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Netflix Format ‘Flinch’ Heads To Russia; ‘Man In The High Castle’ Exec Joins Mopar; Fremantle Sells ‘Kingdom Of Dreams’; Cameras Roll On ‘After The Verdict’ – Global Briefs

Netflix Format ‘Flinch’ Heads To Russia

Netflix’s Jackass-style non-scripted format Flinch is to be remade for Russia’s CTC following a deal struck with Sony Pictures Television. Produced by Sony-backed Stellify Media, the original show, which aired for one series in 2019, is set on a remote farm in the hills of Ireland where brave and foolish contestants gather to test their nerve in three games, abiding by one rule only: “Do not flinch.” If they flinch, there are painful consequences, both for the contestants, and for hosts Desiree Burch, Lloyd Griffiths and Seann Walsh. Sony-backed Russian company LEAN-M will produce the adaptation, which is being hosted in a barn by Mikhail Galustyan, Artur Babich and Valya Karnaval under the name Не Дрогни / Ne Drogn (Don’t Flinch!). 

‘Man In The High Castle’ And ‘Medici’ Exec Joins Mopar

The Man In The High Castle and Medici exec Sharon Remmer has been signed to lead Scandinavian studio Mopar’s push into the English language market. Remmer takes on the Creative Director, Drama role and will lead the  producer’s UK operation while strategizing growth of the company’s slate, which includes the likes of Viaplay drama Red Election. Remmer has an impressive list of UK drama credits and most recently set up her own company, SR Storyworks, which developed high-end drama with a focus on diversity and original voices. Mopar Exec Producer William Diskay said she will “build on the foundations we have in place and will help to elevate and advance our growth plans including our expansion into the UK market.”

Fremantle Sells ‘Kingdom Of Dreams’; Teases ‘The King’

Fremantle has sold Sky’s high-end fashion series Kingdom of Dreams to HBO Max in Europe, LatAm, Asia and Canada and released the trailer

show Netflix Dreams

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Bridgerton's Marina Thompson star Ruby Barker on most challenging part of show 'One shot!'
Bridgerton cast in season one.The star, who plays Marina Thompson in the hit Netflix series, explained that although she relished the opportunity to learn from the rest of her co-stars about “what makes a good actor”, she felt an incredible amount of pressure due to the “anticipation” surrounding the show.Speaking in an exclusive interview with, Ruby recalled: "The best part was the opportunity to learn from the people around me.“To really sort of learn about what it takes, and what makes a good actor. “The most challenging part of my role, I suppose, was… it was all very challenging.“But it all came very naturally to me.“It was challenging sort of staying cool and staying chill, like, the anticipation, what you're a part of, the scale, you know, the pressure, a lot of which I'm putting on myself.”Referencing Eminem’s hit Lose Yourself, Ruby quipped: “I feel like I was in that b****y Eminem song, where he says, ‘You’ve only got one shot, one opportunity!’ “That was the feeling and the soundtrack in my head for seven months straight!”Ruby worked closely with Derry Girls star Nicola Coughlan, 35, on Bridgerton, as they shared many scenes together. Sharing an insight into their friendship behind-the-scenes, Ruby divulged: “She's sweet as pie, she really is so lovely. “The thing is, like, I want to say she's cute, because she's so cute! “But she's a 34-year-old woman, so I don’t want to patronise her or anything! “But she is just the absolute epitome of cuteness in a human soul.”Ruby’s character Marina started series one of Bridgerton as a new member of the ton.Marina was sent to live with her distant relatives, The Featheringtons, so they could help her make her debut in London society.However, it was soon
Boris Johnson - Ricky Gervais - Allegra Stratton - ‘I get the anger’ Ricky Gervais speaks out on alleged Downing Street lockdown party - express
‘I get the anger’ Ricky Gervais speaks out on alleged Downing Street lockdown party
lockdown parties”.The Government came under fire after footage of Boris Johnson‘s former spokesperson Allegra Stratton showed her referring to a “fictional party” as a “business meeting with cheese and wine”.It now faces fresh backlash after a recently leaked email from the Prime Minister’s principal private secretary showed that Downing Street officials held a garden gathering during lockdown.Ricky weighed in on the controversy as he spoke to ITV News ahead of the release of the latest season of After Life on Netflix.The comedian said he understood how those who abided by the restrictions throughout the pandemic felt after the reports came out.He said on Tuesday: “I get it, I get the anger. It’s palpable.“Why wouldn’t they be angry?“Myself and everyone kept to the rules.“I think I’ve been naive all my life, it’s only now that I think… why do we trust them?“Of course we shouldn’t trust the people in charge, that’s how they are in charge.“They shouldn’t be trusted,” the actor concluded.Now Ricky is preparing for the launch of season 3 of After Life on Friday, but filming the last six episodes of the show has been filled with challenges.The production process was put on hold during the coronavirus pandemic and Ricky even admitted he was anxious over whether or not the new season would go ahead.The third season was initially announced in May 2020 after season two was released in April 2020.Nearly a year later, filming finally kicked off and wrapped in June 2021.Ricky himself confessed the uncertainty of the pandemic caused him “anxiety”.He told Deadline on Friday: “It was a year of anxiety, thinking whether it would it go ahead.”“But we didn’t drop a minute due to Covid,” Ricky continued.