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Sydney Gay - Teachers Federation, Gender Centre’s Applications To March In Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Rejected - starobserver.com.au - Australia
Teachers Federation, Gender Centre’s Applications To March In Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Rejected
The NSW Teachers Federation’s and transgender service provider The Gender Centre’s applications to march in the 2023 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (SGLMG) Parade has been rejected.In an open letter to members, NSW Teachers Federation General Secretary Maxine Sharkey revealed “with great disappointment” that their application to march in the 2023 SGLMG Parade was rejected, despite having marched in the last several parades. Sharkey acknowledged the Union’s support for Mardi Gras in the past, “including providing spaces in our conference centre and encouraging members to volunteer as marshals or float participants in Mardi Gras parades. Sharkey stressed, however, that even though the Union would not be marching in the Parade, “we will contribute to the Sydney WorldPride Amplify program.”The Gender Centre health and communications manager Eloise Brook said “We provide over 90 per cent of trans-specific services to the community in NSW,” According to an interview in the Sydney Morning Herald, SGLMG received so many applications “far exceeding our total capacity.”This year’s Mardi Gras Parade is part of Sydney WorldPride 2023.Sydney WorldPride 2023 takes place from February 17 to March 5, 2023 with nearly 1 million people expected to take part in the 17-day celebration.© Star Observer 2022 | For the latest in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTIQ) news in Australia, be sure to visit
Nadia Bokody - Sexpert shares ‘creepy’ difference between how men and women flirt with her - dailystar.co.uk - Australia
Sexpert shares ‘creepy’ difference between how men and women flirt with her
Nadia Bokody shares candid sex advice online – and has attracted a legion of online admirers as a result.But according to the Australian love guru, the messages she receives from male and female fans are very different.While women shower her with kind comments and compliments, men tend to approach in a much more aggressive manner. READ MORE: 'My strict religious background made sex impossible but now I teach others how to do it' The relationships writer, who came out as lesbian a couple of years ago, said she's sent unsolicited d*ck pics and crude messages.She told news.com.au: "If I never have to open another DM from a guy detailing his masturbatory session over me again, it’ll be too soon."Unsurprisingly, the lewd clips don't go down well with Nadia.Instead of making her feel wanted, she sees the X-rated videos as an attempt to exert power over her.The journalist wrote: "It’s always been unclear whether these images and messages are supposed to garner my attention and gratitude, or if they’re actually just aimed at asserting control via the complete and total decimation of my boundaries."Regardless, I’ve never closed out of one of them feeling flattered or empowered."More often than not, I’ve emerged with the sense the man on the other side of the screen sees me as an object he’s entitled access to by default of his sexual interest in me."While some of the DMs she receives from women can be cheeky, Nadia says they take care not to appear "creepy".But contrastingly, men "often appear unaware" that they could be "making (her) feel intimidated or violated".Then when Nadia rejects them, she's branded an "ungrateful b*tch".Thankfully, the writer doesn't let these keyboard warriors hold her back.
Master speed bump sex position to hit G-spot every time – for intense orgasms - dailystar.co.uk
Master speed bump sex position to hit G-spot every time – for intense orgasms
sex positions are more comfortable, others can be more challenging, but the important thing is you opt for positions that bring you ultimate pleasure.If you're looking for a move that will offer both partners a good chance of orgasming then a simple but well worth a go position is the speed bump.READ MORE:Threesomes can be positive experience for people in relationships, says studyThe position is designed for heterosexual couples, but lesbians can also adapt it by using a strap-on.Basically the vagina-owner needs to be on the bottom as the speed bump is all about targeting the G-spot.It's a rear-entry position and the woman needs to lie on her front, while using a pillow or bolster to rest her hips on.Then the penetrating partner will kneel, while positioned behind them, and enters from behind.Once you're in the position you'll be able to experiment with what feels the most comfortable - the person on top could either straddle or opt to place their legs between their partner's.The main pro is that using the cushion to elevate the bottom partner slightly offers a much greater chance of hitting the g-spot.It's also a better option than doggy if you're looking for ways to enhance intimacy as you can get a lot more up close and personal with each other.There's even room for the penetrating partner to kiss their partner's neck if you want to be more romantic.It's easy to grab a pillow to rest the hips on, but there are also other things you can buy that are actually designed for the job.The perfect option would be a wedge-shaped pillow, as many of these are made of non-slip materials so you can get into the best position while not worrying about sliding all over the place.