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Builder hospitalised after being hit with bottle of urine dropped 50m from crane - - city Richmond
Builder hospitalised after being hit with bottle of urine dropped 50m from crane
hospital after being struck on the head by a bottle of urine that had been dropped 50 metres from a crane.The man required medical attention to his head and neck after the nasty bang that he received while working on the building of a new health centre in the south-coastal town of Worthing.He was subsequently released and is recuperating at home, but will be nursing a sore head this weekend for all the wrong reasons.READ MORE: Novelist Salman Rushdie is on ventilator and may lose an eye after attack says his agent A witness to the incident said the worker was knocked out cold by the bottle, adding: "Somebody in the crane did something they’re not supposed to."A spokesperson from Sussex Police, meanwhile, has confirmed that the Health and Safety Executive will investigate the incident.A police spokesman said: "Police were called about 5.30pm on Friday July 29, after a man was struck by a falling object at a building site in Richmond Road, Worthing."The man reported suffering from neck pain and was taken to hospital as a precaution."The construction project has seen workers on site for the last two years with a spokesman for building firm Galliford Try stressing that the safety of their employees and the public is always their number one priority.To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here."As a responsible contractor, health and safety is Galliford Try's number one priority," he said. "We can confirm that an incident took place on our site at Worthing on Friday.
Tiktok - Archie Battersbee - Hollie Dance - Archie Battersbee: The sickening TikTok challenge that left 12-year-old in coma - - London - Texas - Wisconsin
Archie Battersbee: The sickening TikTok challenge that left 12-year-old in coma
TikTok challenge is what left 12-year-old Archie Battersbee in a coma, according to his mum, as the tragic boy's life support is due to be switched off.The boy has been in a coma since he was found unconscious by his mother in April and is being kept alive by a combination of medical interventions - including ventilation and drug treatments at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, east London.But now, all legal routes have been exhausted and the schoolboy's life support is due to be switched off at 10am today, August 6.READ MORE:Met Police shoot armed man in London before Air Ambulance flies him to hospitalThe High Court ruled he could not move to a hospice because of the risk included, while the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) said it would not intervene because the case "fell outside" its scope.Archie was found unconscious with a ligature over his head on April 7 by his mother Hollie Dance.Hollie thinks he may have been taking part in the Blackout Challenge, a disturbing online trend that sees young people try different destructive methods to cause themselves to become unconscious.His mum told LBC about the dangerous challenge: "If you have to use Archie as the topic to address it, just please sit down with your children with regards to these online challenges."Once you look into it, they’re so frightening.
Humans can breath through their butt - and scientists say it could soon save lives -
Humans can breath through their butt - and scientists say it could soon save lives
Scientists have discovered that it is possible to breath through your butt – yes, you have read that correctly.According to a new report in the journal Clinical and Translational Resource and Technology Insights, a group of scientists performed a series of experiments on pigs and mice, based on the slow metabolism of turtles.This involved scrubbing the intestines of the animals to thin out the mucosal lining- thus reducing the barrier to the blood stream.They were then placed in a room lacking in oxygen.It is believed that because turtles have such thing linings, they are able to breath through their butts – kind of – and are able to survive in the winter.According to the report, which does not state where the team of scientists were from: “Control animals who were deprived of respiration and received no intestinal ventilation, died after about 11 minutes.“Animals who received intestinal ventilation without the intestinal scrubbing survived almost twice as long, about 18 minutes, indicating that there was some oxygen uptake.“Lastly, 75% of those animals who had been scrubbed and received pressurized oxygen into the rectum, survived for an hour, the total length of the experiment. “This seemed to prove that mice and pigs are capable of intestinal respiration under the right conditions.”According to their findings, they now believe that other mammals – such as we mere mortals – could also survive by essential breathing through our a**eholes.
Two young brothers left with severe burns after 'aerosol' causes bonfire explosion - - city Melbourne
Two young brothers left with severe burns after 'aerosol' causes bonfire explosion
bonfire turned into a nightmare when two young brothers were left with catastrophic injuries following an explosion.Three-year-old Xander and 22-month-old Tanner were flown to Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, where they have both undergone multiple surgeries following the incident at their family’s property in Lansfield, regional Victoria, on June 3.The boys sustained extensive burns to their faces, hands and upper chest, when a cardboard box containing an unsighted aerosol can was thrown onto the fire.The resulting force of the explosion also knocked the boy's mum off of her feet.Xander – the more severely injured sibling – was taken to the Intensive Care Unit and put on a ventilator, and is expected to require several skin grafts.His younger brother was treated in the emergency department and remains in high-intensity ward for treatment.The boys' auntie, Carli Mathiesen, said the boys will require painful, extensive skin grafting to their faces and hands, and will require long term rehabilitation to support their physical and mental health.A GoFundMe account has been set up by Ms Mathiesen to financially support their parents, who rely on one income, during their traumatic time.“The road ahead will be long, and we humbly request your financial support.” she wrote on the GoFundMe page.“Both boys and their family are part of a beautiful country community who have rallied to support their people.