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‘More than 100 pupils’ hauled out of class for ‘wearing wrong trousers and shoes’ at school

Over 100 pupils from a high school have been removed from the classroom in a single day for wearing the wrong school uniform.

According to angry parents, ‘more than 100’ of the school’s 2000-plus pupils were segregated from their peers and put together in the gym on Wednesday after failing to correct uniform issues overnight.

It is understood the problems were mainly with trousers and shoes.

A spokesperson for the school has confirmed that ‘despite a number of reminders, assemblies and input from form tutors throughout the autumn term, some students have continued to not follow the regulations’.

One mum, whose daughter has been wearing black shoes with a large gold Vivienne Westwood logo on the front, was furious.

The parent of the Tollbar Academy pupil, said: “I received a letter saying that she would be in isolation for the whole of January if we did not change her shoes.

“However, we were given less than 24 hours to change this and I couldn’t afford to change them either.

“I didn’t understand why she had to change her shoes though as she’s worn the same ones since year seven.

“She hates school now and is miserable when she goes and when she comes back.

“I’m all for following policy, but this seems a bit extreme.

“I know one girl got put into isolation and had a panic attack over it because she’d never been told off before.

“It’s frustrating that this is happening.

“If the students are naughty then fine, but we weren’t given enough time to change things so I’m a little upset that this is what has happened.

“I’ve been threatening to pull her out if this carries on.”

The Grimsby school uniform policy states that pupils must wear black, flat shoes. It stipulates that trainers, trainer style shoes, canvas shoes or boots are not

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