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Scots Harry Potter fans slammed for cramming station to see Hogwarts Express

Harry Potter fans have been slammed as 'idiotic' after scores of people crammed onto a railway platform to watch a train from the iconic film franchise pass by. The steam train, made famous by the blockbuster movie series, travelled from its winter base in Carnforth in Lancashire on Monday.

The 'Hogwarts Express' route had several stops at a number of Scots stations, including Dalmuir in West Dunbartonshire. The locomotive chuntered past the gathered Potter fanatics at around 5.45pm.But photos

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Nicola Sturgeon has slammed Scots still having house parties after cops were called out 300 times to deal with them last weekend. Strict lockdown rules introduced last week means no one should be hosting social gatherings inside their home.
The Daily Star's FREE newsletter is spectacular! Sign up today for the best stories straight to your inboxBoris Johnson has rejected calls to rethink the 10pm pub curfew, despite pleas from businesses and customer crowding after closing time.The measure was introduced earlier this month in a bid to curb the spread of the virus in boozers. However, scientists have since questioned how effective the curfew will prove – with some fears it may be doing more harm than good.

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