Farmer Harry, 23, Farmer Ben, 27, and the show's first ever female farmer, Paige, 27, have already made some promising connections with the hopeful contestants.Every year betting sites like Sportsbet list the odds of who will win any given reality TV show, including the five "winners" of Farmer Wants a Wife.With rumours that these outlets are told who will win ahead of time, fans have been using the odds to predict who will win shows like MasterChef and The Bachelor for years.The odds for each of the farmer's suitors dropped almost immediately after the first episode aired on Sunday September 4.According to Sportsbet, Farmer Paige will end up with 26-year-old carpenter Glen.According to Sportsbet, Farmer Paige will end up with 26-year-old carpenter Glen, who currently has the best odds at $1.57. Next likely to win Paige's heart is Dylan, whose odds sit at $3.Farmer Ben will reportedly have his heart stolen by 31-year-old hospital administrator, Leish, whose odds are at $1.42.
The huge clue Holly Kingston will have two wedding dresses - - Australia - Italy - city Kingston
The huge clue Holly Kingston will have two wedding dresses
WATCH: Holly Kingston and Jimmy Nicholson's engagementFormer Bachelor Jimmy popped the question in August while the pair were travelling through Italy on a European escape.Now they’re back in Australia and Holly turned to her Instagram followers for help as she prepares to get wedding planning underway.Taking to social media on Tuesday night, the reality TV bride-to-be revealed exactly what suggestions she’s taking onboard for her and Jimmy’s wedding.One of the biggest tips was to stock up on alcohol from Dan Murphy’s rather than splashing out for a bar tab, while others said the pair shouldn’t waste money on a big wedding cake.But which tips will Holly and Jimmy actually put into practice on their wedding day?Jimmy popped the question in August while the pair were travelling through Italy.The bride-to-be said that plenty of her followers suggested she buy her dress at least six months ahead of time to allow for alterations.They also said she should budget for those alterations as well as the cost of the dress itself and consider picking out a second dress for the reception.“[A second] party dress was recommended by at least 200 of you wishing you had a change,” she revealed.Followers also urged Holly to “think about what knickers you wear” before the big day.Holly and Jimmy will be planning their wedding with a budget in mind.They may be reality TV stars, but even Holly and Jimmy will be planning their wedding with a budget in mind and fans were happy to share a few tips.Most people admitted to going 25 per cent over their budget and said that flowers and DIY weddings were hugely expensive.And it sounds like Holly won’t be bothering to invite acquaintances from her Bachie days, as she was warned not to “invite people
Martha Kalifatidis - Michael Brunelli - MAFS baby alert! Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli’s big news - - Australia - Italy - city Rome, Italy
MAFS baby alert! Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli’s big news
Married At First Sight power couple Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli have finally explained their absence; they’re expecting a baby!WATCH: Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli announce pregnancyThe couple drastically cut down their social media presence in July during a trip through Europe, Michael later revealing his fiancée was seriously ill and they had to return home to Australia.His revelation sparked concern among fans who feared for Martha’s health as she battled an unexplained illness, but worry turned to joy when Martha revealed she’s actually pregnant.She and Michael shared the happy news with followers on Monday night, posting a joint video where Martha was positively glowing."It's been a minute since we've been online, so we wanted to explain our situation and make a little bit of an announcement, and that is that Martha is pregnant," Michael began.Martha discovered she was pregnant while travelling through Italy.The pair discovered Martha was pregnant while visiting Rome, Italy not long after Michael opened a fortune cookie on a night out with friends that read "A new baby is coming into your family.”But Martha added that it hasn’t been the “exciting wonderful time” she hoped for, as she’s been suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum."I don't want to sound like I am complaining, we are so excited, we are so happy. It was a complete surprise,” she explained."But at five weeks I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum, which is basically severe chronic nausea and vomiting with no relief.
Brooke Blurton - Meet the cast of The Challenge, including some reality TV royalty - - Australia
Meet the cast of The Challenge, including some reality TV royalty
The Challenge has finally been revealed and with so many reality stars returning to our screens for the 2022 season, we just know this show is going to deliver some major drama.WATCH: MAFS' Cyrell Paule douses Jessika Power with wineThe Challenge is Network Ten's latest reality TV offering and sees previous relaity stars like Married At First Sight's Cyrell Paule and The Bachelorette’s Brooke Blurton battle it out for a $100,000 prize.“The Challenge Australia will see an algorithm randomly pair challengers to compete in gruelling physical contests, test strategies, survive eliminations, cutthroat alliances and steamy hook-ups to win daily challenges and eliminate their opponents,” a press statement read.“With old rivalries, new alliances, messy exes, and fractured friendships to navigate, who has what it takes to go down in reality television history, as Australia’s first Challenge Champion?”The show is set to air on 10 and 10 Play in late 2022, but before that let's get to know the cast of The Challenge."Promise I don’t mention the word 'journey' or 'for the right reasons' once," Brittany joked of the show on Instagram, in a cheeky reference to her Bachelor beginnings."Little B is ready!!! This little pocket rocket is locked and loaded baby!" Brooke wrote as she announced she'd be joining the show on Instagram."She said Yasss!