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Jeremy Clarkson makes dig at Michaela Strachan's flight journey after climate change plea
Jeremy Clarkson, 62, had a few words to say about Michaela's trip from South Africa to the UK. The presenter has been living overseas since 2002 and flies from Cape Town to the UK to film the shows.For years, the 56-year-old has been an advocate for climate change and has urged the Government to get behind curbing the issue.During an episode of the show this week, Chris delivered a lecture about how moths had been affected by warmer weather.His words were picked up on by Jeremy, who shared his opinion in his latest column with The Sun.James Martin insists he has 'no interest' in marriage or kidsUnder the sub heading 'Plane stupid', he wrote: "Now that Sir Attenborough has finished his weekly lectures on climate change, the BBC global warming baton has been passed to Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan, who’ve spent the week in a wood, hosting Autumnwatch."On Thursday, Chris delivered a lecture about moths and how they are affected by warmer weather."And all I could think is how much cooler the planet would be if the producers didn’t have to fly Michaela to the wood from her home... in South Africa."It's not the first time Michaela has been criticised for her flight journey. Earlier this year, she hit back at viewers who said she couldn't claim to be green, when she flies from her home to the UK. Speaking to Platinum Magazine, she said: "People are so quick to point out people's negatives without supporting their positives."We've got solar panels [in our home], I don't drive an electric car because South Africa has an electricity crisis, but I have a Fiat 500 that's particularly good on fuel."I do not buy bottled water unless it's absolutely desperate, and I've been vegetarian since I was 18.Alex Scott unrecognisable in
Mum killed by great white shark was restaurant owner on holiday with daughter, five - - city Cape Town
Mum killed by great white shark was restaurant owner on holiday with daughter, five
great white shark was enjoying a holiday with her family who were on the beach when she was killed, it is believed.Restaurant owner Kimon Bisogno, 39, had taken a break from the pizza house she ran in Cape Town, South Africa, to visit a luxury resort with her daughter, Luna, five, and the "love-of-her-life" Diego Milesi, 40.Just before 8am yesterday (Sunday, September 25), Kimon was casually wading through the water at Plettenberg Bay when a beastly great white shark darted towards her under the cover of a wave.READ MORE: Woman mauled to death by great white shark on morning swim in shallow watersWitnesses said Kimon had only been waist-deep when the water around her suddenly “turned red” and a frenzied evacuation from the sea was launched by fellow screaming swimmers.The inshore craft from the National Sea Rescue Institute was launched and was quickly on the scene and found Kimon’s blood-soaked body floating in the surf about 50 yards out from where she was attacked.The instant attack was so brutal that nothing could be done to save the young mum as the lifeboat men pulled her badly bitten body onto a stretcher and returned to base.Her body was handed over to the police and forensic pathologists will carry out a post mortem and an inquest will be held and in the meantime her family have been offered trauma counselling.Normally great white shark victims quickly of blood loss when their arteries are severed by the razor-sharp teeth and many as a result suffer from heart attacks.It was the second death in the same idyllic resort in just three months and the third in 11 years and the beach was closed down and shark warning signs erected.Last night close friend Carmin Commins said on Facebook: “I have scrolled through your
prince Harry - Meghan Markle - Piers Morgan - Prince Harry - Serena Williams - Chris Ship - Royal Family - Piers Morgan reacts to Meghan Markle's fears after baby Archie's nursery caught fire - express - Britain - South Africa - city Cape Town
Piers Morgan reacts to Meghan Markle's fears after baby Archie's nursery caught fire
Piers Morgan took to Twitter today and addressed Meghan Markle's candid admission after she relived the shocking moment in her newly released podcast.The Duchess of Sussex described how the incident, which saw baby Archie's room catch fire, had left her "shaken" and "in tears".The TalkTV presenter has since taken to the micro-blogging and sparked critcism online as he reacted to the royal's candid anecdote.The former Good Morning Britain presenter suggested despite the heartwrenching incident "nobody was harmed".The 41-year-old discussed the moment with her friend and tennis star Serena Williams on Archetypes podcast which aired on Tuesday.Meghan explained she had been visiting Nyanga, a suburb of Cape Town, with Prince Harry in 2019.In view of his 7.9 million followers, Piers retweeted a post from ITV's royal correspondent Chris Ship's account, which read: "READ: Meghan Markle says Archie's room caught fire during her and Harry’s Royal Tour of South Africa and it left everyone in tears - and yet she still had to an official engagement that night which she said doesn’t 'make any sense'.Piers shared his thoughts on the Duchess of Sussex's tearful admission and wrote: "He wasn’t even in the room & nobody was harmed."Can you imagine the Queen whining about having to an engagement in this circumstance? Markle’s victimhood knows no bounds."But the broadcaster's remarks sparked some backlash online as social media user's reacted, as royal fans offered their support to the Sussexes.Twitter user, @BigSister penned: "She's recounting an anecdote. Give it a rest Piers."@Bumble wrote: "It's the thoughts of what could have happened that's upsetting."@Dandylione penned: "What an awful thing to happen.
Laura Whitmore - Paige Turley - Finn Tapp - Where is winter Love Island set in 2023 and when will it air? - - Britain - Manchester - South Africa - city Cape Town
Where is winter Love Island set in 2023 and when will it air?
Laura Whitmore will be roped in again to front the show, after being contracted to reveal the winner of the Majorca-based 2022 contest on Monday evening.This summer’s programme saw shock early departures from the villa, plenty of new bombshell arrivals, and the return of Casa Amor.The continued success of the hit reality series, which has been running in its current format since 2015, has convinced ITV producers to give two couples the chance to win £50,000 in cash next year.Here are all the details for when to expect another dose.Love Island will be set in South Africa during Britain’s colder months as another group of singletons look to find love in a swanky villa.It means avid watchers will be treated to two doses of Love Island next year, with the Majorca eight-week run also returning to screens in summer 2023.The winter series of the dating show has been rested for two years, having last been set in Cape Town in January-February 2020.Finn Tapp and Paige Turley won the debut winter series, with the pair still going strong together.Speaking upon the announcement in June of a 2023 double billing of Love Island, Paige and Finn said: "Love Island enabled us to find love with someone that without the show, our paths would never have crossed.“We both found everything that we’d asked for in a partner in each other and we now live together in Manchester (we've been here for almost two years).“We've got a new amazing group of friends and literally couldn't imagine life without each other.”Just like in 2020, the South Africa-set series is expected to air at the start of 2023.Being in the southern hemisphere means South Africa experiences its warmer temperatures while the UK is battling through its cold season.Cape Town in