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Emmerdale's most disliked character unveiled - and the soap exit that had fans talking
Emmerdale, Coronation Street and EastEnders have had viewers hooked for decades - but do you know which soap character is disliked most by fans?A new survey by Bingo site Tombola analysed more than 109,668 tweets by viewers of three of the most watched UK soaps, to reveal which characters we have said goodbye to, who the public loved and disliked the most, as well as the most talked about soap exit.By analysing the positive vs negative sentiments of each tweet, the data has now revealed that Emmerdale icon Viv Hope has been revealed as the most disliked character across the three soaps.READ NEXT: EastEnders' iconic comebacks unveiled - from Dirty Den, Sean Slater and Kathy Beale More than 69% of tweets about Viv Hope, who died in a post office explosion in the dales in 2011, reportedly included negative sentiments.Tombola reported that "it seems her character and her exit wasn't best received."Closely behind Viv Hope was EastEnders Lucy Beale, whose exit and character received 63% of negative sentiment tweets.Despite this, her famous exit from Albert Square in the Who Killed Lucy Beale? storyline was the most talked about across the three soaps, with her exit mentioned most in viewer's tweets.Out of 18,760 tweets about the character, 495 referenced her exit storyline, with the total number of tweets making Lucy the most talked about character across EastEnders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale.Her exit also came just ahead of Peggy Mitchell's sad death, with more than 408 tweets referencing her exit from the soap.More than 6,201 tweets were also about Peggy, making her the fifth most talked about soap character behind EastEnders Ian Beale and Emmerdale's Kim Tate.Coronation Street villain Pat Phelan also took third place
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EastEnders fans emotional as soap airs tribute to Dot Cotton on special anniversary
EastEnders fans were left emotional after the BBC One soap aired a sweet nod to Dot Cotton during the latest episode.Dot was one of the best-loved characters to ever hit Albert Square, with actress June Brown passing away two months ago at the age of 95.Monday's episode (July 4) marked 37 years to the date that June first popped up on our screens as the iconic Dot.READ MORE: EastEnders fans all say same thing as Suki and Eve kiss after weeks of sexual tensionWith that in mind, the soap paid a special tribute to her involving Sonia Fowler, played by Natalie Cassidy.Sonia said almost the exact script lines June read in her first soap scene back in 1985, in the very same location - the café.On top of that, but Sonia was also wearing a coat similar to that worn by Dot in the moment that aired over three decades ago.Sonia walked into the café she made a request to Kathy Beale, saying: "Give us a tea Kath, and a glass of water so I can take a paracetamol."This was almost identical to Dot's opening line as she too walked into the café on this very day 37 years ago.Served by Lofty, she said: "Give us a tea Lofty, and a glass of water so I can take a paracetamol."Viewers were quick to pick up on the nod to the character and June, and took to Twitter to praise the moment.One viewer said: "Lovely tribute to Dot’s first ever scene in tonight’s first episode."Another commented: "This is really sweet! I love June Brown and Dorothy Cotton! Both legends. She will be missed."While a third tweeted: "Love the shout out to Dot with Sonia’s line.
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EastEnders Phil Mitchell death horror as he receives sinister warning after prison fight
EastEnders bad boy Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) may have finally met his match.The Walford hardman is currently spending time behind bars but things take a dark for the Albert Square resident turn next week.He makes an enemy with another prisoner, Craig, and turns to a fellow inmate, Ravi, to get a burner phone.Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) is torn when Phil calls and asks him for a favour - leading Ben to reveal all to a furious Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth).READ MORE: EastEnders undergoes huge format shake-up due to summer's sporting tournamentsPhil calls Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) and as they talk, the phone line suddenly goes dead.Back at the prison, Phil finds himself in a huge fight with Craig forcing the guards to step in.He later meets with Keeble who warns him he won’t survive much longer in prison and gives him 48 hours to make a decision on her offer.Craig later sends Phil a sinister warning – he dies tomorrow.Getting desperate, Phil turns to Ravi and offers to pay him to back him up.Kat is on on-edge after the abrupt end to Phil’s call and is harassed by a mystery caller.Phil calls Kat for a favour but things get worse as another threat is sent via Tommy.Kat later visits Phil in prison and drops a bombshell.The clock is ticking for Phil as Craig warns him his time is coming to an end.Keeble arrives to speak to Phil and crushes his hopes of any backup.Reality hitting, Phil asks Sharon to visit and gives her five letters for her and his family.Sharon realises what’s going on and pleads with him to take Keeble’s deal but ehe refuses.Craig and his men arrive for Phil… Is this the end of Phil Mitchell?EastEnders fans were left fuming on Monday night (June 27) after bosses decided to air the channel on BBC Two
