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Derek Haas - Marina Squerciati - Stella Kidd - Exclusive: Chicago Fire bosses detail Brett's 'turmoil' ahead of emotional premiere - - Chicago - city Windy - state Oregon
Exclusive: Chicago Fire bosses detail Brett's 'turmoil' ahead of emotional premiere
Chicago Fire fans saw Matthew Casey and Sylvie Brett return to the Windy City at the end of season 10 and have an emotional conversation that revealed they were unsure whether their long-distance romance would last.MORE: Chicago PD star Marina Squerciati shares first day back on set pictureNow, executive producer Derek Haas has confirmed that fans will get "clarification" on the future of Brett and Casey's romance in the season 11 premiere.WATCH: One Chicago returns to NBC"We’ll definitely get some answers to where she stands with Casey," he told HELLO!, adding: "I’d say that Brett is going to face some major turmoil this season."Fans saw Casey decide to leave Chicago to move to Oregon and help raise his late best friend's children, with him and Brett attempting to try long distance.He returned for the finale of season 10 and the wedding of Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd, and during an emotional dance together Brett asked: "Can we keep this up with so much time apart?"Casey paused before cryptically telling her: "I don't know, but we're together tonight." Season 11 will see Brett go through 'turmoil'Elsewhere the season opener will pick up immediately where season 10 left us - with Severide and Kidd on their honeymoon and being tracked by unknown attackers."We like doing these immediate pick-ups, because the show really launches out of a cannon when you do that," shared Derek. The premiere picks up where season 10 left off"Pace is so important to us as a show, and we like it when the audience can’t take a breath until the first commercial.
Brian Wilson - Noah Jupe - Casey Affleck - Bill Pohlad On Dreaming Big At Venice With Casey Affleck-Starrer ‘Dreamin’ Wild’ - - Washington - Minneapolis - city Venice
Bill Pohlad On Dreaming Big At Venice With Casey Affleck-Starrer ‘Dreamin’ Wild’
Stalwart indie filmmaker Bill Pohlad today premeres in Venice Dreamin’ Wild. His directing follow up to the critically acclaimed Brian Wilson film Love & Mercy also follows a music story, though one far less familiar. Casey Affleck, Noah Jupe, Zooey Deschanel, Walton Goggins and Beau Bridges star. When Donnie Emerson (played by Affleck and Jupe) was a teenager growing up on his father’s farm in Fruitland, Washington (population 791) he spent his days writing music and dreaming of becoming a music star. And everyone in the family became invested in that dream, including his brother Joe (Goggins) who became his drummer, and especially his father, Don Sr (Bridges). He mortgaged his farm to build a $100,000 recording studio, and more to help Donnie make and release his first record. It went nowhere and the bulk of the farm had to be sold when the loan came due. But 30 years later, the overlooked album was rediscovered by the music scene. Suddenly Donnie, who continued to struggle and write and play his music, had gotten a taste of his childhood dreams. But it comes with the guilt of failure that haunted him for years, and involves having to play the songs that meant something as a teen, but not as a 50 year old man who has evolved as a musician. And it is all true.