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Phil Mitchell - queen Vic - Kat Slater - EastEnders Hayley return 'sealed' as Alfie's 'secret woman revealed' after Kat reunion -
EastEnders Hayley return 'sealed' as Alfie's 'secret woman revealed' after Kat reunion
EastEnders fans are convinced Alfie Moon is hiding a secret lover as he vows to win back ex Kat Slater.Alfie turned up on the soap this week just hours before Kat was set to wed Phil Mitchell, ultimately ruining their wedding and stirring up trouble between the pair.On tonight’s episode, as Alfie spent the day with Kat and their kids before vowing to hit the road, he returned and planted a surprise kiss on Kat, vowing to win her back before she ties the know with Phil.READ MORE:EastEnders Big Mo star's life - Famous brother, life saved by co-star and stripping offBut fans are convinced Alfie is hiding a big secret after a mysterious phone call led viewers to believe he has a secret lover.Alfie was seen informing a mystery person on the other end of the line of his decision to stay put in Walford.The unidentified caller relayed a message to him from this mystery woman, and he told the caller to tell this person that he ‘loves’ her.Fans immediately began theorizing about who the woman is, believing Alfie is likely up to his old tricks, or even hiding another child. “Oh Alfie, now is that another woman, or a little daughter I wonder?*! #Eastenders ” “Bloody hell Alfie’s got a secret love hasn’t he of course has! Stay clear Kat!!”Others believed he was still in a relationship with Hayler Slater, the mother of his daughter Cherry.“I bet you Alfie is still with Hayley,” predicted one viewer.
Phil Mitchell - Peggy Mitchell - Billy Mitchell - EastEnders new Mitchell family stars as BBC soap airs throwback episode set in 1979 - - county Windsor
EastEnders new Mitchell family stars as BBC soap airs throwback episode set in 1979
EastEnders has aired a special throwback episode after Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) finally discovered who DCI Keeble (Alison Newman) wanted him to inform on.Viewers were sent back to 1979 during Monday's (September 5) special instalment and more information about the Mitchell family aired as they are hit by “economic turmoil”.A young Peggy Mitchell was the head of the household, trying to keep everyone in check as she struggled to maintain her marriage to her abusive husband Eric Mitchell.READ MORE: EastEnders fans emotional as they bid farewell to Dana ahead of university stintThe episode also showed characters that have never been seen before, including Eric and Billy Mitchell’s older brother Charlie.Before the credits rolled, fans were informed that Eric killed DCI Keeble's father but she believes Billy is responsible.Therefore she wanted Phil to inform on his cousin, but will he go against one of his own?Daily Star has taken a look at the new stars who played the Mitchell family 40 years ago.Jaime previously played Dame Barbara Windsor in BBC’s biopic Babs and she is set to play the actress’ iconic character.She said that at the time it was “a real honour” to be asked to play Peggy and said that her journey with Barbara “hadn’t really finished”.The actress revealed: “When we shot BabsI got to work with her very closely and became great friends with her.
Phil Mitchell - Shane Richie - Chris Clenshaw - EastEnders Shane Richie says Alfie was initially Peggy's love interest but plot was axed -
EastEnders Shane Richie says Alfie was initially Peggy's love interest but plot was axed
EastEnders actor Shane Richie has revealed the iconic Kat and Alfie romance almost never happened.The soap star, 58, has played cheeky chap Alfie Moon on and off since 2002 and it was confirmed last month that he would be returning to the beloved role.The last time viewers saw Alfie, he had been revealed as the father of Kat's cousin Hayley Slater's baby after they had a brief affair.READ MORE: EastEnders' Jake Wood shares advice he's given co-star James Bye ahead of Strictly debutDespite Alfie trying his best to win Kat back, she couldn't move on and he eventually ended up on the bad side of Phil Mitchell after stealing money from him, forcing a speedy exit from Albert Square.Alfie's return coincides with Kat's upcoming nuptials to Phil, leaving fans to wonder whether there is any hope for a reunion between the iconic duo.Kat and Alfie's tumultuous relationship has spanned nearly two decades and they cemented themselves as one of the most iconic pairings a long time ago.But in an exclusive chat with Daily Star and other publications, Shane revealed that producers had a different vision for how Alife's love life would pan out.He said: "When I turned up 20 years ago, they were going to recreate 'The Graduate' story with Alfie and Peggy."The former I'm A Celebrity star added: "And then off-camera, me and Jessie [Wallace] were having a right laugh and the writers saw this chemistry, and so that relationship purely happened by accident."And now 20 years later after all the things that have happened between Kat and Alfie, there's still a spark there."Speaking about his return as the iconic character, Shane admitted that he was on tour when he got the call from EastEnders' executive producer Chris Clenshaw who explained he