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EastEnders Ben police twist teased as evil rapist Lewis uses Peter to get revenge
EastEnders bad boy Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) finds himself in more trouble next week.Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) fusses over Ben as he begins to have doubts about reporting rapist Lewis Butler (Aiden O'Callaghan) to the police.Outside, Ben watches on as Lewis and Callum Highway (Tony Clay) have a seemingly close conversation.Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) senses Ben’s mood and having had enough of being blamed for what happened with Lewis, Ben tells Jay that Lewis raped him.The pair talk about the incident and Jay inadvertently puts doubts in Ben’s mind about going to the police.Kathy takes Ben to the station but before they get there, Ben changes his mind, worried the police won’t believe him.Ben later sends a message to Lewis asking to meet him.Lewis is riled when Kathy fires him from his job at The Albert after what he did to Ben.Meanwhile, crowbar in hand, Ben waits for Lewis at The Arches but when he’s a no show, storms over to The Albert and demands that Kathy tells him where Lewis lives.Seeing red and believing Kathy is protecting Lewis, Ben struggles to keep his rage in check but Jay spots the commotion.Fuming at what Kathy did, Lewis retaliates and tells Peter Beale (Dayle Hudson) that Ben is the one who attacked him.Kathy is stunned when a drunk and enraged Peter tells her he knows it was Ben who attacked him.Wanting Kathy to prove her loyalty to him, Peter asks her to report Ben to the police.Will Kathy betray her son to support her grandson?EastEnders has responded to BBC viewer complaints over Ben's harrowing rape scenes earlier this month.A statement read: "EastEnders has been a pre-watershed BBC One staple for over 37 years and has a rich history of dealing with challenging and difficult issues and Ben’s
Linda Carter - Kathy Beale - Sharon Watts - Nancy Carter - Zack Hudson - Hudson - EastEnders Linda Carter's life hangs in balance after Janine Butcher car crash horror - dailystar.co.uk
EastEnders Linda Carter's life hangs in balance after Janine Butcher car crash horror
EastEnders bad girl Janie Butcher (Charlie Brooks) finds herself in more trouble next week.She makes plans with daughter Scarlett to visit her sister, Clare, but her focus turns elsewhere as she remains insecure following Mick (Danny Dyer) and Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) getting on so well last week.As Nancy Carter (Maddy Hill) prepares to go to Watford with Linda, Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) reminds Linda that telling Nancy about the money is for the best.Nancy is apprehensive about the trip and her feelings worsen when Zack Hudson (James Farrar) lets slip that Linda was planning to leave a few weeks ago.As Linda and Nancy set off, Sharon enjoys winding up Janine, revealing Linda plans to tell Nancy the truth.On their way, Nancy confronts Linda about almost leaving and before Linda has a chance to explain everything, Nancy storms off and goes back to the Square.With her car broken down, a deflated Linda turns to alcohol.Janine is on tenterhooks when Nancy storms into The Vic, clearly upset about something.Janine intercepts a call from a drunk Linda and willing to do anything to stop Linda from speaking to Mick, gets a cab to Linda despite missing plans with Scarlett.With the car now working, Janine drives a drunk Linda and Annie home and pleads with her not to tell Mick the truth, opening up about her feelings.However, tragedy strikes when Janine loses control of the car and crashes.Janine wakes up to Annie’s cries and soon realises the severity of Linda’s injuries.As she begins to panic, Janine shows her true colours.Elsewhere in Albert Square, Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) reels as she discovers Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) was raped by Lewis Butler (Aiden O'Callaghan) and does all she can to support her son but
Phil Mitchell - Max Bowden - Kathy Beale - Heather Trott - EastEnders Ben Mitchell stars now - devastating recast, famous girlfriend and vile rant - dailystar.co.uk - county Mitchell - South Africa - county Morgan
EastEnders Ben Mitchell stars now - devastating recast, famous girlfriend and vile rant
