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Kate Garraway’s husband Derek’s battle with Covid becomes ‘longest in UK’

The Sun, Derek is one of ‘only a handful’ of people to be in hospital for six months with coronavirus.Kate Garraway has been incredibly strong throughout her husband’s illness, having kept viewers of Good Morning Britain updated with his progress.Speaking to the publication, a source said: ‘Derek has now been hospitalised for six months which makes him one of only a handful of people who have been in hospital for this long.‘It’s incredibly tough for Kate though because some days he shows signs

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Virgin Riverhave been (not-so) patiently waiting for almost a year to find out the release date for the second season of the romantic drama, which stars Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda "Mel" Monroe, a midwife and nurse practitioner from Los Angeles who moves to a beautiful but remote Northern California town after a series of traumatic heartbreaks.
Good Morning Britain's Kate Garraway's husband Derek Draper has reportedly become the longest surviving patient in the UK to battle coronavirus.Derek, 53, has spent a total of 185 days in hospital, in and out of intensive care after being hospitalised on March 28.Since being hospitalised, Derek is said to have been making "slow" progress after being woken from his coma in July.He has been in a state of "minimum consciousness" since being brought round.

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