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Sue Nicholls - Sarah Barlow - Stephen Reid - Coronation Street's Stephen 'exposed' as his wife arrives amid Audrey death theories -
Coronation Street's Stephen 'exposed' as his wife arrives amid Audrey death theories
Coronation Street's Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) gets caught in the act next week.Sarah Barlow (Tina O'Brien) tells her scheming uncle that she’s arranged a meeting with a couple of potential investors in upcoming scenes.However, Stephen’s shaken when his wife, Gabrielle, arrives on the street, telling him she wants the £200,000 euros back that he stole from her company or she’s going to the police.He lets himself into No.8 and taking out the trust fund papers, practises mum Audrey Robert’s (Sue Nicholls) signature.READ MORE: Corrie Sunita star's life - Emmerdale actor romance, Boy George link and two lovers ruleSuddenly Audrey appears, has she caught Stephen in the act? Corrie fans are convinced Stephen will murder his mother as theories circulate online about the shady character.Viewers have been suspicious of Stephen ever since he returned to Weatherfield earlier this year.Audrey has been going through a rough patch and even tried to take her own life by overdosing on pills.Stephen is in desperate need of cash and fans think he will go to dark measures to get what he wants.One viewer wrote on Reddit: "He finds out about Audrey trying to take her own life, and he still needs money so he kills her (or tries to) and tries to make it look like suicide.""Honestly I could see that happening," another person agreed.Someone else said: "This wouldn’t surprise me.
Sue Nicholls - Tyrone Dobbs - Vera Duckworth - Corrie Fiz star opens up on sweet Vera Duckworth tribute as wedding descends into chaos -
Corrie Fiz star opens up on sweet Vera Duckworth tribute as wedding descends into chaos
Coronation Street star Jennie McApline has revealed there's a sweet nod to soap legend Vera Duckworth on Fiz Stape's wedding day to Phill Whittaker (Jamie Kenna).Things don't go to plan on the lead up to the big day for the husband and wife to be.From Hope's bridesmaid dress getting covered in wine to Phill's ex Camila (Louise Marwood) turning up and the registrar cancelling on the morning of the ceremony, Fiz is wondered if her marriage to Phill is doomed before they even walk down the aisle.READ MORE: Corrie’s Sue Nicholls’ life was ‘saved’ by fan who spotted cancerous mole on skinTo makes even more difficult for the blushing bride, Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) tells Fiz exactly how he feels about her on the eve of the wedding.After confessing his love to his ex, Tyrone presents Fiz with a pair of Vera's (Elizabeth Dawn) vintage earrings.Opening up about the sweet gesture, actress Jennie told Daily Star and other press: "There's two nods to the past."There's the earrings and what I'm wearing."He gives her these earrings and we remember Vera for her kind of bright, big, colourful earrings but these are not one of those."These are gorgeous little pearly earring that Jack gave her once for an anniversary.Asked how Fiz reacts to Tyrone's thoughtful gift, the soap star joked: "She thinks it's gorgeous and wonders why he didn't give them to her years ago instead of running off with Alina."Jennie went on to reveal about filming Fiz's wedding scenes as the last time her character tied the knot it was to her murderer ex John Stape in prison.She said: "I'm not about all the fuss and messing about.
