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Cops fear gangsters are evading law as Glasgow’s facial recognition cameras remain mothballed

CCTV facial recognition system has never been turned on.Fears over Big Brother-style human rights breaches mean the technology put in place in the city in 2015 has not gone live, sparking fury from frontline police officers.The Scottish Police Federation said serious organised crime groups could be targeted more effectively using the cameras.Police Scotland has publicly distanced itself from any controversy over the issue but many officers have expressed frustration.A senior officer said:

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Doctors are carefully instituting new policies to keep patients, and themselves, safe. Dr.
Simon Cowell is said to have been nearly paralysed after breaking his back in three places following a fall from his electric bike.The X Factor judge, 60, has reportedly needed six hours of surgery after the break in his back missed his spinal cord by 1cm during the accident. Simon is said to have been testing out the bike with his partner Lauren Silverman and son Eric, six, when he fell backwards and smashed onto concrete at his Los Angeles home.

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