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Weather map turns blood red as UK preparing for 'hottest summer ever' in 4-week scorcher - dailystar.co.uk - Britain
Weather map turns blood red as UK preparing for 'hottest summer ever' in 4-week scorcher
Forecasters are predicting the mercury to smash through the 40C barrier for the first-ever time, with highs of 41C expected in some parts of the country.Weather maps are turning blood red in anticipation of some extreme heat as an even greater heatwave is set to land on our doorsteps. READ NEXT: Love Island's Summer wows as she goes topless for outdoor shower in front of boysNetweather meteorologist Nick Finnis said: “The GFS numerical weather prediction model has been churning out some eyebrow-raising temperature charts over the weekend – one deterministic run on Saturday forecasting record-breaking heat for England on July 16, with temperatures reaching 41C inland across southern England and East Anglia.”Finnis expects temperatures to rise through this week as high pressure builds from the Azores, although north-western parts could experience rain and showers over the next few days.The Weather Outlook forecaster Brian Glaze also revealed the UK could experience some extreme heat.He said: “The mid-30s are expected, but 35C or higher would not be a surprise (this month). To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here. “With parts of southern Europe experiencing extreme heat during the early part of the summer, there is the potential for the UK to import some of that if the pressure blocks across Europe and the North Atlantic fall into the right places.”The Met Office say it will turn warmer from today (July 6) and although they haven’t put a figure on what temperatures thermometers will reach, they do predict a spell of hot weather.A spokesman said: “We may see very warm or hot temperatures, especially across the south, and high pressure may extend across the UK.
Record-breaking temperatures may hit UK this month with scorching highs of 41C predicted - dailystar.co.uk - Britain - county Southampton - city Cambridge - county Oxford
Record-breaking temperatures may hit UK this month with scorching highs of 41C predicted
weather forecasters predicted parts of the country could hit 41C.The highest-ever temperature the UK has ever recorded is 38.7C, which occurred on July 25, 2019 in Cambridge, but this sizzling figure could be beaten several times over the next couple of weeks if meteorologists’ charts are accurate.It promises to be a week of pleasant sunshine this week, but another heatwave is beckoning the week after, with Bristol speculated to reach the 40C mark on July 14, at 6pm, while London could even reach 41C a couple of days later.READ MORE: Brits cigarettes could be 'laced with poo' after black market spike sees cheap fakes sold The Weather Outlook’s forecast model also predicts balmy temperatures of 39C and 38C in Oxford and Southampton respectively, in what experts are claiming is an “astonishing forecast”. Brian Gaze, founder of The Weather Outlook, did throw a caveat into the mix when saying that predictions can change many times right up until the events occur.He told the Daily Express: “These computer models showing possible scenarios are run by forecasting centres hundreds of times a day.“We can’t be specific when we are looking more than a week ahead, but, at the top end, some of these models have shown extremely hot conditions of up to 41C degrees. To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here. “It’s certainly the first time that I’ve seen a computer model show 40C degrees in the UK.”Severe weather from southern Europe has brought about a rise in temperatures over the past few weeks and Gaze said: “The weather has been extremely hotter than usual in southern Europe, even by their standards – and some of that could be coming forward to the UK.”The Met Office forecast
Brit drinkers left gagging for a pint as UK pub numbers hit record low - dailystar.co.uk - Britain
Brit drinkers left gagging for a pint as UK pub numbers hit record low
pub goers are going to have to spend more time searching for the perfect pint after it was revealed that there are 7,000 less pubs than 10 years ago.And the number of boozers has dropped below 40,000 in England and Wales, too, at just 39,970.According to a new study from real estate advisers Altus Group, most of the more recently closures have been blamed on Covid or the cost of living crisis coupled with eye-watering energy costs.READ MORE: New hangover pill to 'rapidly break down booze' goes on sale in the UK todayIn the next few months of 2021, 200 pubs closed in England and Wales, while the West Midlands saw the biggest drop of 28 closures in half a year.London and the East of England both lost 24 pubs each.Emma McClarkin, chief executive of the British Beer and Pub Association, said: “When pubs are forced to close it’s a huge loss to the local community, and these numbers paint a devastating picture of how pubs are being lost in villages, towns and cities across the country.“As a sector we have just weathered the hardest two years on memory, and we now face the challenge of extreme rising costs, with only one in three hospitality businesses currently profitable.“It’s essential that we receive relief to ease these pressures or we really do risk losing more pubs year on year.”In 2020, according to ONS data, there were 58 pubs per 100,000 people in the UK.Regionally, there was some variation, but the South West had 75 pubs per 100,000 people, while London had 40.However, this has no led to higher unemployment in the sector.According to the Government, there was an increase in employment in pubs by 1% from 2001 to 2018.The data also shows employment in small pubs (employing fewer than 10 people) has fallen by 41%,
Richard Branson - Neil Armstrong - Mind-blowing holidays of the future – from underwater hotels to a weekend on the Moon - dailystar.co.uk
Mind-blowing holidays of the future – from underwater hotels to a weekend on the Moon
Holidaymakers are returning to ports and airports as travel restrictions are eased, and the travel business slowly returns to its old routes.But tourists won’t always be satisfied with the same old destinations - where will the holidays of the future take us?There are already hotels under the sea, there’s talk of nuclear-powered hotels that will cruise the skies 24/7 and maybe even one day a hotel on the Moon.READ MORE: Giant nuclear-powered 'flying hotel' with gym and swimming pool to carry 5,000 passengersMark Smith, head of business development at Simplexity Travel, said: “As the world shrinks and long-haul travel experiences become the norm, holidaymakers are going to want more unusual experiences, with extreme tourism set to grow”.There’s nothing more extreme than holidays in space, and the first space tourists have already undertaken brief orbital flights - and soon we could go further.“Whether one day we will build a hotel off the moon, which is something that I’ve always dreamed of, or whether we’ll leave that to my children to do, we’ll have to see,” says Richard Branson.The dream of a Moon hotel predates the first Moon landing.In 1969, shortly before Neil Armstrong first set foot on the lunar surface, hotel entrepreneur Conrad Hilton said: “I firmly believe that we are going to have hotels in outer space, perhaps even soon enough for me to officiate at the formal opening of the first."Hotelier Robert Bigelow promised in 2017 that the would have an inflatable Moon hotel operational by 2022. We’re still waiting.Patron Moon, a nuclear-powered lunar resort was announced in late 2019.
