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Bachelor Alum Lauren Burnham Reacts To Bizarre Claim She & Arie Luyendyk 'Have Separated'

Well, this is a weird situation…

Sometimes, the tip-offs you get from random people turn out to be correct, and a huge story breaks. Other times, the “tips” you get aren’t even worth the paper they’re printed on, and you end up looking not so smart. TMZ is feeling the latter half of that hypothetical right now after feeling out a supposed tip that Bachelor alums Lauren Burnham and Arie Luyendyk Jr. were on the outs!

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 Kylie Jenner  is letting fans in on how she winds down for the day, taking off all her makeup and changing into something more comfortable from her sister’s clothing line. The makeup and skincare mogul took to Instagram on Thursday night, posting some details about how she prepares for a good night’s sleep.
dog has left the internet in stitches after the animal’s owner posted a video of the pup’s fun new smiling trick to Reddit.Diego, the golden retriever, loves to smile so much he taught himself how to smile on command without his owner’s help.The cute dog was captured on camera looking lovingly at his owner before she asked Diego to smile and he responded by showing her his teeth.In the video, which was posted to sub-reddit r/aww, Diego responds to the command three times.

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