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Tom Malone - Cancer - Gogglebox’s Tom Malone opens up on family cancer tragedy as he issues warning to men - express - Britain
Gogglebox’s Tom Malone opens up on family cancer tragedy as he issues warning to men
Gogglebox star Tom Malone has opened up about the personal reason behind his latest challenge in walking 11,000 steps a day for Prostate Cancer UK.The 28-year-old's family have been affected by cancer in numerous ways over the years, with four of his loved ones catching the disease."It's something quite close to our hearts," the former Gogglebox star explained, in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk.Tom said he hopes his involvement with the campaign will raise further awareness and encourage men to get checked.The reality star's two grandads, great aunt and a cousin have all suffered from the disease.11,500 deaths are the result of a prostate cancer diagnosis each year, making it the top cancer risk for men.Naga Munchetty 'let off steam' after furious BBC Breakfast backlashTom said he looks at those statistics remembering the lives of dads, brothers, cousins, uncles and sons who have sadly passed away."It points out that it can happen to anyone at any time, so you kind of have to make the most of the time you've got," he added."If there's anything we can do to support the research or help this disease and help people or prolong peoples' lives then you kind of have to do it."It's something that doesn't get talked about enough."Prostate cancer mainly affects men over the age of 50, with the risk increasing with age.Five common warning signs of the disease are; Pain and/or a burning sensation when urinating or ejaculating, frequent urination, especially during the nighttime, trouble starting urination, or stopping urination once in progress, sudden erectile dysfunction and blood in either urine or semen.While the disease predominantly older men, Tom urges those younger to be aware of what could happen.He added: "It
Scarlett Moffatt - David Attenborough - ‘Quite tongue-in-cheek’: Scarlett Moffatt describes ‘David Attenborough-style’ new project - express
‘Quite tongue-in-cheek’: Scarlett Moffatt describes ‘David Attenborough-style’ new project
“And for me, like, the biggest thing about hotels is breakfast, because it always feels like such a treat.“So Hampton by Hilton started this wonderful, refreshed breakfast buffet, where it's free.“So I was like, ‘Of course, I want to get involved!’“And I'm very inquisitive, and I always find it very fascinating how different people act when they sort of like their breakfast buffet behaviours.”Scarlett went on: “So, yeah, when Hampton by Hilton approached me and said, ‘You want to get on board?’ I was like, ‘Yes’ because it's all the things that I love.“And it's sort of quite tongue-in-cheek in the fact that it's a bit David Attenborough-style, sort of watching people and how they react.“But it's nice because I think it's something that everyone can relate to.“Like, personally, I'm a smuggler. Like, I do like to take a little bread roll or a little croissant for the road.”Speaking about her participation in the campaign ahead of her interview, Scarlett revealed: “The breakfast buffet is without a doubt one of the best bits of a trip away for me and at Hampton by Hilton hotels, it’s completely free – what more could you want!"When it comes to the breakfast buffet, I’m a little bit of a ‘Smuggler’ and am known to sneak a croissant away with me to enjoy in the room with a cuppa later in the day."That said, I’m also guilty of being a ‘Stacker’ too, piling up delicious smoky bacon and hot waffles is literally my idea of heaven!"I think we can all agree that a good night’s sleep followed by a hot brekkie sets us up for the day.
Scarlett Moffatt - 'Wanted to shine light on it' Gogglebox's Scarlett Moffatt bravely details health struggle - express - Britain
'Wanted to shine light on it' Gogglebox's Scarlett Moffatt bravely details health struggle
Channel 4 documentary Britain's Tourette's Mystery: Scarlett Moffatt.The Gogglebox star delved into the terrifying experience of developing sudden onset tics as she investigated the increase in cases of Tourette’s in Britain.Scarlett, who was 12-years-old when she developed her tics, also had Bell's Palsy, a temporary weakness or lack of movement affecting one side of the face.While Bell's Palsy usually gets better within nine months, Scarlett had to learn to control her body all over again.Speaking exclusively with Express.co.uk, Scarlett revealed why she wanted to “shine a light” on sudden onset tics to try and help younger sufferers - especially girls.Scarlett began: “I feel like when I did, it was because I have experienced that myself.“And so it's always sort of in my mind, the fact that it's happened to me, and it could happen to others.”Scarlett highlighted the huge increase in people experiencing tics, branding it a “mini pandemic”.She continued: “There's been a massive increase in young girls getting sudden onset tics, like - it's almost like a mini pandemic in itself.“And no one was really talking about it, and I wanted to shine a light on it, because I know how sort of scared I felt when I had tics as a kid.“So I wanted to, like, open the conversation up.”Scarlett explained how she believed the coronavirus pandemic had also affected children, who were left dealing with their issues whilst being left “to their own devices”.The TV star pointed out how much of the attention during that period was focused on the higher risk groups.She explained: “And also, I think during the pandemic we saw all of our concentration was on the vulnerable and the elderly, because that's who needed our help the most.“But I think in
Eddie Boxshall - Denise Van-Outen - Duncan James - Jimmy Barba - Denise Van Outen 'has her sparkle back' says Duncan James, amid blossoming new romance - express
Denise Van Outen 'has her sparkle back' says Duncan James, amid blossoming new romance
Celebrity Gogglebox pal Duncan James. It comes after the star, 48, has seemingly found love once again following split from her ex-fiance Eddie Boxshall earlier this year, amid claims he had sent flirty text messages to other women.Denise's relationship with the former commodities trader ended after seven years together.The couple regularly featured on Celebrity Gogglebox, but after they split, Blue star Duncan replaced Eddie's spot next to Denise.The singer has now broken his silence over his friend's love life, amid reports that she's dating Jimmy Barba.Expressing his delight that Denise has found love again, Duncan gushed over her new found happiness.The Blue star said: "After the year that she’s had, she just deserves some happiness.’"I’m just really happy for her and she’s got her smile back and her sparkle back."It’s really lovely to see that," he added to The Mirror.It comes as Denise has been taking to Instagram to showcase her new love in view of her 671,000 followers.Sharing a sultry selfie, Denise leaned on Jimmy as they enjoyed a holiday in Marbella.The Celebrity Gogglebox star captioned the snap: "Marbella @jimmybarba," alongside a row of red hearts.Last week they watched The Prodigy at the Brixton Academy, with Denise sharing videos and selfies from the concert.Ever the supportive friend, Duncan commented: "Wow looks amazing."Back in January Denise announced her split from Eddie on Instagram.She wrote: "Over the past couple of months, there has been much speculation regarding my relationship with Eddie."It saddens me to confirm that we are no longer a couple.
