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Davide Sanclimenti - Summer Botwe - Love Island viewers slam Davide for his 'upgrade' comment about Indiyah - - Italy - city Sanclimenti
Love Island viewers slam Davide for his 'upgrade' comment about Indiyah
Love Island fans have been left fuming after Davide Sanclimenti referred to Summer Botwe as an "upgrade" to Indiyah Polack.The Italian stallion's comment came as the boys were gathered around the firepit on Monday night (July 4) to discuss their openness about pursuing romance with the new girls while their current partners are in Casa Amor.Dami Hope has been happily coupled up with Indiyah but since she has been in the other villa he has grown close to new girl Summer Botwe. READ MORE: Love Island's Paige breaks down in tears in teaser trailer as Tasha kisses Billy His fellow Islanders have been encouraging him to get to know the new girl.Davide said: “From my personal point of view, you got upgraded.”He then continued: “Of course Indiyah is beautiful but—”Interrupting, Dami quickly reminded Davide that it wasn’t all about looks.He said: “It’s not about looks for me."I don’t think she can be compared, but we are here to see who we have bare connections with and I feel like, even Summer’s personality, I’m warming up to that.”Davide then encouraged her to give Summer a chance.Jacques O’Neill also weighed in and added: “You have to give her a chance mate."I haven’t had a chance with another girl in here so I’m going to be open to get to know them.”Dami said that he wants to 'test' his connection with Summer.He said: "I feel like right now, I might have a conversation with them and I want to kiss her, just to see if there’s actually something there."I know it’s crazy, but you’re either fully open, or you’re not.”As soon as the comments were made fans rushed to Twitter to show their annoyance at the boys for speaking poorly about Indiyah.One person wrote: “Davide saying Dami got an upgrade rubs me the WRONG way..
Airbnb has banned parties 'indefinitely' at its properties - - California
Airbnb has banned parties 'indefinitely' at its properties
READ MORE: 'I avoided beaches because my body wasn't perfect – but now I proudly wear bikinis' The company is making the move in order to keep people living close to Airbnb rentals as happy as possible, and not impacted by noise from partying holidaymakers.There have been countless cases of parties in Airbnbs going wrong, including a 2019 horror show when a one-day rental in Orinda, California, turned into a hundred-person party and a shooting that killed five."At Airbnb, we believe the neighbourhoods and communities in which we operate are as important as the Hosts and guests who use our service," a spokesperson for Airbnb said."We know that the overwhelming majority of our Hosts share their homes responsibly, just as the overwhelming majority of guests are responsible and treat their Airbnb listings and neighbourhoods as if they were their own."In turn, we focus on trying to deter the very rare cases of Hosts who do not operate responsibly, or guests who try to throw unauthorised parties."Before the decision hosts were allowed to decide whether they would authorise parties in their properties.Open invite bashes that were advertised on social media and full-time party houses that turned into neighbourhood nuisances were banned in 2019. At the same time the company launched a neighbourhood support line for people to directly complain about properties.
China to prosecute crimes 'before they happen' with scary 'Invisible Cage' tech - - New York - China
China to prosecute crimes 'before they happen' with scary 'Invisible Cage' tech
AI system will analyse all of the data gathered on China's citizens to try and spot patterns in their daily activity for potential wrong-doing or 'high-risk' behaviour.According to leaked documents obtained by the New York Times, the government will build profiles of citizens using information on their criminal records, gender, race, mental illnesses, Internet history, and 'social credit' using a database of over 2.5 billion facial images.READ NEXT: Wearable exoskeleton makes you so strong that you can cancel your gym membership foreverIf multiple 'high risk' people are found gathering in the same area, an automatic alert will be sent to police units to shut down any gathering or protest.According to the NYT, it can even alert police if someone with a history of mental health problems goes near a school.Maya Wang, a senior China researcher with Human Rights Watch, said: "This is an invisible cage of technology on society, the disproportionate brunt of it being felt by groups of people that are already severely discriminated against in Chinese society."Perhaps the scariest part of the system is that it isn't even operated by a human, but by a machine. Yin Qi, the creator of Chinese AI startup Megvii behind one of the projects, described his vision for a 'search engine for crime' several years ago that would let police prevent crime ahead of time.He said: "It would be scary if there were actually people watching behind the camera, but behind it is a system.