Sue Nicholls - Coronation Street fans work out Max's 'psycho' next move after secret identity twist -
Coronation Street fans work out Max's 'psycho' next move after secret identity twist
Coronation Street fans think they know what Max Turner is plotting after he found out that his friends had catfished him.His recent storyline in the ITV soap saw him send a nude Shona after he received a text asking for a glimpse at the ‘whole package’.He was preparing for their date at the time, but took a moment to send a snap and viewers saw him unbuttoning his shirt.READ MORE: Corrie’s Sue Nicholls’ life ‘saved’ by fan who spotted cancerous mole on skinMax and Shona later sat down for dinner together.However, a confused Shona told him that she had never received a text from him and hadn’t replied to any claimed to have been sent.The young couple put two and two together before realising that Max had been targeted by an evil prankster.Just minutes later, Max’s phone received a message from the blackmailer who gave him a choice: give them £1,000 or the naked picture is released.Fans of the show have been shaken by the unexpected storyline and have set about speculating on what could happen next.Some have guessed that he is being taunted by a group of friends he was recently seen conversing with.The gang admitted to being behind the cruel game after they quoted his text messages back to him and caused a fight to break out.During the punch up, Shona attempted to disband the violence but was accidentally hit in the face during the process.Max has a troubled past and avid viewers think they can predict what is going to happen next, with many taking to Twitter to share their thoughts.An invested fan wrote: “Yeah, Max is going to kill them at some point.”Another also speculated: “Oh dear, Max is going to become a psycho now!”One angrily tweeted: “I don’t like Max, but even I’d love it if he finished off these two
Audrey Roberts - Sue Nicholls - Jessie Wallace - Corrie’s Sue Nicholls’ life was ‘saved’ by fan who spotted cancerous mole on skin -
Corrie’s Sue Nicholls’ life was ‘saved’ by fan who spotted cancerous mole on skin
Coronation Street star Sue Nicholls had her life "saved" by a fan who spotted a cancerous mole on her skin.The star, who plays Audrey Roberts on the ITV cobbles, was diagnosed with malignant melanoma after a fan spotted a mysterious mole on her upper arm in one scene back in 2012.In one scene, Audrey and her old flame Lewis were getting closer, with Audrey rocking only a sleeveless nightgown with her bare arms on display.READ NEXT: EastEnders' Jessie Wallace slapped with warning by bosses after drunken arrestBut nurse Anna Bianconi-Moore spotted the worrying sign on her skin and got in touch with the programme to warn Sue to get it checked.It was a good job she did, as the life-long mole turned out to have developed into the most deadly form of skin cancer.She was referred to ITV’s medical team to have the mole measured, and when she returned months later she discovered it had grown, and was referred to a skin cancer specialist.Thankfully, the mole was removed by a plastic surgeon after Sue’s diagnosis thanks to Anna’s quick thinking.And in a sweet gesture, Sue met up with her on the cobbled Corrie set to thank her in person.Speaking to MailOnline about her discovery, Anna explained at the time: “I noticed [the mole] was irregular in shape and had at least three different colours. These are two of the red-flag signals that distinguish the most deadly form of skin cancer – malignant melanoma.“I was obviously incredibly worried for Sue, and felt I needed to do something.”Anna added: “I didn’t want to be perceived as a deranged fan but I felt a moral obligation.”Sue, meanwhile, told Metro: “It was so important to me to meet Anna, and thank her.
Frank Sinatra - Adam Barlow - Sue Nicholls - Carla Connor - Corrie Platt stars' real lives - career U-turn, goose attack and death of co-star husband - - Berlin
Corrie Platt stars' real lives - career U-turn, goose attack and death of co-star husband
Coronation Street, after husband Adam Barlow's ex-girlfriend Lydia told her that she and Adam were having an affair.Despite it being a lie, Sarah was rocked by the revelation and kicked Adam out of the house - leading to a tense confrontation between her husband and Lydia.Carla Connor tries to convince Sarah to not cut out Adam from her life - but will Sarah listen?Since joining the ITV soap, The Platt family, including Sarah, have been a part of some of the soap's biggest storylines - from murders to teenage pregnancies and tragic losses.The actors who play the Platts have also led interesting lives off-screen too.Audrey Roberts is a fan-favourite on the cobbles, after making her debut on the street in 1979.Since then she has been a part of huge storylines including the tragic death of husband Alf Roberts and working alongside her grandchildren at the hair salon.Audrey actress Sue Nicholls even appeared opposite her late husband Mark Eden on the cobbles in the 1980s, when he played Alan Bradley.However, Mark left the soap after the character was hit by a tram 1989.Sue and Mark had met at a friend's barbecue, and they later moved in together in 1984 and married in 1993, with Sue saying in an interview with the Mirror Online that they were "soulmates".Talking about their relationship in the interview, Sue said: "We’re not sweetness and light all the time – that would be horrendous.“But Mark is very romantic. He plays the piano, so we have a sing – possibly after a couple of glasses of wine."Mark serenades me with Frank Sinatra, George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, all those romantic numbers."Mark was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and was hospitalised in November 2020.