EastEnders this week, when he is assaulted by Lewis.Following an argument with Callum, with both left wondering if this is the end of their relationship, Ben meets up with Lewis for drinks - but the night takes a devastating and harrowing turn.It is one of the many huge storylines that Ben Mitchell has been involved in throughout the years, since arriving on Albert Square in 1996 - including the murder of Heather Trott and the fake death of his mum Kathy Beale.During that time he has also been played by a total of six actors in EastEnders, including current star Max Bowden.Here Daily Star, takes a look at where the actors who played Ben Mitchell are now.Phil Mitchell and Kathy Beale's son Ben arrived on our TV screens in 1996, played by baby Matthew Silver.Matthew featured in over 14 episodes of the soap between 1996 to 1998, before the young child actor was replaced by Morgan Whittle.However, EastEnders is listed as Matthew's only acting role according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), and little has been reported about what he has gone on to do since.In 1999, Morgan Whittle arrived on our TV screens as toddler Ben Mitchell, playing the role for two years until 2001.Although he only starred in 11 episodes of the soap during that time, his stint was one of the most dramatic, after mum Kathy Beale took Ben to South Africa - with viewers later believing that Kathy had died in an accident.Like Matthew Silver, the first actor to play Ben Mitchell, Morgan Whittle's only acting role is the soap according to IMDB - and it is not known what career Morgan later moved into, or what he is up to now.One of the actors to have played Ben Mitchell for the longest period of time was Charlie Jones, who took on the role in 2006 for
Mick Carter - queen Vic - Kathy Beale - EastEnders' Jean and Rocky 'set for steamy affair' as fans twig chemistry in toilet romp - dailystar.co.uk - county Harvey - county Monroe
EastEnders' Jean and Rocky 'set for steamy affair' as fans twig chemistry in toilet romp
EastEnders after the cleaner accosted him in the bathroom at the Queen Vic.Fans recently saw Jean take it upon herself to try and get Rocky and Kathy Beale back together despite pleas from boyfriend Harvey not to get involved.After puncturing Kathy's tyre and forcing her to seek help from Rocky at the car lot, Jean locks them inside in a bit to force a reconciliation.With Harvey feeling guilty over the pair missing Tina’s funeral, Jean agrees to fess up to the act and finds herself enjoying a flirtatious drink with Rocky at the Old Vic.When Rocky goes to the bathroom, he is stunned to see Jean follow him and attempt to seduce him into having an affair if they both agree not to talk about it.The pair are interrupted when another punter walks in and Rocky takes his cue to leave, leaving Jean disappointed.But despite Rocky’s hesitation, fans are predicting he will eventually succumb to Jean’s advances.One viewer said: "So is Jean going to cheat on Harvey? They are going to have an affair OMG." A second blasted: "Wtf is Jean doing coming onto Rocky #EastEnders? Don’t do it Rocky!” Another fan predicted the start of a love rift between the four: "Rocky, Jean, Harvey and Kathy is gonna be the new love square! Watch this space."While a fourth added: "Jean coming onto Rocky in the gents toilets I'm physically dead.
Ian Beale - Lucy Beale - Kathy Beale - Tina Carter - Kim Fox - EastEnders fans gobsmacked as soap legend 'speaks out for 'first time and snubs Kim - dailystar.co.uk
EastEnders fans gobsmacked as soap legend 'speaks out for 'first time and snubs Kim
EastEnders viewers were left pleasantly surprised as café worker Marie Evans finally spoke up for the "first time".The cheerful waitress, who works in Kathy's, rarely says a word in the popular BBC soap, but viewers were certainly shocked when she appeared to tell Kim Fox off during the latest episode.As a flamboyant Kim entered the famous café she greeted Marie but told her that she would get her usual "on the house".However, Marie wasn't having any of it and warned her that owner Kathy Beale will need her to cough up the cash.Replying abruptly, Marie said: "Kathy said you have to pay!"Seeing Marie bite back fans took to social media to share their surprise on the famous extra.One spectator questioned: "Is that Marie's first ever line?"Another shocked fan said: "MARIE GETTING LINES." A third viewer also pointed out: "Marie has got lines." Although Marie seemed to snub Kim's proposition, social media influencer Kim told her that the number of views she receives online will help catapult the local café to new heights.Despite the fact that she doesn't speak too much, Marie has been working in Kathy's since 2003.The waitress seems to have an amazing work ethic and gets along well with her colleagues most of the time.Alongside market stall owner Winston and barmaid Tracey, Marie is one of the longest-serving extras in the long-running programme.In 2010, Marie joined the local book club following the departure of Tanya Branning and Jane's holiday to America.A few years ago, Marie's employer Ian Beale stole a home video of her giving birth to put his daughter Lucy Beale off having a child, however, it’s unknown if Marie is actually aware of this.In 2016, Marie spoke up for Tina Carter when she asked the cafe worker to help her