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Adults say more than 1,000 negative things about their appearance each year, study finds - dailystar.co.uk
Adults say more than 1,000 negative things about their appearance each year, study finds
Brits will make more than 1,000 negative comments about themselves annually – but wouldn't dream of saying the same things about other people.A study of 2,000 Brits found that one in five (21%) are their own biggest critics, frequently putting themselves down about things like their hair, their skin, and their weight.Other common areas Brits criticise about themselves include their teeth, stomach, and legs – but 27% wouldn’t dream of saying some of the things they say about themselves to others.Women are more likely than men to say or think negative things about themselves – doing so four times a day, or 1,460 times a year, while men will do so three times a day, or 1,095 times annually.The research, commissioned by Tu Clothing, also found one in four (26%) have become more negative about their appearance as they’ve got older.It emerged that when deciding what to wear, adults contemplate an average of five outfits before committing – with feeling too fat or old, and not liking arms or legs being on display, among the top reasons for feeling uncomfortable.As a result, those polled like to play it safe, with black being the most confidence-inducing colour to wear.This was followed by blue and grey – while only 19% feel comfortable in orange, and 21% are happy wearing yellow.But 21% wish they could channel their childhood freedom to chuck on what feels good.Actress and TV presenter Zoe Hardman, who is working with Tu to encourage people to “dress for joy”, said: “With summer now upon us, many of us fear getting body parts out that are hidden the rest of the year – including stomachs, thighs, and upper arms.“This summer, I want everyone to tap into their inner child and adopt a carefree attitude when it comes to getting
Freddie Flintoff - Andrew Flintoff - Freddie Flintoff's drunken antics and wild behaviour that got him banned from game - dailystar.co.uk - county Preston
Freddie Flintoff's drunken antics and wild behaviour that got him banned from game
Freddie Flintoff’s Field of Dreams will see the cricket star-turned presenter attempting to prove that anyone can play cricket.In one of his toughest challenges yet, Freddie will be taking a group of reluctant teens from his hometown in Preston and hopes to make them into a competitive cricket team.While Freddie will attempt to become a role model for the teens, he’s not always been on his best behaviour himself.The Top Gear presenter has had some infamous drunken antics in his time and received several warnings for his wild behaviour.As he hopes to inspire young people to play cricket, here’s a look back at a few of the wildest moments from his younger days.In 2007 a wild drunken escapade lost Freddie his position of vice-captain of the England cricket team and got him handed a one-match ban.Flintoff had been on an eight-hour boozing session with his teammates after they lost their first match in the Cricket World Cup.The intoxicated Freddie proceeded to steal a pedalo and had to be rescued at sea after it capsized off the beach near his team’s hotel.After the incident, Freddie said he was “extremely sorry”, but it wasn’t the first time that he’d been warned about his behaviour.A statement from the England and Wales Cricket Board said: "Andrew Flintoff has been given warnings about his conduct and discipline for previous incidents of this nature.“In light of this and due to the serious nature of the incident in which he was involved at the hotel on Friday night we have decided to take further disciplinary action against him.“Andrew has been made fully aware of the team management's concerns and the fact the ECB considers this type of behaviour to be totally unacceptable."The World Cup pedalo incident wasn’t the first
Simon Cowell - Lauren Silverman - Simon Cowell 'broke pact' with Sinitta as star declares she 'wanted to be with him' - dailystar.co.uk
Simon Cowell 'broke pact' with Sinitta as star declares she 'wanted to be with him'
Simon Cowell's close pal Sinitta has confessed that she had hoped for a future with the X Factor legend.While Sinita has moved past her dreams of a relationship with the music mogul, ahead of his blossoming romance with wife-to-be Lauren Silverman, she thought they'd end up together.READ MORE: Simon Cowell feared he'd be castrated during terrifying America's Got Talent stunt Speaking to Daily Mail, the 58-year-old said she thought the pair had an understanding and envisioned a future with Simon 10 years ago - just before he started dating Lauren in 2013. She told the publication: "It was about 10 years ago and yeah, I was still wanting to be with him then, yes," before adding that she felt the romance was "on and off".Sinitta added that she thought there was an unspoken understanding, which she has now called a "misunderstanding on my part".However, it looks like she's not holding any grudges, with the star adding that it was "upsetting" but "that's life".She also reflected on when Simon and Lauren first became public knowledge after her pregnancy announcement.The star said: "Obviously it wasn't my happiest moment because I wanted to be with him, but I got over it and we've all lived happily… well we've all lived to tell the tale."Simon and Sinitta were linked from 1983 onwards and spent 30 years in an on-again off-again romance.
