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Kristen Bell Talks The Importance Of Going To Therapy With Dax Shepard

Kristen Bell is opening up about her relationship with Dax Shepard as they navigate it after his relapse and during the pandemic.

Speaking with People, the 40-year-old actress revealed that she and Dax did seek out couples counseling to reconnect with one another.

“We’ve learned everything about each other because we haven’t been able to leave!” she shared with the magazine. “The main thing I’ve learned is something I learned from Glennon Doyle, which is that we just need to give each other

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The return of Zak Dingle to Emmerdale has delighted fans of the ITV soap but they have demanded that it leads to another character getting the boot.
Instagram.The 54-year-old actress looked incredible as she soaked up the sun somewhere in a teeny black bikini.In the first shot, Salma is seen sat cross-legged in some shallow water as she closes her eyes and pushes her hair back from her face.The mum-of-one leaves very little to the imagination thanks to her swimwear and shows off some major cleavage as well as her flat tummy.In the second picture, she is sat cross-legged once again but this time she is on the sand and appears to be

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