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An award, sometimes called a distinction, is something given to a recipient as a token of recognition of excellence in a certain field. When the token is a medal, ribbon or other item designed for wearing, it is known as a decoration. An award may be described by three aspects: 1) who is given 2) what 3) by whom, all varying according to purpose.

The recipient is often a single person or else a representative of a group of people, be it an organisation, a sports team or a whole country. The award item may be a decoration, that is an insignia suitable for wearing, such as a medal (order), badge, ribbon or pin. It can also be a token object such as prize, trophy or commemorative plaque. The award may also be or be accompanied by a title, certificate or diploma, as well as an object of direct value such as money or a scholarship.

Britney Spears’ Expenses Shown In Court Documents Including How Much Her Father Earned As Her Conservator

Britney Spears’ conservatorship is in the headlines again, this time because of court documents that show the singer’s expenses.

As part of the conservatorship, every dollar is accounted for.

In the court docs obtained by E! News, the “Toxic” singer’s father, Jamie Spears, was paid $128,000 for his role as conservator. Meanwhile, her lawyers and advisors earned a combined total of  $1,202,504.30 in 2019.

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