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Barbiecore is the hot pink look of summer thanks to Margot Robbie
Greta Gerwig’s in-progress film, “Barbie,” being bleach blond and rocking hot pink ensembles is no longer limited to the iconic Mattel doll.Plenty of Barbie girls, inspired by the movie’s star, Margot Robbie, and her parade of pretty pink outfits, have taken over TikTok, bringing the Barbiecore trend to life.The hashtag #Barbiecore has more than 7 million views on TikTok and, according to Google Trends data, interest in Barbie has spiked to new heights as fans wait for the live-action movie, set to be released next year.But it’s Robbie’s uncanny resemblance to the original blond Barbie that has hordes of people — and celebrities — thinking pink.Photos of the 31-year-old Australian babe riding in a pink corvette and rollerblading at Venice Beach — with Robbie fashioned in all pink, of course — had fans reeling on TikTok, where the hashtag #MargotRobbieBarbie racked up 4.2 million views in a matter of days.“I just wanna say that seeing these paparazzi photos of the filming of ‘Barbie’ makesme wanna see this movie so freakin’ bad,” TikToker Kirbie Johnson gushed in a clip with over 325,000 views.And it’s not just women clamoring for Barbie, everyone’s favorite childhood toy who celebrated her 60th anniversary in 2019. Marvel’s “Shang-Chi” star, Simu Liu, signed onto the film after his agent called the “Barbie” script one of the best he’d ever read and convinced him to audition for a role.“He literally said this verbatim,” Liu told GQ UK.
Billy Porter - Ron Funches - Jane Fonda - Tom Brady - Harry Hamlin - Sara Gilbert - Lily Tomlin - Rita Moreno - Sally Field - Guy Fieri - Jimmy O.Yang - Glynn Turman - Kyle Marvin - Guy Fieri to co-star in Tom Brady comedy with legendary leading ladies -
Guy Fieri to co-star in Tom Brady comedy with legendary leading ladies
the Hollywood Reporter, but Porter’s role is still being kept under wraps.The NFL player, 44, is at the helm of the movie, as he is starring in as well as producing the flick.The project, which has finished filming, also features legendary actresses Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno and Sally Field.The plot is inspired by a true story and follows four besties and New England Patriots fans (played by Tomlin, Fonda, Moreno and Field), who take a trip to the 2017 Super Bowl to see their favorite quarterback.The production is directed by Kyle Marvin, who co-wrote with Michael Covino the script that’s based on a draft by “Booksmart“ writers Emily Halpern and Sarah Haskins.Brady announced the casting of Porter, 52, and Fieri on Thursday, hilariously tweeting, “Did someone say road trip?” and tagged both men.The football star added a GIF of the restaurateur riding in a red convertible with: “So that’s it for this Flavortown road trip!”Did someone say road trip? @GuyFieri @theebillyporter the mayor of Flavortown and the Tony Award winner retweeted the fun news.Other cast members attached to star in “80 for Brady” include Sara Gilbert, Sally Kirkland, Glynn Turman, Bob Balaban, Ron Funches, Jimmy O.
Matt Stone - Marisa Tomei - Trey Parker - Inside legendary cult director Lloyd Kaufman’s Manhattan mutant manor -
Inside legendary cult director Lloyd Kaufman’s Manhattan mutant manor
The king of micro-budget shlock-horror has surprisingly classy digs.In stark contrast to his career championing gross-out exploitation films, Lloyd Kaufman has spent the past 33 years calling a demurely decorated Upper East Side townhouse his home.The 76-year-old is best known for producing and distributing over 1,000 sex- and gore-heavy movies on pocket change through his film company, Troma Entertainment. But at the end of the work day he goes home to the Yorkville townhouse he and his wife Pat raised their three grown daughters in.The four-story brownstone is filled with antique wooden furniture and 19th-century millwork accentuated by fine art acquired on the couples’ travels — rich digs for the sovereign saint of comedic limb loss and noxious waste.Kaufman’s credentials include directing the 1984 cult classic “The Toxic Avenger” (one of Marisa Tomei’s first acting credits), putting Trey Parker and Matt Stone on the map by distributing their 1993 comedy “Cannibal! The Musical” and setting the record for most squibs ever used in a single movie (1988’s “Troma’s War”).While inexplicable to many, Troma’s brand of excessive violence, political incorrectness, enormous breasts and slapstick superheroes has proved enduring, and today the company claims to be the world’s longest continually running independent film company.“The fans are our secret sauce,” Kaufman told The Post, noting that despite years of notoriety this is the first time he has shown off his home in the press.
