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Age gap fiancee, 23, insists she loves millionaire partner, 56, and is no gold digger - - city Newcastle
Age gap fiancee, 23, insists she loves millionaire partner, 56, and is no gold digger
love is completely genuine for a millionaire - who is twice her age.Blonde bombshell Allana Luke and 11-bedroom mansion owner Jeff Winn are both head over heels for each other, and are now even engaged.The age gap pair have been stuck together like glue ever since their second date in Marbella where the older fella treated the ex-travel agent to a pair of diamond earrings for her birthday.Showered with fancy gifts and a jet-setting lifestyle, some may think that the pair are not the real deal.Despite the naysayers, Allana wants the world to know that she is madly in love with Jeff.“There’s no denying Jeff looks much older than me, which can cause people to roll their eyes when they see us.“They automatically assume I am just another girl after his money.“I don’t blame them as it would be my first thought too."But I would still be with Jeff even if he lost the house and went bankrupt," Allana claimed.Only having been together two years after the couple met on Tinder, the babe has already been treated to a endless amounts of designer gear, luxury holiday destinations, a Rolex watch and an Audi TT to name a few.However, it wasn't always flashy cars and a globe trotting lifestyle for Allana.Before she moved into the 11-bedroom mansion with a full-time cleaner, estate manager, bartender and three gardeners - the stunner was living in a council flat.Allana is so confident in her relationship that she confessed she would be happy to sign a pre-nup before they tie the knot and so will not have the rights to the mega mansion (a former girls' school in Newcastle-upon-Tyne).Having met on Tinder, Allana had her eyes set on an older man and commented that she had always preferred someone who had a bit of age on her.“I decided to
Gemma Owen - Liam Llewellyn - Davide Sanclimenti - Luca Bish - Jay Younger - How old is Davide and what is his job as Love Island's Ekin-Su has head turned by Jay - - Italy - city Sanclimenti
How old is Davide and what is his job as Love Island's Ekin-Su has head turned by Jay
Davide Sanclimenti created quite the impression when he entered the villa as Love Island’s first bombshell of the season.The self-proclaimed “Italian stallion” was quick to capture the attention of the girls in the villa with his Italian charm.Within hours of arriving at the villa, Davide coupled up with Gemma Owen, who had previously been with Liam Llewellyn.But in the first recoupling of the series Davide coupled up with bombshell Ekin-Su as Gemma moved on with Luca Bish.Now it seems that it may be his turn to have his partner swiped by a bombshell, as it looks like Ekin-Su’s head has been turned by the arrival of Jay Younger.As the ladies' man’s confidence diminishes, here’s what we know about Davide Sanclimenti, including his age and job.Shortly after first appearing on the show, Davide caused controversy after his age was revealed to viewers.Davide became the oldest contestant on this year's show when he entered the villa.The Italian is 27 years old but fans were left unhappy when he kissed Gemma Owen during his first episode.Gemma is the youngest contestant at just 19 years old and many viewers felt that the age gap between Gemma and Davide was too big, with some even threatening to complain to Ofcom.But now Davide is no longer the oldest contestant on this year’s series of Love Island.Jay Younger, who entered the show as a bombshell on Tuesday, is 28 years old.The older Islanders are now battling it out for the heart of Ekin-Su, who is the same age as Davide.Davide is an entrepreneur and is self-employed after he launched his own business in 2021.Davide’s business is S Deluxe Shisha, a premium shisha service used by exclusive hospitality venues.Before owning his own business, Davide worked in finance.
Alex George - Merlin Griffiths - Millions of adults are cutting out alcohol to save money and be healthy -
Millions of adults are cutting out alcohol to save money and be healthy
Millions of adults are cutting out alcohol to save money and be healthy – inspired by the younger “Generation Sensible” who booze less.A study of 2,000 Brits found 38% are mindful when it comes to drinking, and a quarter have consciously cut down their intake in the past year.Health is the top reason for this new behaviour (32%), while 15% wanted to prevent waking up with gaps in their memory.A quarter cut back to avoid a hangover, and 14% felt being more mindful with their drinking would help them be fully present at events.But three in ten believe younger generations are leading the way when it comes to mindful drinking.The study was commissioned by Harrogate Spring Water, which has teamed up with Dr Alex George and TV celebrity bartender Merlin Griffiths, to launch Royal Ascot’s first low- and no-alcohol bar.Richard Hall, the brand’s managing director, said: “Our survey clearly shows how adults really are being more mindful about their alcohol intake post-lockdown, as they now focus on creating memories from their experiences.”Dr Alex George said: “Adopting a mindful approach with drinking is such a key way for us to look after ourselves, and also make the most of our experiences.“I find it so interesting that a sixth of those polled said not being fully present at an event in the past from drinking too much alcohol, had influenced them to now be more mindful with their intake.“With 26% of people noticing that by cutting down they have a better memory of their experiences, you don’t need much more of an incentive to give it a try.“I can’t wait for racegoers to come try out Merlin’s delicious mocktail and have the opportunity to drink mindfully throughout their day.”The study also found over a fifth (22%) have attended
Woman admits she buys size age 8 tops from boys' section to get 'perfect' look - - Britain
Woman admits she buys size age 8 tops from boys' section to get 'perfect' look
TikTok.But one of her most recent clips has made her go viral after she shared a nifty trick on how to get your hands on a baby tee (shows a little of the midriff) to master the popular look from 20 years ago.Instead of shopping in the ladies section, Gaby shared that she shops in the kids section - specifically boys clothing.In the clip that has racked up 238,000 views, the dark haired beauty donned some black cargo pants and a black GAP top that exposed a teeny bit of her tum.She explained: “My size UK 8/10 ladies looking for the perfect baby tee, I present to you…“The boys age 8 t-shirt.”You wouldn’t even know by looking at it!Gaby said that she skims through re-selling sites like Vinted to find the boys’ tops for cheap and even buys them for £2.“Honestly I just go for 'boys t shirt age 8' and look through the lot, GAP ones are really good and they’re super stretchy,” she noted.If you aren’t a size eight or 10 then going up or down in a size in boys clothing may help you get the look too.Stunned by the hack, many people fled to the comments to thank the fashionista for sharing her stylish money saving tip.One person commented: “I adore you thank you for being a girls girl and not gatekeeping.”Another user added: “I literally have an age 6-7 one from when I was that age and wear it as a crop top.”Whilst a third admitted: “Thanks babe I just bought one.”Someone else chuckled: “So you’re saying I can wear my nephews tops.”But this user questioned whether or not the hole for your head is wide enough to fit an adult sized head through.They questioned: “Isn’t the head hole too small.”However, as Gabby modelled the GAP tee with no issue, the hole size was no problem.Gabby clarified: “Sometimes you just have to feel like