prince William - Royal Family - 'Couldn't stop calling him mate!' Roman Kemp on awkward Prince William chat blunder - express
'Couldn't stop calling him mate!' Roman Kemp on awkward Prince William chat blunder
royal family on multiple occasions.Speaking to Express.co.uk Roman recalled the first time he met our future King Prince William, which saw him not only swearing at the Prince but also calling him "mate"!When asked if he had ever met any of the royals as he prepared for his BBC hosting job for The Platinum Party at the Palace last month, the radio DJ dished all.He said: "I have been very lucky to meet William, Harry and Kate and I am not just saying it, but they’re really nice."And I’ve appreciated all the work they’ve done around mental health and I have always been very aware and happy for the work they do."I will never forget the first time I met Prince William, I was doing a mental health talk with him and I was given a whole protocol to follow," he added.The Capital FM presenter went on: "They were saying to me ‘Learn your highness, how to curtsey' as well as telling us where to stand."You know it was a very regal chat and I was just worrying, am I supposed to bow?"Roman continued: "I just remember a football match being on in the corner and it had just finished."It was a bit of a crazy game and Prince William just looked over and then he came walking over to say hello."Everything the person had said to me had gone out the window and the first word I said to our future king was 'F***ing hell mate, that was mad!'"He just laughed! I remember panicking, 'does he think I was swearing at him?'" Roman said.He explained: "After that protocol went out the window we didn’t go back on it.
Rylan Clark - Rylan Clark gives rare insight to behind-the-scenes of Celebrity Gogglebox as series ends - express
Rylan Clark gives rare insight to behind-the-scenes of Celebrity Gogglebox as series ends
Gogglebox with his mother Linda Clark for a number of series.The Channel 4 star has taken to Instagram to share a behind-the-scenes look at the show, as filming ends for the series.Rylan took to Instagram to give his 1.5 million followers an insight into how the show works.He did this as he bid farewell to those behind the camera at his Essex home.The Strictly: It Takes Two presenter shared a snap of himself and Linda on the green sofa along with 7 crew members.The camera was strategically placed on top of the television where the show's cameras are placed.A post shared by RYLAN (@rylan)He captioned the post: "And just like that Team Blue from @c4gogglebox finished.Thanks for an amazing time xxx."Fans couldn't contain their excitement as they rushed to the comments to share their astonishment at the amount of crew members.Julieknapp141 said: "@rylan does it really take all those people to film you watching TV? Who knew."Kirstykirkpatrick added: "Why did I think it was just a camera on top of the TV xx."Others however took to the comments to share their love for the pair on the show.Susie_jeffs said: "Love you and your mum! so funny." (sic)Douaygirl added: "Your mum makes me laugh so much."This comes as Rylan took to Twitter earlier this month to reassure his fans that his mother was okay after she was spotted on the show with a drip.Social media user KateWilliams wrote: "@Rylan is Mum ok? Saw the drip on #Gogglebox."The former X Factor star responded: "Had a lot of people ask, mum is fine, she has a tpn line for a feed…"To do with her crohns .
Fred Sirieix - Fred Sirieix unveils 'dream 1st date' as Gogglebox debut with fiancée Fruitcake wows fans - express - France
Fred Sirieix unveils 'dream 1st date' as Gogglebox debut with fiancée Fruitcake wows fans
Strictly might already be aware, and he'd love to step into the Tango scene in a city he promises readers is the sexiest in the world - Paris.The worldwide foodie, who debuted on Celebrity Gogglebox with his fiancée Fruitcake last week, much to the excitement of the Channel 4 show's fans, also cited the French capital as the perfect place to enjoy a meal."For a first date, I would go to Paris because it's the sexiest city in the world."I'd go and stroll on the Seine, maybe go and dance the Tango on the steps of the Opera House," he revealed."People dance all sorts of dances around Paris, they set up these sort of guerilla balls where anybody can go and dance."Just a week before speaking to Express.co.uk, Fred had been in the midst of the Opera House action.Oh my God, it was beautiful," he enthused, "and they were taking it so seriously"."People were just following the music and the beat and they were just well into it. It's quite something to watch!"Although Fred gained a substantial following when he took part in Strictly Come Dancing's Christmas special in 2021, he wouldn't necessarily always be keen to join in with the action.The last time he saw the Tango being performed on the streets of Paris, he was merely an observer.He is modest when the topic of his dancing skills comes up, exclaiming: "You either have it, or you don't, and I don't have it!"In fact, he admitted that the intensity of his first day of rehearsals made him physically sick, causing him to rush home from the BBC studios to vomit."It was just a hardcore training session and I had a hard, long day...