Phil Mitchell - Peggy Mitchell - Grant Mitchell - Jayne Mansfield - Anna Karen - Eastenders - Anna Karen leaves over £400,000 to EastEnders co-star after her death in tragic house fire - express
Anna Karen leaves over £400,000 to EastEnders co-star after her death in tragic house fire
EastEnders, has left the majority of her fortune to Sophie Lawrence, it has been claimed.Sophie, 50, played Diane Butcher in the BBC soap and was a regular from 1988 to 1991.The late star – whose real name was Ann Duggan – also appeared in EastEnders between 1996 and 2017, playing Aunt Sal, sister of Peggy Mitchell, played by Barbara Windsor.Her character, who was the aunt of Grant and Phil Mitchell, was usually seen turning up at family weddings and parties.Anna was also known for her role as Olive in the 70s comedy, On The Buses.In probate records obtained by MailOnline, Anna is said to have left £427,197, to her former co-star, adding she would receive 65 per cent of the late soap star's estate.Anna's will left a further fifth of the residuary of her estate to her stepdaughter Gloria Gill, the daughter of her actor husband Terry Duggan, who died in 2008.Another eighth was left to four other friends or relatives and the final 2.5 per cent was left to the Actors' Benevolent Fund.Earlier this year, Anna died in a house fire started by a cigarette, according to reports.Following her death, her family told the same publication: "We are absolutely horrified at the news about Anna."A spokesperson for London Fire Brigade confirmed the death in a statement released at the time.It read: "Sadly, a woman has died following a house fire on Windsor Road in Ilford."They added: "Part of the ground floor of a mid-terrace house was damaged by fire.Sadly a woman was pronounced dead at the scene.The Brigade was called at 2240 and the fire was under control by 2338.Three fire engines and around 20 firefighters from Ilford and Barking fire stations attended the incident.The cause of the fire is under investigation."Jayne Mansfield stuns in
Phil Mitchell - Sam Mitchell - EastEnders Ben future 'exposed' by fans - set-up, romance rekindled and court battle - - county Lewis
EastEnders Ben future 'exposed' by fans - set-up, romance rekindled and court battle
EastEnders tonight (August 18).Ben recently opened up to father Phil Mitchell about being raped by Lewis - with Phil's sister Sam later kidnapping Lewis in scenes that aired earlier this week.Phil and Sam take him to a warehouse in tonight's episode, but when Lewis pulls a gun out on the siblings, things taken an even more sinister turn.READ NEXT: EastEnders fans all say same thing about kidnap scenes as Lewis death teasedWith Ben's arrival, could Ben take the gun and turn it on Lewis? Or will Phil be stitched up for Lewis' potential murder?Here, Daily Star takes a closer look at the fan theories about Ben Mitchell.EastEnders viewers recently saw Sam Mitchell return to Albert Square, with the secret intention of bringing down the Mitchell family.After Sam kidnapped Lewis following Ben's heart to heart with Phil, some fans took to social media as they shared their concerns for Phil.Some think that Sam might stitch Phil up if Lewis is murdered, with one saying: "I'm surprised that Phil didn't suspect Sam of her plans or her other motives.""Is Sam trying to stitch Phil with Lewis?," asked another, while a third added: "Phil isn't convinced by Sam's plan"Although Phil might not be convinced by Sam's plan, when the situation turns deadly between the characters in the warehouse, could Phil snap and kill Lewis - leading Phil to go back to prison?A fourth fan said: "Phil, you roaring like a lion to take revenge on Lewis."However, other viewers think that Phil will not attack Lewis and will instead let him go so that he faces justice at the hands of the law, with one saying: "He'll let Lewis go because he admitted to what he did to Ben that night."Although Ben pulls the gun on Lewis, fans are hoping that he does not kill Lewis -