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Paul Maccartney - Johnny Depp - Natalie Portman - Amber Heard - My Valentine - ‘Shameful!’ Paul McCartney splits Glastonbury fans as Johnny Depp appears in headline set - express
‘Shameful!’ Paul McCartney splits Glastonbury fans as Johnny Depp appears in headline set
Sir Paul McCartney played a clip of Johnny Depp from an old music video as he headlined Glastonbury last night.The Beatles legend included footage of the Pirates of the Caribbean actor using sign language on the screen behind him as he sang My Valentine.Sir Paul, 80, took to the famous Pyramid Stage to perform in front of thousands at Glastonbury last night, making history as the oldest solo star to take on the headline slot at the festival. However, when actor Johnny, 59, who recently won his defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard, 36, appeared on-screen behind him, it divided the opinions of fans. In the 2012 music video for My Valentine, Johnny was featured alongside actress Natalie Portman, 41.The simple clip showed Natalie lip syncing to the music while Johnny strummed an acoustic guitar.This video was streamed on the big screens at Worthy Farm as well as on the BBC, and as soon as images of the actor appeared on stage, cheers erupted from the crowd.Sir Paul did not directly address Johnny’s defamation case against Amber, but viewers at home had plenty to say about his decision to include a video of the actor in his set. Taking to Twitter, fans voiced their differing opinions on the video, with some praising the decision.Amena tweeted: “#PaulMcCartney played a video of #JohnnyDepp during his set tonight headlining at Glastonbury thank you #JOHNNYDEPPWINS.”Purple_Fae wrote: “Happy  Birthday Sir Paul, hope it was a blessed and wonderful day and thank you for supporting fellow survivor Johnny Depp.”Sophie commented: “Aaah I love 'My Valentine' and I'm glad gorgeous Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman are being shown on the screens from the video!”John Baird penned: “A mediocre day at Glastonbury until Paul
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George Harrison’s widow Olivia writes poetry book dedicated to late Beatle
George Harrison‘s widow Olivia has written a book of poetry dedicated to her late husband.The collection, titled Came The Lightening, contains 20 poems that Olivia penned to George following his death in 2001.The work is set for publication on June 21 via Genesis Publications and is available to pre-order here.In a statement about the work, Olivia said: “Here on the shore, 20 years later, my message in a bottle has reached dry land. Words about our life, his death but mostly love and our journey to the end.”According to a statement from Genesis Publications, the poems will explore “the intimacy and emotional connection” of the Harrisons’ relationship, as well as “delve into the phenomenon of losing a partner and the passage of time”. The collection will also contain some never-before-seen images of the couple.My book of 20 poems for George, in the 20th year of his passing, will be released on June 21st. ☀ I hope you enjoy these personal stories, recollections and reflections. Olivia Harrison Pre-order here –— George Harrison (@GeorgeHarrison) April 21, 2022Martin Scorsese, who directed a wide-ranging documentary about George called Living in the Material World and who has written the introduction to the book, said: “Olivia evokes the most fleeting gestures and instants, plucked from the flow of time and memory and felt through her choice of words and the overall rhythm.“She might have done an oral history or a memoir.
Paul Maccartney - Taylor Hawkins - Paul McCartney pays emotional tribute to Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins after 'sudden death' - express
Paul McCartney pays emotional tribute to Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins after 'sudden death'
Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney paid tribute to Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins today after the musician sadly died last week.Sir Paul described the 50-year-old’s death as “a shock” and said the star would be “sorely missed”.Sir Paul, 79, took to Twitter today to address his 4.2 million followers, sharing a picture of himself standing next to the late musician.He wrote: “Taylor’s sudden death came as a shock to me and the people who knew and loved him.“Not only was he a GREAT drummer but his personality was big and shiny and will be sorely missed by all who were lucky to live and work alongside him.Continuing as part of a Twitter thread, he penned: “I was asked by the Foo Fighters to play on one of their tracks.“It turned out that they wanted me to play drums! - on one of Taylor’s songs.“This request came from a group with TWO amazing drummers!” the prolific songwriter shared.“It was an incredible session and cemented my relationship with Taylor and the guys.“Later they asked if I would induct them into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.“I sang with them on Get Back.Taylor provided a powerhouse drum part. I’ll never forget that night.“All of which made it much more of a desperately sad shock to hear he had died.“So thanks Taylor for sharing some glorious minutes with me.“You were a true Rock and Roll hero and will always remain in my heart.
