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How a schlep to the Middle East with my elderly mother healed our relationship

many “multifunctional pockets”  — my mother found her passport. Again.And I contemplated taking my emergency Valium.

Again.We were en route to my 82-year-old mother’s belated 80th-birthday present — a trip to Qatar and Oman — two years too late due to COVID.For years, my mom had said, “I’d like to travel with you” — a request that I’d put off still shaken by the last family trip my mother, sister and I took in 2000 to Greece, which was slightly disastrous… and after which my mother and I didn’t really speak for several years.But, as my mom and I both aged and mellowed, I started to reconsider. After all, if my right wing, born again, gun toting father and I could travel together after all these years, couldn’t I try with my left wing, liberal if not slightly argumentative mom?So, I offered her a trip to the Middle East and my adventurous mother was in… but not without some trepidation.I’d already talked her out of buying an abaya for the trip.“It’s not necessary, Mom,” I’d said when she called me up two weeks before the trip to announce her impending purchase.“But Rosie said I need one!”“Rosie from Cincinnati, Ohio, who has never been to Qatar or Oman?” I asked.“Yes — but she reads the papers!”“Fine, do what you want,” I said, “but you will literally be the only woman in an abaya for miles around — you don’t even have to wear one in Saudi Arabia anymore!”She didn’t buy one but noted that if anything went wrong “you told me not to buy it!”I’d secured us business class seats on one of the best airlines, Qatar Airways.

It was to be many firsts for my mom. Her first time in Qatar and Oman and her first time flying business class.“Wait? Can I keep this?” She asked when the stewardess handed her a Qatar Airways sleep suit

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many “multifunctional pockets”  — my mother found her passport. Again.And I contemplated taking my emergency Valium.
Naturi Naughton said “I do” to Xavier “Two” Lewis in epic fashion. The couple wed in Atlanta in a celebration that was packed with star power. After planning what is already one of the year’s biggest celebrity weddings, the couple decided to go low-key for their for their honeymoon — and luxurious.

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Bald ambitious: Eagle-focused birder cruise shoves off in Connecticut - - USA - Netherlands - state Connecticut - city Essex
Bald ambitious: Eagle-focused birder cruise shoves off in Connecticut
RiverQuest, a birder-focused cruise, is weighing anchor.The two-decade-old cruise run by the Connecticut River Museum — which documents New England’s longest river’s ecology and history, and houses a replica of Dutch Colonist and fur trader Adriaen Block’s ship, the Onrust — departs from Haddam, about 12 miles upriver from Essex.Naturalist Cathy Malin, a 10-year RiverQuest veteran, leads the sightseeing cruises, which take in the whole riverscape, from wildlife to geology, and from ecology to history.The special birding cruises run through late fall and culminate in the otherworldly spectacle of the swarming tree swallows.“Every cruise is different because the river is different with each season, and the scenery changes every day,” Malin told The Post, adding that in March, when it’s colder, “we usually have the whole river to ourselves.” Less boats equals less humans, less disturbance — and better chances of wildlife roaming close to the banks and eagles flying.The bald eagle was designated the United States’ national bird in 1782, but by the 20th century, they were on the brink of extinction. They were added to the endangered species list in 1978.No longer listed as endangered, Malin estimates there are now about eight nesting couples in this area, up from zero in the mid-20th century.These comeback kids signify the Connecticut River’s return to good health.
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These gorgeous Oahu resorts reveal stunning makeovers
Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort and Spa, since its 5.2 acres rest on the footprint of Queen Lili‘uokalani’s summer palace, across from famous surf-break Queens beach.We were quick to learn that the Hawaiians are extremely proud and fond of their royal family heritage, particularly the grace and charm of Queen Lili‘uokalani, who was the last of the revered Hawaiian royal family to govern before the monarchy was overthrown and the US stepped in, back in 1898. As part of the $80 million renovation completed last year, her fascinating history and that of the islands is reflected with displays of artefacts and photos in the lobby, as well as a tangibly genuine, welcoming hospitality from the staff. A central part of the renovation is the new Queensbreak pool and deck, with cabanas and giant hot tub overlooking the beach. This is where you’ll find the lively yet laid back Queensbreak open air restaurant, complete with stage for live music, creating the perfect spot for private affairs and weddings. For a smaller entourage, stage a stunning ceremony in the Paoakalani Tower Queens penthouse, which has sweeping views of the beach on one side and the skyline on the other, all of which you can take in from the huge wraparound balcony.  As a bonus, this luxurious apartment can double as your honeymoon suite.Queensbreak’s cuisine, expertly curated by chef Nuno, is deliciously crafted from fresh local seafood and produce — don’t miss the poke, with line caught ahi, kukui nut (from Hawaii’s official state tree), ogo seaweed, Maui onion, shoyu vinaigrette and taro chips.