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Williams - Queen sees her role ‘reduced’ as Palace aides downplay significance of schedule change -
Queen sees her role ‘reduced’ as Palace aides downplay significance of schedule change
Queen has had the number of duties she must fulfil reduced during Buckingham Palace's annual review.Royal Family insiders have played down the significance of the lighter workload for the 96-year-old monarch, with her son and heir to the throne Prince Charles set to stand in for her during some of the more demanding responsibilities.The State Opening of Parliament, meanwhile, has been completely removed from the royal schedule and she will no longer carry out State Visits.READ MORE: Queen 'surprised' by Meghan and Harry's Lilibet name choice, socialite claimsIt is believed the Queen's duties have not been amended for at least a decade but a palace source argued it was not a "drastic change".As Head of State, the Queen's constitutional duties, written out in a 13-point list, included the State Opening of Parliament, the appointment of Prime Minister and paying and receiving State Visits.These responsibilities have now been diminished with the Queen's role more vaguely said to encompass "a range of parliamentary and diplomatic duties".She will also only receive other visiting heads of state.To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.The Queen will only fulfil her Head of Nation duties, meanwhile, "where appropriate or necessary".Again, her role in that respect is now a more generalised one of inspiring "unity and national identity" and "continuity and stability", while recognising the "achievement and success" of others and ensuring "support of service" from volunteers to the military and emergency services.Of the six key events in the royal calendar previously listed, the State Opening has been removed, having been jointly attended by the 73-year-old Prince of Wales
Meghan Markle - Andrew Morton - Darren Macgrady - Williams - Queen's 'stunning' response when child asked her if she believed in Santa - - Britain - Santa
Queen's 'stunning' response when child asked her if she believed in Santa
Queen once gave a very diplomatic answer when she was asked whether she believed in Father Christmas.Resurfaced footage from a 1989 reception for The Commonwealth at the Royal Albert Hall shows Her Majesty chatting with children from all over the world in a special session.The kids can be seen wearing national dress from each of their home countries, and take it in turns to ask the Queen, then 63, about life as Britain's ruling monarch.READ MORE: Meghan Markle's bullying report would be 'bloodbath' for all, says expertSingling out the tough Santa question as one of his favourite royal moments, royal biographer Andrew Morton told Pod Save the Queen: "I just love her dry sense of humour and she was once asked by a little boy 'Do you believe in Father Christmas?' "The Queen, ever the consummate diplomat, said 'I'd like to think that I believe in Father Christmas', and to me, that is a clever answer from someone who does crossword puzzles!" Other intriguing questions were put to the monarch in the 1980s clip included "Do you like being the Queen?" to which she replied: "It's a very busy life."She is then interrupted by another child who asks: "How big is your palace?", and she responds: "My palace is quite large, it has very long corridors to walk down it, especially if one is late!"When asked if her crown is "very heavy", Her Majesty says: "It's quite heavy, yes, you don't really want to walk around in it!"While she entertained her young guests with some good answers about Buckingham Palace on this occasion, it is said the monarch has few fond feelings for her official residence.Former royal chef to the Queen, Darren McGrady, 60, spoke out on the Queen's alleged dislike for the London-based property and said that the
Windsor Castle - Queen unveils trendy new look at 96 and dramatically ditches her walking stick - - county Cross - Netflix
Queen unveils trendy new look at 96 and dramatically ditches her walking stick
Queen has proven that once again, she is a trendsetter this week.For the 96-year-old Monarch was seen with a new hairstyle.During a meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury on Tuesday (June 21) she appeared to have a classic hairstyle for women of a certain age – the perm.READ MORE: Netflix will force Harry and Meghan 'to explain booing' during Jubilee visit - expertAnd she was also seen without a walking aid of any kind, for the first time for many months.It was her first public appearance since her Platinum Jubilee celebrations which took place across four days at the beginning of the month.The meeting took place at Windsor Castle, where the Archbishop presented her with a special Canterbury Cross in recognition of her “unstinting service” to the Church of England for the 70 years she has bee on the throne.It also came with a citation, which said: “Throughout her reign, Her Majesty has duly upheld both the Christian religion and the Church of England in her roles as Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England.“Whether in the formality of opening sessions of General Synod or the more intimate context of her personal addresses to the nation and Commonwealth at Christmas, Her Majesty has made manifest her own deep faith and its relevance to all that she undertakes.“Her subtle understanding of the changing position of the Established Church in England has sustained and encouraged laity and clergy alike.“Her care for the unity of her people and the welfare of the least fortunate have been a constant inspiration to the whole Church.
