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Vladimir Putin - Frenzied Russians ‘snap up nuclear shelters’ and ‘make urgent checks to Putin’s hideout’ - - Ukraine - Russia - city Moscow
Frenzied Russians ‘snap up nuclear shelters’ and ‘make urgent checks to Putin’s hideout’
Vladimir Putin will plunge the nation into nuclear war.Putin and Russia have warned the West that their interference in their conflict with Ukraine will result in the unleashing of weapons of mass destruction which would result in global chaos.As experts have urged the world to be prepared for the possibility of nuclear war, the Russian elite have created a way out for themselves in the form of top-secret bunkers being built.READ MORE: Russian 'zombie ghost tank' kept moving in circles after crew wiped out by UkraineRussia has a total of 16,448 nuclear bomb shelters, according to the country’s Accounts Chamber, which were mostly built during the Cold War in the 1960s.However, the chamber was dissatisfied with the quality of the bunkers after complaining six years ago that 95% of them not in a fit state for use, as well as the bunkers being illegally privatised.NTV channel recently highlighted the rush towards private bunkers for those who can afford them as it reported that: "20-to-30 bunkers are bought in Moscow each week, and the trend is increasing".A report described the bunkers as "black cubes wrapped in polyethylene, buried 12ft underground" but are able to sustain an "eight or nine" magnitude earthquake.To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.The report said: "Some customers are afraid that soon it will be hot.