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Sean Tully - Eileen Grimshaw - Todd Grimshaw - Mary Taylor - George Shuttleworth - Corrie fans baffled as they raise new questions over Eileen's mystery 'house blunder' -
Corrie fans baffled as they raise new questions over Eileen's mystery 'house blunder'
Coronation Street fans were distracted after questioning the size of Eileen Grimshaw's house. Eileen (Sue Cleaver) currently lives in the house with her son Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce), partner George Shuttleworth (Tony Maudsley) along with friends Mary Taylor (Patti Clare) and Sean Tully (Antony Cotton).George's sister Glenda was introduced in Friday's episode (August 5) and during tonight's episode (August 10), she was spotted at number 11 alongside her brother and their pals.The house reportedly contains two bedrooms, a hall, a dining room, a kitchen and an outside toilet, therefore soap watchers are baffled at how many people it can fit.Sean's son Dylan stays whenever he visits and was present during Wednesday night's instalment which only added to their confusion."#Corrie How many people are living in Eileen’s house?," penned one.Another wrote: "How many bedrooms has Eileen got in her house #corrie.""Has Eileen’s house got a revolving door or something? #corrie" questioned a third as a someone else added: "how many people live in that house? hahahaha #corrie."Other users couldn't help but theorize that Eileen's house must feature the Tardis from BBC show Doctor Who, with one jokingly writing: "Eileen must own the Tardis with all her lodgers #Corrie."Eileen's house really is like the tardis, keep expecting Dr Who to waltz in next.
Jodie Prenger - George Shuttleworth - Coronation Street’s Glenda has ‘sinister motive’ as fans pluck holes in her arrival story -
Coronation Street’s Glenda has ‘sinister motive’ as fans pluck holes in her arrival story
Coronation Street viewers are sure that new arrival Glenda Shuttleworth is up to something sinister after her arrival on the cobbles.Played by Jodie Prenger, Glenda was introduced as the sister of funeral director George Shuttleworth on Friday (August 5) - and most fans took a liking to her immediately.Returned from a stint singing on a cruise ship, Glenda arrived at her brother’s doorstep with a crash - but some viewers have agreed she seems “too good to be true”.READ MORE: Coronation Street fans 'work out' major twist as Stu's horror past finally revealed Taking to Reddit, one eagle-eyed fan penned: “I like Jodie. I thought Glenda obviously saved the day, and handled Mrs Pugh exceptionally well, but I don’t recall George ever mentioning even having a sister, never mind saying anything about a sister singing on cruise ships.“When you work away from home on long but intermittent contracts like you do on cruise ships (and many other industries) you normally keep your home base available for your off-work times, so why has she turned up out of the blue on George’s doorstep?” they wondered.Before questioning: “Did she not have her own house? Did she have a house/ flat and it got repossessed or something? Did she rent it out for the duration and she can’t get rid of the tenants?“Was she living with George before she went to work on cruises? Are all her worldly possessions in that suitcase? All her stage outfits?”The social media user admitted they were desperate to know more about Glenda’s back story, concluding: “Currently, I’m not convinced her sudden arrival doesn’t have an ulterior motive.
Sean Tully - George Shuttleworth - Coronation Street’s Frank ‘rumbled’ as Aaron’s abuser as fans ‘work out’ DNA link -
Coronation Street’s Frank ‘rumbled’ as Aaron’s abuser as fans ‘work out’ DNA link
Coronation Street fans think they’ve finally rumbled the identity of Aaron’s abuser - a certain Frank Bardsley.Sean Tully’s boyfriend was exposed as a bully over the course of a few weeks, with funeral director George Shuttleworth recalling horrific incidents of abuse at his hands.But Frank took things a step further by yelling at Sean’s son Dylan, leading him to dump him right there and then on the doorstep. READ MORE: Coronation Street's Sean Tully star teases on-screen romance as new actor confirmed Meanwhile, Aaron has been showing up at Summer’s covered in bruises, claiming to have been mugged - but fans soon caught him on a suspicious phone call urgently reassuring the person on the other end of the line that he’d be home soon.Aaron’s chest and ribs were covered in bruising, with Summer frantic that he might have a broken rib and urging him to visit the hospital, but Aaron refused.It’s convinced viewers that he’s being abused by someone close to him - and plenty think it’s Sean’s ex-boyfriend.Taking to social media to air their theories, one fan penned: “I think it’s Frank who’s abusing Aaron cause since Sean split with him the abuse has got worse and I think Stu catches Frank.”Another added: “Maybe Stu’s daughter was married to Frank and Aaron is their son, and Frank abuses him.
Pat Phelan - George Shuttleworth - Pam - Coronation Street’s George ‘doesn’t really exist’ as fans predict Eileen imagined him -
Coronation Street’s George ‘doesn’t really exist’ as fans predict Eileen imagined him
Coronation Street fans could be onto the twist of the century, as they reckon they’ve uncovered a character who doesn’t really exist.Funeral director George Shuttleworth has had viewers scratching their heads over the last few weeks, as he finds every opportunity to avoid sleeping with his partner Eileen.He famously cooked up a story about having a very territorial cat - before forgetting the cat’s name and how his previous furry friend died.And it’s clear Eileen doesn’t believe him, as she has begun to suspect he could even have another woman on the side.With fans cooking up theories on everything from George being a bigamist to suffering from sleep apnea, one Reddit user seems to have found the biggest twist yet - that George is merely a figment of Eileen’s imagination.After a long relationship with serial killer Pat Phelan, it might not take much to push Eileen over the edge, and construct her ‘perfect man’ even if he’s all in her head.And in a twist worthy of a psychological Hollywood blockbuster, she could have simply dreamed George up as a way to cope.Taking to Reddit, one user suggested: “So… what do we think George’s deal is?“Why won’t he let Eileen come over? And/or why won’t he sleep at hers? Here are my possible predictions, based on Corrie lore and form…”They continued: “George is a figment of Eileen’s imagination and a lot of the street are just playing along.