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Sam Thompson in hysterics after thieves ditch girlfriend Zara’s stolen suitcase because items inside ‘suck’

SAM Thompson was left in hysterics after thieves ditched girlfriend Zara McDermott's stolen suitcase because the items inside "sucked". The Made in Chelsea star, 29, and Love Island's Zara, 24, told fans that their car had been broken into and showed a snap of the damage.

Taking to Instagram Stories, Zara pleaded for the safe return of her pink suitcase that she's had since she was 15-years-old. "Whoever broke into our car last night, I genuinely don't care whatever you took," Zara said.

"But if you could just please return my pink IT luggage fabric suitcase that I've had since I was 15." TV star Sam them piped up and told the thieves to "keep it" because it's simply that "horrible". The documentary maker then received a private DM alerting her that a bag of that description had been dumped in Fulham.

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