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Brazil Covid variant so severe patients are 'suffocating' as hospitals run out of oxygen

Emergency oxygen supplies are being flown into a part of Brazil devastated by a rampant new strain of coronavirus.

Patients have been left suffocating in hospitals as oxygen runs low in Manaus, the capital city of Amazonas, after the new Covid variant in Brazil resulted in a huge surge in patients.

The worrying new variant of Covid, that prompted Boris Johnson to ban travel from South America, is thought to have originated in Amazonas.

And the horrific scenes in Brazil make that decision

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direct to your inboxThere's a moment, says paramedic Ken Hodkinson, when a family says goodbye to a patient with suspected Covid."You see it suddenly strike home that they may not see their loved one again, especially if they are elderly or frail."It's a sadness when you are taking a patient from their family and they don't know whether it's the last time they will see their mother, father, auntie or uncle again.
Covid ward has been prepared at hospital in Dundee as virus cases in the area soar. Health chiefs at Ninewells Hospital hope the facility will help medics cope with an ever increasing demand placed on them amid rising numbers of ill patients admitted.

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