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Gary Windass - David Platt - Michael Le-Vell - Nick Tilsley - Todd Grimshaw - Itv Corrie - Corrie's most brutal stunts - actress on fire, broken ribs and on-set collapse - dailystar.co.uk - Ireland
Corrie's most brutal stunts - actress on fire, broken ribs and on-set collapse
Coronation Street.After asking Kieron to murder Gary Windass in revenge for the death of her father Rick, Kieron plans to kill Kelly and frame her for Gary's death.Gary has already been viciously attacked by Kieron and his gang, but will he and Kelly survive the ordeal?READ NEXT: ITV Corrie fans fume as intense scenes between Kelly and Gary 'too dark' to seeThe brutal scenes have already begun airing, with Gary actor Mikey North revealing that he "wasn't acting" in the harrowing strangulation scenes earlier in the week.As viewers wait to find out what will happen to Gary and Kelly, Daily Star takes a look at Coronation Street's most brutal stunts - and some of their real life injuries.Her magazine in Ireland reported that a Coronation Street extra was rushed to hospital, after sustaining injuries on set.The cast were filming a scene where Todd Grimshaw was brutally attacked by a gang, but in the ensuing chaos, an extra fell face-first on the pavement.The extra was reportedly left with "blood streaming from his nose," and subsequently rushed to hospital.A spokesperson for Coronation Street told The Irish Mirror: "The actor in question sustained a minor injury when he fell during filming."He was taken to hospital as a precaution but he is fine and well."Debbie Rush's character Anna Windass was left with life-changing injuries in the soap, after Anna suffered horrific burns when David Platt's car flipped over on the cobbles in 2008.To film the harrowing stunt, Anna star Debbie had her legs set on fire for more than eight seconds.To protect her, the actress' skin was covered in cooling gel and she wore fireproof clothes underneath her character's clothes.Actors Ben Price and Michael Le Vell, who play Nick Tilsley and Kevin
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Coronation Street fans confused as Kevin completely changes appearance mid-episode
Coronation Street fans have been left puzzled after Kevin Webster appeared to grow a 'full beard' in less than an hour.In Friday nights episode the character seemed to go from a clean-shaven look at the beginning of the episode to sporting a 'full beard' by the end.Soap watchers had recently seen Kevin, played by Michael Le Vell, reunited with his wife Abi after Kevin discovered the grieving mum had a one-night stand following the murder of her son Seb Frankin.Drug addict Abi relapsed and in shocking scenes she gave birth to a baby boy after going into labour at the side of a road.Kevin is now supporting his wife, who he married in November, in her custody battle for baby Alfie after he was placed in care following the death of his father Imran Habeeb.Kevin admitted he still had feelings for Abi as she planned to flee with Abi to Costa Rica before the horror crash that killed Imran.In dramatic scenes Kevin was by Abi's side as she went back to court to plead for custody of Alfie. However Corrie fans noticed that Kev managed to change his look by the end of the hour-long episode.Viewers noticed that he had short facial hair at the start by the end, as Kevin waved an overjoyed Abi off to make a new start with Alfie, fans clocked he had a 'full beard.'Fans have taken to twitter to talk about the continuity error.One person tweeted: "Lack of Kevin beard continuity tonight." Whilst another said: "#Corrie #kevwebster Amazed how Kevin can grow a full beard in three or so hours.
