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Antiques Roadshow guest speechless after discovering how much 'worthless' brooch is worth

A guest taking part on Antiques Roadshow was left gobsmacked after discovering how much her "worthless" sapphire garment was worth.

Appearing on the BBC show at the weekend, a guest offered over the brooch to expert John Benjamin to value.

They revealed that they had tried to get the brooch valued by a number of jewellers who weren't sure whether the item was authentic.

However, John confirmed that it was real and revealed the jaw-dropping valuation.

He said: "Now when we were sitting at the

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John Benjamin

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There are two types of guest on Antiques Roadshow.One who thinks they have something worth thousands and the other who thinks their item is completely worthless but is intrigued to find out for sure anyway.And Sunday night's episode saw the latter as one of the guests on the BBC show revealed she had brought the brooch to several jewellers who questioned the authenticity and told her it was valueless.But expert John Benjamin had some surprising news.Explaining the item's history, the guest said:
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