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Brits could be forced to leave windows filthy for months due to drought - dailystar.co.uk - Britain
Brits could be forced to leave windows filthy for months due to drought
drought conditions get any worse.And people are also being urged by boffins to stop flushing their toilets when they go for a wee in a bid to save water.Five water firms now have hosepipe bans in place amid the worst drought in more than a decade. READ MORE: Met Office issues severe thunderstorm warning to follow 35C heatwave But experts have warned these may not go far enough – and could soon be extended to outlaw washing windows and maintaining swimming pools.Southeast England is at the most risk after months of almost no rain.It’s one of eight parts of the UK officially in drought – which could soon be upgraded to "severe drought" if conditions do not improve.But scientists claim that without heavier than normal winter rainfall, the whole country faces water use restrictions lasting into the new year.Liz Stephens, associate professor of meteorology at Reading University, said: “We are very concerned over what the next few months will hold.“If we get below average rainfall in autumn and winter, we would be in a very serious situation by spring.”Despite stormy conditions expected this week, forecasters have warned there will not be enough rain to make a significant different.She added: “If this weather persists, we will need a winter far wetter than average to recover.”Climate experts have also warned us to save flushes for number twos amid the worst drought in more than a decade.Oxford academic Dr Lisa Schipper urged Brits to think twice before flushing their loos.The environmental scientist tweeted: “Everyone must rethink their water use, experts say…but where is the phrase I’ve been waiting to hear?“Yellow let it mellow; brown flush it down.”Meanwhile Tory MP Sir Robert Goodwill suggested flushing toilets with
David Jason - John Sullivan - Only Fools and Horses episode banned from TV because it revealed dark side of Del Boy - dailystar.co.uk
Only Fools and Horses episode banned from TV because it revealed dark side of Del Boy
Only Fools and Horses was banned from TV for almost 20 years because it showed loveable rogue Del Boy Trotter as a cruel and nasty bully. A Royal Flush was originally broadcast at Christmas in 1986 and featured “Plonker” Rodney (Nicholas Lyndhurst) becoming friends with the daughter of a duke.His cheeky older brother Del (Sir David Jason) tries - and fails - to help him make the right impression when they mingle with high society. READ MORE: Only Fools mega-fan gets David Jason's autograph tattooed on arm after he signed it The show was only finished just hours before broadcast and contained no audience laughter.And after it aired, creator John Sullivan said he “hated it” as certain scenes were too dark and made the nation’s much loved Del Boy look totally out of character.In a scene at a posh dinner at a manor house, he cruelly belittles Rodders in front of the guests.And when they go to the opera, he upsets audience members by getting in their way and threatens one man angrily “I am gonna come down there and smack you in the eye.”Sullivan ruled that A Royal Flush should never be repeated.It was not until 2005 that he allowed it to be released on DVD but only after major editing.Audience laughter was added to soften harsher moments and other scenes were cut completely.Editor Chris Wadsworth tells Channel 5 documentary Secrets and Scandals of Only Fools and Horses airing tomorrow (friday): “It’s quite a cruel dark episode.