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Paul Reiser - Johnny Knoxville - Rachel Bloom - Michael Key - Judy Greer - Keegan Michael Key - Star studded Hulu comedy ‘Reboot’ is a clever showbiz parody: review -
Star studded Hulu comedy ‘Reboot’ is a clever showbiz parody: review
Keegan-Michael Key) who unsuccessfully pursued a film career after the show (but nobody appreciated his insights from having attended the Yale School of Drama); Bree Marie Larson (Judy Greer), who has a romantic past with Reed, followed up the sitcom with a stint on a terrible sci-fi show, then left Hollywood to marry the Duke of a small Nordic country; Clay Barber (Johnny Knoxville), who did some stints of stand up comedy after “Step Right Up,” in between getting arrested for disorderly conduct, and Zack (Calum Worthy), the show’s former child star who’s all grown up now and feels the need to prove it by driving a red sports car and telling his fellow cast members that although they’re back together for this show, “It’s different now, because we’ve all had sex.” Rachel Bloom (“Crazy Ex Girlfriend”) co-stars as Hannah, a writer pitching this reboot who wants to make an edgier version where the sitcom characters “don’t do the right thing anymore”, and Paul Reiser co-stars as Gordon, the original “Step Right Up” creator who wants the reboot to be more traditional. Naturally, this leads to some awkward clashing between Gordon and Hannah, as they have different creative approaches to this reboot project. Shows that attempt to be meta can sometimes get too inside baseball with showbiz references, but “Reboot” is clever and funny, for the most part.