Raging bride wants to dump three bridesmaids after they drop out of her hen do - dailystar.co.uk - Britain
Raging bride wants to dump three bridesmaids after they drop out of her hen do
Wedding planning can be extremely stressful for couples. But luckily for the bride and groom, a stag/hen do will be the perfect way to let off some steam.Now one woman has revealed she's frustrated by three of her six bridesmaids after they bailed on her final night of freedom. READ MORE: 'Britain's most hated woman' plans to charge guests £3k to attend £40k wedding And to top it all off, one of them won't even give a reason for her absence.The woman is now considering "demoting" the three bridesmaids back down to regular guests as they won't be there for her. In a Mumsnet post, she said: "I have 6 bridesmaids and have just found out that 3 of them aren't coming to my hen do."One reason is they don't drink (but they are okay in drinking situations), another because of the money (yet they go away 3 to 4 times a year and are a blood relative)."And the other one hasn't given a reason but I've known her for 20 odd years, and she is going away for another wedding abroad the following month."Am I unreasonable for being annoyed? Would you demote bridesmaids for not being there for you or am I overreacting?"Commentators didn't know how to advise the bride, as some said her bridesmaids were being "shabby" by dropping out.One said: "If they've been up for it and booked it and then cancelled that is a bit unfair of them, but it's still within their rights."Another added: "I think this is very shabby of them.
Horny seagulls will become crazed ‘acid heads’ - causing summer hell for Brits - dailystar.co.uk - Britain
Horny seagulls will become crazed ‘acid heads’ - causing summer hell for Brits
seagulls will make this summer hell.Brits and holidaymakers are being warned they will be terrorised by swarms of the monster birds – high as kites after gorging on billions of flying ants.Experts say the pests could lose all inhibitions and become ‘acid heads’ as the insects contain formic acid that makes them act out of their minds.READ MORE: Extremely rare two-headed snake stuns serpent wrangler in strange discoveryA spokesman for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds warned about the looming ant plague: “Seagulls are mad for them – they are like M&Ms to them.“The gulls go wherever they are.”A spokeswoman from the Society of Biology added the ants’ formic acid can cause gulls to “appear drunk or stoned” and make them even bolder.As well as making the gulls hungry and horny, ingesting the insects is also said to make gulls increase dive-bombing attacks and refuse to fly away from the humans they leave in a flap.The phenomenon of flying ant swarms up to 50 miles wide invading the UK in hot weather has been dubbed ‘Flying Ant Day’.Their swarms have grown so large they are being spotted from space.It usually happens in July or August amid a sustained stretch of hot, still and humid weather.Infestations can be focused on seaside towns where gulls are already despised for dive bombing to snatch food and attack kids, pets and pensioners.READ NEXT: Young mum shot dead in 'execution-style' murder as she pushed pram down busy street Babysitter and cop 'sexually assaulted' 12-year-old girl and took naked photos of her Man breaks his neck after being thrown into back of police van without seatbelts Woman killed driving Uber Eats car may have 'solved her own murder' with final photo Teenage swimmers make sickening
Tiktok - Woman drops from size 22 to 6 in just a year with extreme weight loss transformation - dailystar.co.uk
Woman drops from size 22 to 6 in just a year with extreme weight loss transformation
weight loss transformation after she went from a size 22 to a size 6 – in just a year.Kerri Okane decided to get a gastric sleeve to aid her in shedding the pounds and now only has 15% of her stomach left due to the procedure.The 22-year-old, who is a student nurse, was “depressed” and “overweight” at 22 stone 1lb so opted to do something about it.READ MORE: Woman enjoys gut-busting cheat meal before getting 80% of stomach removedShe has now built up a TikTok following of 73,000 who have followed her journey to health.And, people have certainly been impressed that she managed to lose 14 stone in just 12 months.In a clip that has racked up 483,000 views, Kerri has shown in a series of pictures how much she has changed since her gastric sleeve.She expressed: “If 21-year-old me could see 22-year-old me.”The student first shared a selfie from before she went under the knife – and it appeared that she had been crying.Kerri then shared a couple of snaps of herself as she leant on a kitchen counter when she had a fuller figure.But a year on, the super-slimmer looks totally different after dropping eight dress sizes.Kerri now sports a smaller figure and accentuates it by wearing more revealing clothing instead of covering it up.Get all the biggest Lifestyle news straight to your inbox. Sign up for the free Daily Star Hot Topics newsletterShe has also changed her appearance by opting for a more glam makeup look instead of rocking her bare skin and has gone for a more edgy hairstyle.In awe at the transformation, many people fled to the comments to praise Kerri for her efforts and shared that they felt ‘motivated’ by her journey.One person commented: “You give me so much motivation.”Another user added: “I was not ready for that!!