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Betty, Khalid and Owain among names of storms revealed by Met Office to ravage Britain - - Britain - Ireland - Netherlands
Betty, Khalid and Owain among names of storms revealed by Met Office to ravage Britain
Met Office's annual Name Our Storms Campaign.Antoni, Betty and Cillian are the three lucky names after the weather service confirmed the choices.There was a selection of 21 names for the storms that was compiled from public submissions.READ MORE:UK facing brutal autumn full of ex-hurricanes in 'payback' for sun-soaked summerThe Met Office's Name Our Storms campaign has been running annually since 2015 as the campaign aims to raise public awareness about severe weather and how it could be dangerous and life threatening in some cases.Additional names for the 2022/23 storm season include the likes of Daisy, Glen, Khalid and Owain, which all came from email suggestions.Meanwhile, Betty was victorious in a public poll on Twitter, racking up more than 12,000 votes.Alongside the Met Office, the Met Eireann, the Irish equivalent of the Met Office and the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) helped compile the list of name suggestions.The names of Antoni, Hendrika, Johanna and Loes were selected by KNMI, in honour of famous Dutch scientists, while Met Eireann chose the names Cillian, Fleur, Ide and Nelly.To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.Will Lang, head of situational awareness at the Met Office, said: "Last year, Storms Arwen and Eunice brought some severe impacts and we know that naming storms helps to raise awareness and give the public the information they need to stay safe in times of severe weather."When a storm has the potential to cause road and rail closures, as well as power cuts, it will be named.A red warning of a storm is classed as when a risk to life is "very likely".READ NEXT:Double cyclone that 'looks like ET' set to hit UK next weekendD
Jon Randall - People are just realising why Wetherspoons have quirky carpets in each pub - - Britain
People are just realising why Wetherspoons have quirky carpets in each pub
Wetherspoons pubs are usually the go-to for a cheap meal with booze. Often when people go for a drink with their pals, they don't notice much about the decor at the place they're in.And in this case, there's a design feature which many people might not have spotted with Wetherspoons. READ MORE: 'Worst Wetherspoons in UK' has 'cremated food' and is like going 'back into the 1970s' In each pub, there's a carpet design which is unique and there's a reason for it.Speaking previously, Jon Randall, head of property development and acquisitions, said bosses think carefully about their carpets.He said: "We place particular emphasis on the design of our new pubs, investing heavily in every aspect."With more than 900 pubs, that is a lot of carpet."All of our new pub carpets are individually designed, some with details to reflect aspects of the building's history or local area."It is great to see some of our customers, who are obviously loyal fans, taking an active interest with this unusual online collection."Although most of us might not have noticed it, Kit Caless has spent some time compiling a list of as many of their rugs as possible.He set up a blog and asked people to send in their snaps.Kit said: "I read this book, Will Wiles, The Way Inn; in that novel, the main character visits the same hotel chain everywhere he goes."In each hotel, there's a piece of art outside the lift, and he figures out that the art all matches up into one big, massive art piece."He added: "I was reading that book while I was in a Wetherspoon pub in Canterbury."And when I finished it, I just looked down at the carpet and it was really complicated."I wondered whether the carpet matched another Wetherspoon one.
Maura Higgins - Laura Whitmore - Danica Taylor - Love Island fans fume over 'embarrassing' clips as Danica exits ITV2 show -
Love Island fans fume over 'embarrassing' clips as Danica exits ITV2 show
Love Island viewers have criticised spin-off show Aftersun for "embarrassing" former contestant Danica Taylor with a rejection montage on the latest episode of the show.During Sunday night’s live show, presenter Laura Whitmore welcomed recently dumped contestants Danica and Jamie to reflect on their time in the villa.But fans were stunned when the pair were shown a compilation of Danica being rejected by the likes of Davide, Jacques, Luca and Andrew, before Jay and Josh, with the clips edited into a spy movie-inspired video called Danica’s Mission Impossible.READ MORE: Love Island's Ekin-Su hailed 'next Maura Higgins' as brands 'line up' for bombshellThe male singletons were labelled as her targets, with the words “fail” stamped across clips of them turning down Danica’s advances.While Danica didn’t appear to be bothered by the clips and laughed along, fans on Twitter jumped to her defence.“Can they not show Danica’s actual best bits ? Like don’t embarrass her with the rejections it’s so unkind,” one commenter wrote.“‘That clip was NOT Danica’s best bits!! Rejection after rejection compilation is not someone’s BEST bits!!!’ blasted a third,” another tweet read, while one Twitter user added: “Not Aftersun bringing up Danica’s interviews.”Another commenter wrote: “Why are all of Danica‘s best bits her being pied off.”“Producers did Danica dirty,” one fan complained, while another remarked: “If I was Danica I would’ve screamed when watching that montage.”Eventually, however, she found a connection with Jamie, and the pair are enjoying continuing their romance on the ‘outside’.Ahead of the footage playing, presenter Laura Whitmore told the former islander: "You were a woman on a bit of a mission, take a look at this."Before