prince Charles - Camilla - Judi James - Queen 'struggled not to be overcome by tears' when she saw Jubilee crowd, says expert - - Britain
Queen 'struggled not to be overcome by tears' when she saw Jubilee crowd, says expert
Queen was seconds away from bursting into tears as she waved at thousands of dedicated royal fans from her Buckingham Palace balcony, a body language expert says.Her Majesty appeared for three minutes to greet adoring Brits who had travelled to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee – and she is believed to have used “all her power” to stop herself from crying.The 96-year-old monarch was surrounded by close family including Prince Charles, Camilla and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as she celebrated a miraculous 70 years on the throne.She was seen “narrowing” her eyes and “sucked her lips” to avoid becoming upset in front of her nation, according to expert Judi James.James told the Daily Mail: “Forget some of the rare occasions when the Queen has been judged to be crying in the past, they have often involved nothing more than moist eyes which can be prompted by the cold weather or even age.“This balcony appearance produced more congruent signs that she might have been struggling not to be overcome by tears.“Her eyes narrowed, with a lifting of the under-eye and she sucked her lips in to suggest she was using all her will power to avoid breaking down in public for the first time in her life.”The huge royal celebrations to honour the UK’s longest serving monarch continued even after she announced she would be unable to attend the whole ceremony.And the Queen still gushed at how she was “humbled and deeply touched” be her passionate fanbase.Stay up to date with all the latest royal news from the Daily Star by signing up to one of our free newsletters here.Her heart-warming statement read: “'I have been inspired by the kindness, joy and kinship that has been so evident in recent days, and I hope this renewed sense of togetherness
Donald Trump - Fiona Bruce - Antiques Roadshow guest lost for words at valuation of Queen Elizabeth I signature - - county Hall - county Suffolk
Antiques Roadshow guest lost for words at valuation of Queen Elizabeth I signature
Antiques Roadshow valued a signed letter from Queen Elizabeth I at £35,000.During a recent episode of the BBC show, presenter Fiona Bruce took viewers and guests to Helmingham Hall in Suffolk, a Tudor manor house.Items examined included Donald Trump's vanity set, a rare World War One medal and a working fairground model.However, it was expert Clive Farahar who left one owner stunned when he valued a family heirloom – a document signed by the Tudor monarch, which gave its bearer the right to go out and seek sulphur.Farahar said: "We're very lucky, we have moved here into the courtyard of Helmingham Hall and the most appropriate one of the most famous Tudors, we have a lovely, quiet little document here, signed by Elizabeth the first herself."The guest said: "I think it was purchased or acquired by my great grandfather and handed down in the family to my mother, who is Elizabeth."She received it when she was fairly young," to which Farahar became curious as to why it was given to her mother."Because her birthday is the same date as this document was first signed, so it was given to her because it was the same birth date.To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here."Her name was Elizabeth, and her married name began with an R, and therefore she used to sign her name Elizabeth R."Farahar added: "As you can see, it is in pristine condition as a lot of these documents were, there on vellum, which is skin of course, and has been folded and tucked away."The writing is as bright as it would have ever been, including Elizabeth's signatures which is in a slightly different coloured brownish ink, but there it is, the most magnificent signature we have."Luckily, thank goodness you
Simon Cowell - Declan Donnelly - BGT's Simon Cowell sparks concern as he suggests the Queen may miss Royal Variety Show - - Britain
BGT's Simon Cowell sparks concern as he suggests the Queen may miss Royal Variety Show
Simon Cowell sparks concerns for the Queen as he hints Her Royal Highness may not be able to attend this year’s Royal Variety Show.During Sunday night’s (June 5) grand final of Britain’s Got Talent, the 62-year-old couldn’t help but get choked up as he gushed over this year’s impressive slew of contestants who gave it their all for one last time.After each stellar act, Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly struggled to get some fresh comments from the judges as the group continued to remain speechless at their impressive performances.But when the Geordie double act asked the dad-of-one to give his honest review of stand-up comic and impressionist artist Ben, the entrepreneur hinted that the monarch may not be able to attend this year’s performance.He told the talented performer: "Thank you, by the way, for reminding us - I know the money is important and the bragging rights of winning are important. "But actually this year more than any, anyone who gets the change to perform - please God it is the Queen [at the Royal Variety] - it's gonna be a huge big deal."And actually, I've got to tell you everyone's brought their A-game tonight [but] from when we first met you, your confidence has gone up." He continued: "Like you said, you've been on the road for 20 years, I think your bookings are gonna go through the roof - trust me, after this." It was at this point that fans rushed to Twitter to share their concerns for Her Royal Highness as many questioned his concerns for the Queen's health online.