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Tiktok - TikTok users left astounded after doctor tells them they are weeing in 'wrong position' -
TikTok users left astounded after doctor tells them they are weeing in 'wrong position'
TikTok information about their own bodies comes after she began to notice how many health issues were arising in her patients from them not understanding their own physique.Going into detail about the best position to go to the toilet in, Dr Irwin said: A minute may not seem like a long time but when I tell people to do this, it can seem like an eternity, but it’s not! "Many women do not take the time to fully empty their bladder, when you feel in a rush to pee it can cause you to have a forceful stream which will put pressure on the surrounding muscles."Many women are taught to pee by sitting straight up on the toilet, which causes some of the urine to stay in the bladder."The most popular position to prevent this issue I call the cowboy position, you simply lean forward to put your elbows above your kneecaps (making sure to keep your feet level on the ground)."Response from users on TikTok saw many struggle to comprehend that they could have been going to the loo the 'wrong way' for all of their lives, with one saying: "I had no idea there was a proper way to pee!"For the latest breaking news and stories from across the globe from the Daily Star, sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.Another more alarmed individual wrote: "I'm sorry, YOU CAN PEE WRONG??!?!"While one other viewer decided to add their own advice on top, reiterating: "Water water and I cannot stress this enough WATER."Dr Irwin also said that the recommended number of times for a woman to wee per day is between four and seven.