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Jennifer Lawrence Actually Confronted Anderson Cooper For Saying She Faked Her Infamous Oscars Fall!

Jennifer Lawrence did NOT purposely trip on her way to collect her first Oscar, and she’ll accost anyone who says otherwise!

During an interview on Heather McMahan’s Absolutely Not podcast on Wednesday, the 30-year-old reminisced about the viral moment when she fell down at the 2013 Academy Awards, and admitted that she was quite sensitive about the subject for a few years after — particularly toward those who insisted she fell on purpose as some sort of PR stunt.

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Busy Philipps was snapped Wednesday in New York City filming her new show Girls5eva.The 41-year-old actress has her locks down and parted as she was clad in a light pink zip-up top with a matching fanny pack.She paired the top with patterned navy blue leggings with graphics of birds and snakes with pink socks and black sneakers.In between filming sessions, she was touched up by makeup artists on the program.
They have been nearly inseparable since going public with their romance early last month.And Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr were together again on Thursday as they headed out for a date night in New York City.The 41-year-old The Secret actress looked chic in a gray plaid skirt as she clasped hands with the 33-year-old chef while strolling in the city.

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