Alan Cumming - Rolling Stone - Movie star chimp Tonka found alive after owner faked death to avoid PETA seizure - - Florida - state Missouri
Movie star chimp Tonka found alive after owner faked death to avoid PETA seizure
appeared in the film “Buddy” with actor Alan Cumming was found alive last week after his former owner faked his death to avoid having him confiscated by PETA, according to Rolling Stone.Tonka’s owner, Tonia Haddix, had previously claimed that he had passed away from heart failure and that she cremated him in a fire pit, the outlet reported.She fabricated the story after PETA sounded the alarm about dire conditions at her Missouri animal sanctuary and demanded its closure, according to the report.The facility eventually went defunct, but Haddix claimed Tonka was no more.PETA didn’t buy her story and joined Cumming in offering a $20,000 for information leading to Tonka’s shrouded whereabouts.“During the months we filmed together, baby Tonka and I became good friends, playing and grooming each other and just generally larking about,” Cumming said in an April statement.The aging primate was eventually located in a small room on a property owned by Haddix, who conceded that she had lied about his death, Rolling Stone said.Tonka, 38, has now been placed in a sprawling Florida sanctuary, PETA said this week.Cumming was elated by his old pal’s new lease on life.“I’m dancing a jig that PETA has rescued Tonka from the woman who locked him away alone in a basement and lied about it,” he said, according to PETA. “The thought of Tonka being able to wander free and happy at Save the Chimps’ lush, spacious sanctuary for the rest of his life has me singing a happy song.”Haddix told Rolling Stone that she expects legal consequences.“I’m sure that there’ll be some jail time in this,” she said.
Carey Mulligan - Bradley Cooper - Leonard Bernstein - Bradley Cooper blasted for fake nose in Netflix Leonard Bernstein film ‘Maestro’ - - Russia - Netflix
Bradley Cooper blasted for fake nose in Netflix Leonard Bernstein film ‘Maestro’
Netflix biopic that was released on Monday.“Who the f–k made the conscious decision to say ‘oh yes, we’ll put a prosthetic nose on a non-jewish man to play a jewish person, brilliant idea, definitely not anti-semitic or a damaging stereotype in any way,” one user wrote on Twitter.Chief Television Critic for The Hollywood Reporter Daniel Fienberg called the actor’s latex-heavy look “problematic” in a post on social media. “My question, ‘How many pounds of latex would it take to make Bradley Cooper into an elderly Jewish man?’ was supposed to be rhetorical,” Fienberg wrote.Another Twitter user wondered, “Or you could…hire an old Jewish actor…instead of slapping on a prosthetic nose? this some antisemitic bulls–t that he’ll win an Oscar for.”Bernstein, who was born to Russian Jewish immigrants, is best known for his work on “West Side Story.” “Maestro” follows Bernstein’s life up until his death at 72 years old in 1990 when the conductor died from a heart attack caused by progressive lung failure.Fienberg also called out the movie creators for their choice in casting Carey Mulligan as Bernstein’s first wife, saying: “My critiquing of Bradley Cooper converting to Latex Judaism caused me to fail to even notice Carey Mulligan as Leonard Bernstein’s first wife, who was Chilean-Jewish.
Karen Gillan - Chris Hemsworth - Chris Pratt - Russell Crowe - Natalie Portman - Jane Foster - Unrecognizable Christian Bale shocks fans in new ‘Thor’ film -
Unrecognizable Christian Bale shocks fans in new ‘Thor’ film
Bale is crossing over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the latest installment, playing the villain this time.On-screen, he portrays Gorr the God Butcher, who seeks to destroy all gods, going head-to-head with hero Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth.Hemsworth, 38, promised fans the movie “is gonna blow your mind” in a clip posted to Instagram – and true to his word, it didn’t disappoint.The film trailer showed a chilling first look at Bale, whose character appears bloodied and scarred. The sneak peek bewildered fans who described his look as unrecognizable, comparing him to Marylin Manson and Voldemort from the “Harry Potter” series.“Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher looking like the cover for some heavy metal album,” wrote one Twitter user.“I didn’t even recognize him,” tweeted another.In the trailer, Bale as Gorr emerges from what looks like a shadowy forrest before cutting to various scenes of fighting between Gorr and other heroes, as well as Thor reuniting with ex-girlfriend Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman.“You are not like the other gods I’ve killed,” Gorr says to heroes Thor and Valkyrie, played by Tess Thompson, as they duke it out on screen.Within two hours of the latest teaser debuting on Monday via the official Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel, it had already garnered more than two million views.