Paul Maccartney - Piers Morgan - Michael Jackson - Paul McCartney 'annoyed' at phone call from 'groupie' that was actually Michael Jackson - express - Britain
Paul McCartney 'annoyed' at phone call from 'groupie' that was actually Michael Jackson
Sir Paul McCartney has told how he thought a "girl fan" had got hold of his phone number but was surprised to learn it was superstar Michael Jackson.The singer, 79, said he didn't recognise the softly spoken voice on the other end of the phone and became annoyed, thinking that it was a "groupie" who had managed to get his number.In an interview with Daily Star, the British hitmaker spoke of his shock at learning who he was speaking to.Paul recalled: "Somebody rang me up, and this high voice I didn’t recognise said, ‘Hi, Paul.'"I thought, ‘This is a girl fan, and how the hell did she get my number?’ I was quite annoyed," he admitted.The former Beatles member revealed who was actually on the other end of the phone.He explained: "Then the voice said, ‘It’s Michael,’ and suddenly it dawned on me."It wasn’t a girl, it was Michael Jackson, and he basically said, ‘Do you want to make some hits?’"Following the phone call, the duo went on to work together to write the 1983 hit, Say Say Say.The song became Jackon's best performing Hot 100 chart single and led the list for six weeks in December 1983.Elsewhere, former Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan opened up about a time that The Beatles star had called him up to scold him.Speaking on The Brett Lee podcast last month, spoke about having a scary phone call with Paul after meeting him for a few drinks earlier in his career.Piers said: “I was walking to the pub in Canary Wharf. We had a story on page 7 (in The Sun) about Paul McCartney.“He had a new girlfriend at the time called Heather Mills.
Peter Jackson - Peter Jackson would’ve “lost it” with The Beatles if he had filmed ‘Let It Be’ doc -
Peter Jackson would’ve “lost it” with The Beatles if he had filmed ‘Let It Be’ doc
The Beatles if he had filmed the Let It Be documentary himself.The Get Back director reflected on the “incredible” footage he inherited from Michael Lindsay-Hogg, who produced the 1970 documentary of the 1969 ‘Let It Be’ recording sessions.“The poor guy was herding cats the whole time and I was just feeling so many times that I would have lost it!” Jackson said at a Q&A as part of the IMAX release of The Beatles: Get Back – The Rooftop Concert, according to Metro.“I mean as much as I love the Beatles, I would have raised my voice at them a couple of times and read them the riot act because they would have driven me crazy, and Michael’s just so calm.”He added of his respect for Lindsay Hogg: “I particularly enjoy seeing Michael twitch and squirm when things aren’t going quite his way; as a director I can sympathise with that and find it kind of funny.“Some of my favourite bits in the rushes and the outtakes were Michael’s stuff because I don’t play in a band – I can love the Beatles and watch the Beatles like anyone – but crucially the person I was really relating to was Michael.” In a five-star review of The Beatles: Get Back, NME wrote: “After decades of old, tired stories getting respun, retold and republished, Jackson’s work offers a fresh look at pop’s greatest group.”
Peter Jackson - ‘The Beatles: Get Back’ rooftop concert is coming to streaming services - - London
‘The Beatles: Get Back’ rooftop concert is coming to streaming services
The Beatles‘ legendary 1969 rooftop show is set to arrive on streaming services tomorrow (January 28).The unannounced gig took place on top of Apple Corps’ headquarters on Savile Row in London, marking the Fab Four’s final public performance of their career.Peter Jackson’s recent documentary The Beatles: Get Back includes footage of the concert, with limited IMAX screenings of the show scheduled for this Sunday (January 30).Today (January 27) it’s been announced that ‘The Beatles: Get Back – The Rooftop Performance’ will land on Spotify, Apple Music and other major streaming platforms tomorrow (January 28) at 5am GMT via Apple Corps Ltd/Capitol/UMe.Per a press release, the complete audio for The Beatles’ rooftop performance has been mixed in stereo and Dolby Atmos for the very first time by Giles Martin and Sam Okel.You can pre-save the live album here now, and see the official teaser clip above and artwork below.This Sunday (January 30) marks the 53rd anniversary of the iconic show. Following the upcoming screenings, Peter Jackson will take part in a special Q&A session which will be broadcast simultaneously to all participating IMAX cinemas.“I’m thrilled that the rooftop concert from The Beatles: Get Back is going to be experienced in IMAX, on that huge screen,” Jackson said in a statement.“It’s The Beatles’ last concert, and it’s the absolute perfect way to see and hear it.” The Beatles: Get Back – The Rooftop Concert will get a global theatrical release from February 11-13.