Richard Branson - Neil Armstrong - Mind-blowing holidays of the future – from underwater hotels to a weekend on the Moon - dailystar.co.uk
Mind-blowing holidays of the future – from underwater hotels to a weekend on the Moon
Holidaymakers are returning to ports and airports as travel restrictions are eased, and the travel business slowly returns to its old routes.But tourists won’t always be satisfied with the same old destinations - where will the holidays of the future take us?There are already hotels under the sea, there’s talk of nuclear-powered hotels that will cruise the skies 24/7 and maybe even one day a hotel on the Moon.READ MORE: Giant nuclear-powered 'flying hotel' with gym and swimming pool to carry 5,000 passengersMark Smith, head of business development at Simplexity Travel, said: “As the world shrinks and long-haul travel experiences become the norm, holidaymakers are going to want more unusual experiences, with extreme tourism set to grow”.There’s nothing more extreme than holidays in space, and the first space tourists have already undertaken brief orbital flights - and soon we could go further.“Whether one day we will build a hotel off the moon, which is something that I’ve always dreamed of, or whether we’ll leave that to my children to do, we’ll have to see,” says Richard Branson.The dream of a Moon hotel predates the first Moon landing.In 1969, shortly before Neil Armstrong first set foot on the lunar surface, hotel entrepreneur Conrad Hilton said: “I firmly believe that we are going to have hotels in outer space, perhaps even soon enough for me to officiate at the formal opening of the first."Hotelier Robert Bigelow promised in 2017 that the would have an inflatable Moon hotel operational by 2022. We’re still waiting.Patron Moon, a nuclear-powered lunar resort was announced in late 2019.
Cooper - Rust - Here’s What’s New on Netflix in July 2022 - thewrap.com - Netflix
Here’s What’s New on Netflix in July 2022
July 1“Stranger Things 4:” Volume 2 (Netflix Series)“A Call to Spy”“Big Daddy”“Blue Jasmine”“Boogie Nights”“Catch Me If You Can”“Deliverance”“Falls Around Her”“Final Score”“GoodFellas”“I Am Legend”“Insidious”“LOL”“Mean Girls”“Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous”“Natural Born Killers”“Old School”“Police Academy”“Semi-Pro”“Seven”“Snatch”“The Dark Knight Rises”“The Dirty Dozen”“The Pursuit of Happyness”“The Talented Mr. Ripley”“The Terminal”“Vampires”“Wyatt Earp”“Zero Dark Thirty”July 3“Blair Witch” (2016)July 4“Leave No Trace”July 6“Control Z:” Season 3 (Netflix Series)“Girl in the Picture” (Netflix Documentary)“Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between” (Netflix Film)“King of Stonks” (Netflix Series)“Uncle from Another World” (Netflix Anime)July 7“The Flash:” Season 8“Karma’s World:” Season 3 (Netflix Family)“VINLAND SAGA:” Season 1July 8“Boo, Bitch” (Netflix Series)“Capitani:” Season 2 (Netflix Series)“Dangerous Liaisons” (Netflix Film)“How To Build a Sex Room” (Netflix Series)“Incantation” (Netflix Film)“Jewel” (Netflix Film)“The Longest Night” (Netflix Series)“Ranveer vs Wild with Bear Grylls” (Netflix Film)“The Sea Beast” (Netflix Film)July 10“12 Strong”July 11“For Jojo” (Netflix Film)“Valley of the Dead” (Netflix Film)July 12“Bill Burr: Live at Red Rocks” (Netflix Comedy)“How to Change Your Mind” (Netflix Documentary)“My Daughter’s Killer” (Netflix Documentary)July 13“Big Timber:” Season 2 (Netflix Series)“D.B.
