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Cain Dingle - Chandler Bing - Chas Dingle - Faith Dingle - Itv Emmerdale - ITV Emmerdale fans spot odd link between Chas Dingle and famous Friends star -
ITV Emmerdale fans spot odd link between Chas Dingle and famous Friends star
Emmerdale fans were left in stitches after they compared Chas Dingle to beloved Friends character Chandler Bing as she complained at her loving husband Cain Dingle.During Wednesday’s instalment of the popular ITV soap (June 22), the long-standing character attempted to tell Aaron about Faith Dingle’s terminal cancer diagnosis.But the loving mum has come under fire after taking the news of her mother’s new diagnosis poorly as she encouraged her to continue taking treatment even though it would only extend her life by a couple of months.Instead of respecting her mother’s wishes to stop the chemotherapy and spend the last few months of her life with her family and friends, the brunette beauty has put all her efforts into finding a cure for her illness.Chas could be heard shouting at Cain for preparing their son for Faith's eventual passing rather than encouraging him to be positive about her recovery.During their heated argument, she shouted: "Could you be anymore patronising?"It was at this point that fans of the show flooded to Twitter where they compared the star to the beloved Friends character. One user penned: “Chas doing her Chandler Bing impression # Emmerdale.” Another added: “Chas doing her best Chandler Bing impression ‘could you beeeee anymore patronising?! #emmerdale.”A third agreed: “Who does chastity think she is, Chandler Bing? #emmerdale.”This is a live TV story and is being constantly updated.