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Piers Morgan compares watching Meghan and Harry’s ‘woke’ Netflix shows to ‘having a root canal at the dentist’

PIERS Morgan has has compared watching Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's "woke" Netflix shows as much as a painful dental procedure. The 55-year-old Good Morning Britain star has made yet another dig at the former Royal couple, who moved to LA and are forging a joint career in TV.

The pair have signed a £120million contract to make documentaries, films and even children's shows for the streaming giant. But Piers compared watching one of their films to a root canal - where the infected pulp and

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We have yet another twist in the saga of “No Time to Die‘s” release plans, which by this point is approaching “Tenet” levels of twists and turns. The latest news involves MGM reportedly exploring selling the latest James Bond film to streaming services, for a whopping $600 million.
The Undoing is an entire theme park. The new HBO series comes from the same brains behind BLL ( wrote the scripts for both series, and returns in a starring role and as an executive producer).

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