Michael Le-Vell - Kevin Webster - Asha Alahan - Abi Webster - Corrie baby Alfie's future uncertain as Toyah and Imran fight for lives after crash - dailystar.co.uk
Corrie baby Alfie's future uncertain as Toyah and Imran fight for lives after crash
Coronation Street fans can expect plenty of drama next week following the devastating car accident.The street reels in the aftermath of the car crash as Alfie’s future seems increasingly uncertain.Suspicions quickly mount about the circumstances surrounding the crash and police investigate the incident.Corrie spoilers have confirmed that Imran Habeeb and Toyah Battersby lives will hang in the balance as a car crash ensues.Abi Webster (Sally Carman), meanwhile, sets in motion her escape plan, as she intends to do a bunk, kidnapping baby Alfie and setting off for a life elsewhere.Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) pleads with her to stay, telling her that he still wants to be with her.Abi responds, telling him she’d love nothing more than to get back together, but she can’t lose another son and therefore she’s going through with her plan to kidnap Alfie.Imran convinces Toyah not to report Abi’s abduction to the police, which leaves her concerned about just what it is that he intends to tell her when they return home.Imran and Toyah’s find themselves in major danger as their smashes into a building.Scaffolding and bricks fall onto the vehicle, as a desperate Imran pleads with the energy services to arrive as soon as possible.Abi and Kevin are later escorted out of their homes and taken to the police station.They realise the seriousness of the situation, as they are taken to separate cars.Fans of the ITV soap are aware that Abi fell pregnant as a result of her one night stand with Imran.The pair have since found themselves in a custody battle over baby Alfie.Elsewhere in Weatherfield.
Michael Le-Vell - Kevin Webster - Coronation Street's Michael Le Vell opens up on secret ITV soap role before Kevin Webster - dailystar.co.uk
Coronation Street's Michael Le Vell opens up on secret ITV soap role before Kevin Webster
Coronation Street icon Michael Le Vell has been entertaining the nation as Weatherfield mechanic Kevin Webster for almost 40 years.The 57-year-old actor, whose real name is Michael Robert Turner, has become a Corrie icon and some fans will be surprised to know he played completely different role in the ITV soap before joining as Kevin in 1983.Speaking to Daily Star and other press, Michael explained: "I came in as Neil Grimshaw, the paperboy, first for a few episodes and then when that finished Judy [Hayfield] said we'll find something else for you."I wasn't actually up for Kevin Webster. I was in the corridor waiting to audition for a programme called Scully and then Judy walked passed and asked 'Am I seeing you tomorrow for Kevin Webster?'."I came back and auditioned for Kevin the next day and I got the job which was for 12 episodes."So I finished them 12 episodes, went off and did Panto at Oldham Coliseum and got a call to see if I wanted to come back and that was almost 40 years ago now."Kevin has been involved in several dramatic storylines and he admitted that the hard-hitting scenes are his favourite.The soap star said: "Someone came up to me the other day, well two people, and they'd been watching the old episodes and it was one where baby Jake died and I had that scene with Sally where I broke down.
Michael Le-Vell - Kevin Webster - Charlie De-Melo - Abi Webster - Corrie's Michael Le Vell asked bosses to bring back moustache after becoming gay icon - dailystar.co.uk - county Webster
Corrie's Michael Le Vell asked bosses to bring back moustache after becoming gay icon
Coronation Street star Michael Le Vell has asked bosses to bring back his character's legendary moustache.The 57-year-old actor has played Kevin Webster in the long-running ITV soap since 1983.Over the past four decades, Michael has been inundated with letters from fans sharing their love for his facial hair.He would also make appearances at gay clubs back in the day and Michael is keen to bring back the moustache.Speaking to Daily Star and other press, Michael said: "I actually asked Iain a couple of years ago could we do it for Movember but apparently we can't because it's a specific charity."I thought it would be quite fun. I went to every gay club and as soon as I shaved it off the bookings stopped.He joked: "So I'm thinking of growing it back for some cash."Over in Weatherfield, Kevin has a big decision to make as Abi Webster (Sally Carman) plans to run away with baby Alfie.Abi welcomes Alfie earlier this year as a result of a one-night stand with Imran Habeeb (Charlie De Melo).Kevin was left heartbroken when he learned about his wife's affair but decides to help her in upcoming scenes.Speaking about Kevin and Abi's turbulent relationship, Michael said: "I think she's brought a different dimension to him and she's exciting to him."He doesn't know what he's going to get from her from one day to the next.