Fitness influencer shares trick to make booty bigger – without having to train - dailystar.co.uk
Fitness influencer shares trick to make booty bigger – without having to train
READ MORE: Superfit gran, 63, shares workout as she brags she couldn't do this in her 40sNow she's revealed her tips to not only increase your bum, but to make your waist look smaller too.She said: "I can use the lighting and even my pose to make my butt the size I want."Contracting your belly and lifting your butt is one of the fundamental tricks to trick a photo."The influencer learned these tricks at the beginning of her fitness routine.She added: "I wanted to fool myself into wanting faster results, but I learned the fitness life is worth more to maintain my health."Michele said the goal is not for people to do tricks for their photos, but to follow a healthy routine to get their dream bod."I want to show you the internet is nothing perfect and the best thing you can do is to take care of your health," she continued.Michele teaches back-to-back poses, as she says your face must be turned to the camera with your muscles contracted.Then she makes sure the camera is positioned in a specific way for the money shot.But Michele states that "social networks are not real, even if people are using photography tricks".She concluded: "To have success in fitness and to build a bigger rounder butt naturally you need to put in the work."You need to stay dedicated, focused and consistent with your workout regimen and healthy eating."On the bright side, there are definitely posing and lighting tricks that can help motivate you along the way!"We must enjoy the process and the fitness journey on good and bad days."Want all the biggest Lifestyle news straight to your inbox? Sign up for our free Daily Star Hot Topics newsletterREAD NEXT:
Alison Hammond - Richard Madeley - Alison Hammond caught commenting on David Gandy's 'a***' in awkward This Morning slip - dailystar.co.uk
Alison Hammond caught commenting on David Gandy's 'a***' in awkward This Morning slip
Alison Hammond was clearly dreaming about David Gandy's bottom as she accidentally slipped up when speaking to the star about his modelling career.David appeared on Friday's episode to discuss his time in the limelight which was kicked off after he was discovered on This Morning at the age of 21.The budding model had been entered into a competition with the ITV show by his mother, who claimed people had always told her David was good looking and so she signed him up.READ NEXT: Dancing on Ice's Connor Ball fears permanent leg damage after horrific ITV show injuriesAfter facing stiff competition with a gorgeous line-up David was announced the winner by the former show's host and TV veteran Richard Madeley.After looking at clip of David on the programme all those years ago, Alison gushed: "You looked so young."But it all started here, what's it like to be back 21-years later?"David responded: "It's such a nice place and it's where it all started."This did give me the opportunity as was a great story as well because with models normally they walk into model agencies or get seen on the street but this is a great story to tell from This Morning."Interjecting, Alison chimed in: "It's lovely when we all see you, we always say 'a***'."Hoping no one had noticed, she quickly covered up her blunder, correcting: "Or our baby."Both Dermott and David remained quiet as Alison moved the programme on swiftly to avoid her slip of the tongue being picked up.But one eagle-eyed Twitter user confirmed what many had been wondering, writing: "#thismorning Did Alison just say she always thought about David Gandy’s a***?"With another online fan adding: "I thought this too lol."This Morning airs weekdays on ITV from 10amREAD NEXT:
Gabriel Jesus - David Beckham - Neymar and Gabriel Jesus' matching tattoos - story behind poignant inkings - dailystar.co.uk - Brazil - city Amsterdam
Neymar and Gabriel Jesus' matching tattoos - story behind poignant inkings
Footballers and tattoos are a classic pairing, with a wealth of huge names sporting famous ink over the years.David Beckham's art was legendary, while little maestro Lionel Messi has them all over his arms.Zlatan Ibrahimovic has them on his torso and Bobby Firmino famously has them on his neck.Sergio Ramos has adorned his back with images of lions and dreamcatchers. Toby Alderweireld has the XXX of Amsterdam and Becks the names of his wife and children.Daniele de Rossi hilariously had had a stick man being slide-tackled in a warning triangle and Thierry Henry has his daughter’s face and the Empire State Building down his left arm.With so many tats popping up in the beautiful game, it’s often more striking when players don’t have any - think Ronaldo and Salah.One type of tattoo that does stand out, however, is when two players have matching tats, especially when they don’t play for the same club.Such a pairing can be spotted in the modern game, with two Brazil teammates rocking the same ink.Neymar and Gabriel Jesus have both shown off their matching inkings, posing for a picture together back in December of 2015.The harmonised artworks show a young kid in a backwards baseball cap facing away from the viewer and with a football under his right arm.His feet are bare as he stands on what appears to be the top of a penalty area.